Todays New 6/27/16

  • Joe Biden threatens China with Japanese nuclear weapons. Biden pushes the Chinese to put more pressure on the North Korean Government to abandon its nuclear program. This threat could also be leverage as tensions rise over small man made island in the South China Sea. Read Here. 
  • Weapons paid for by the US tax payer and intended for Syrian Rebels were stolen by Jordanian intelligence officers.  These weapons, that the CIA gave to the Jordanians, were sold on the black market and used to kill Americans. Another US foreign policy failure and more wasted tax dollars. Read Here. 
  • The people of the UK voted last week to leave the EU, but there are still a few ways the Brexit can be prevented. Read Here. 
  • The British Pound continues to fall after last weeks Brexit vote. Read Here. 
  • After a 2010 incident when Israeli soldiers attacked Turkish aid workers, Israel and Turkey are restoring relations. Read Here. 

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