Todays News 10/27/16

  • Arizona is cracking down on unlicensed barbering and start fining barbers $1,500 for cutting hair without a license. [Link]
  • Kyrgyzstan loses its constitution. The country realized it is unable to locate the original copy of its constitution after voting to amend it. [Link]
  • Airstrikes hit a school in Syria. At least 26 are dead including children. It is reported that Russian planes were responsible for the attack, although no one has confirmed this yet. [Link] Syria Fyle
  • Kurdish security forces are throwing Arab families out of Kirkuk. [Link] Iraq Fyle
  • In the past week, ISIS has executed 70 civilians and between 20-50 police in Mosul. [Link] ISIS Fyle
  • After ISIS is expelled from areas, the IEDs they planted are left behind. In one Syrian town, IEDs killed at least 69 civilians, including 19 children. [Link] ISIS War Fyle

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