Syria Fyle


  • Israel claims an Iranian drone entered Israeli airspace. Israel downed the drone and carried out heavy airstrikes in Syria. Syria was able to shoot down one F-16I involved in the attack. Both pilots survived. [Link] US State Department issues a statement supporting Israel’s actions. [Link]
  • Syrian Kurds down a Turkey helicopter over Afrin. [Link] Assad is allowing the Syrian Kurds to reinforce Afrin. [Link]
  • Daniel McAdams responds to the US attack on Assad allied forces. [Link]
  • Mattis admits that the US has no evidence Assad used chemical weapons. [Link]


  • US troops will not withdraw from Manbij. Turkey is demanding US troops leave the city. [Link]
  • The US policy of creating a Kurdish border force provoked Turkey to invade Syria. [Link]
  • Patrick Cockburn explains why US policy in Syria is failing. [Link]


  • Turkey demands US troops withdraw from Manbij. The US troops provide support to the YPG in Manbij. [Link]
  • Stephen Kinzer explains how the US is getting stuck in another endless war in Syria. [Link]


  • Israel looks to expand its influence into Syria. [Link]
  • The YPG is asking Assad to defend Afrin from Turkey. [Link]
  • Turkey threatens to attack US troops supporting the YPG. [Link]
  • A US airstrike in eastern Syria kills at least 13. [Link]


  • Trump urges Erdogan to limit military action in Syria. [Link] Erdogan says Turkey will expand the fight against the Kurds to Manbij. The US supports Kurdish fighters in Manbij. [Link] Erdogan said Turkey will look the eliminate the YPG in Afrin. [Link]
  • At least 30 civilians have been killed by fighting in Afrin. [Link]


  • Turkish President Erdogan complains that the US is arming terrorists. Erdogan is referring to the US arming the Syrian Kurdish YPG militia. [Link] CENTCOM head Gen. Votel says the US is still committed to the YPG. [Link]
  • The YPG was able to retake some villages from Turkish forces in Afrin. [Link]
  • Turkey claims to have killed 260 Kurdish fighters in the first four days of Operation Olive Branch. [Link]
  • The Pentagon claims the US killed 150 IS fighters with an airstrike over the weekend. [Link]
  • Dave Smith shreds the US Syria policy. [Link]


  • Tillerson calls Turkey and tells Turkey to “exercise restraint” in their invasion of Afrin. [Link]
  • Moon of Alabam on Operation Olive Branch. [Link]
  • Turkey has captured some villages in Afrin. [Link]
  • Head of Central Command General Votel visits Raqqa. [Link]
  • The Syrian Army retakes an airbase in the Idlib Province. [Link]


  • Russian airstrikes kill at least 63 civilians in Syria in the past week. [Link]
  • Russia condemns US trained Kurdish border force in Syria. [Link]
  • Moon of Alabama breaks down US policy in Syria. [Link]


  • Erdogan and Assad condemn the US plan to create a 30,000 border army in eastern Syria. [Link]


  • Turkey threatens to attack Syrian Kurds in the Afrin area. [Link]
  • The US coalition will train 15,000 Syria rebels to be a “border force” in eastern Syria. [Link]
  • Airwars reports the US coalition likely killed at least 2,000 civilians in the Raqqa Province in 2017. [Link]


  • Syrian rebels carried out the first drone swarm attack against a Russian airbase. [Link]
  • The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reports that the SDF released dozens of ISIS fighters. [Link]
  • Syrian rebels have stalled the SAA offensive in the Idlib Province. [Link]


  • Turkey calls on Russia and Syria to halt operations against Syrian rebel groups in the Idlib Province. [Link] Russia claims that recent attacks on a Russia base came from areas held by Turkish backed rebels. [Link]
  • At least 24 civilians were killed by an airstrike in Syria. [Link]


  • Syrian rebels attack an airbase and damaged several Russian aircraft. [Link]


  • Defense Secretary James Mattis says the war in Iraq and Syria isn’t over. [Link]


  • Assad calls the US-backed Kurdish forces traitors. [Link]
  • 17 civilians were killed by an airstrike in Syria. The Syrian government likely carried out the airstrike. [Link]


  • US-supported Syrian rebel groups claim to kill 20 Islamic State fighters. [Link]
  • IS was armed with weapons the US gave to Syrian rebels. [Link]
  • Two US F-22s intercepted two Russian fighter jets over Syria. [Link]


  • Moon of Alabama explains how the US is finally giving up on the push to remove Assad from power in Syria. [Link]
  • Syrian and Russia airstrikes kill and displace civilians in the Aleppo Province. [Link]


  • The Pentagon says the US will remain in Syria “as long as we need to.” [Link]


  • Former SDF spokesmen speaks out about SDF ties to the PKK. He also explains how the YPG/PKK used Arab forces to get US weapons. He also claims the SDF has ties with Russia and Assad. [Link]
  • Israel carried out more airstrikes on Assad allied targets near Damascus. [Link]


  • Israel bombs a target in Syria and kills 12 Iranians. [Link]


  • 400 Marines in Syria will be coming home. [Link]


  • Turkey announces plans to invade Syria and attack Syrian Kurds. [Link] Some fire was exchanged between Turkish and Kurdish troops. [Link]


  • Trump told Turkey’s Prime Minister Erdogan that the US will end weapon transfers to the Syrian Kurds. [Link] Moon of Alabama reacts. [Link]
  • The Pentagon is expected to admit the US has 2,000 troops in Syria. [Link]
  • Airwars reports on October casualties from the war against ISIS. Airwars also looks at the results from the Raqqa liberation. [Link]


  • In Syria, 53 people were killed in a market by airstrikes. Russia likely carried out the strikes. [Link]
  • Turkish President Erdogan suggests Turkey may attack the Syrian Kurds. [Link]
  • Russia’s Foreign Minister said Russia has not ensured Iranian backed forces will leave Syria. [Link]


  • Robert Perry debunks claims that Assad used chemical weapons. [Link]
  • Russian airstrikes killed 50 civilians over the weekend. [Link]


  • Assad restates that his goal is to control all of Syria. [Link]


  • Al-Qaeda linked al-Nusra carried out a terror attack in Syria that killed nine. The Israeli government has threatened to respond by invading Syria to protect the Druze people. [Link]
  • At least 75 Syrian civilians were killed by an IS car bomb near Dier Ezzor. [Link]


  • Turkish forces are surrounding the Kurdish Afrin enclave. [Link]
  • Israel attacked a Syrian weapons depot in the Homs Province. Syria fired surface to air missiles in response. Israel reported none of its aircraft were hit. [Link]


  • Moon of Alabama highlights inconsistencies in the UN report on the April 4th chemical attack in Khan Sheikhoun. [Link]
  • The Syrian government killed 11 civilians and destroyed a school outside of Damascus. [Link]


  • Tillerson says Assad is on his way out in Syria. [Link]


  • In March 2013, a Saudi price provided arms to the Free Syrian Army and ordered them to attack Damascus. The attack included shelling of the Assad palace and Damascus airport. [Link]


  • US airstrikes on Deir Ezzor kill 22 civilians. [Link]


  • Israel destroyed a Syrian Army outpost in southern Syria after mortar fire landed in the Israeli occupied Golan Heights. It is not clear the mortar fire came from the Syrian Army and the mortars landed in empty area. [Link]
  • Israel plans to step up attacks against Syria. [Link]


  • BuzzFeed has filed a FOIA for information about the US arming of Syrian rebels. Trump declassified the program by Tweeting about it. [Link]


  • Israeli warplanes hitting Syrian targets were fired on by Syrian anti-aircraft weapons. Israeli responded by bombing Syrian anti-aircraft weapon. [Link]


  • The Syrian government is demanding that Turkish troops withdraw from Syria. Additional Turkish troops entered the Idlib Province of Syria as part of a deal to establish deconfliction zones. Turkish troops are thought to be working with the al-Qaeda backed Syrian rebel groups. [Link]


  • In Northeast Syria, at least 50 people were killed by Islamic State suicide car bombs. [Link]


  • The Syrian Foreign Minister said that the Syrian Kurds are drunk off US assistance and are looking to capture Syrian oil fields. [Link]


  • Russian and Syrian airstrikes kill at least 79 civilians near Deir Ezzor. [Link] Russian or Syrian aircraft also hit a market in the Idlib Province killing at least 11 civilians. [Link]
  • Over 1,000 civilians were killed in Syria in September. [Link]


  • Jordan is pushing Syrian rebel groups to turn over a border crossing on the Syrian/Jordanian border to the Assad government. The rebels are resisting the orders from Jordan. [Link]
  • The Red Cross warns that fighting across Syria is causing a spike in civilian deaths and displaced people. Ten Syrian hospitals have been bombed in the past ten days. [Link]


  • The Syrian government says they are willing to negotiate Syrian Kurdish autonomy. [Link]
  • Arab media sources are reporting Israel fired on a Syrian military aircraft near the Golan area. [Link]


  • The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces claim they were hit by a Russian airstrike outside of Deir Ezzor. Russia denies the claims. [Link]
  • Dozens of children were killed by a US airstrike in Syria that hit a school. [Link]


  • A Russian general was killed fighting the Islamic State in Deir Ezzor. [Link]
  • The US has killed 2,617 civilians in Syria. [Link]
  • The Israeli military carried out airstrikes in near Damascus. Israel claims it was targeting Hezbollah. [Link]


  • Syrian Kurds will hold the first in a series of three votes on Friday. The second round of voting in November and the third round is in January. The January vote will form a Parliment for Syrian Kurdistan. [Link]
  • Russia warns the US that Russia troops are near the front lines in the Deir Ezzor Province. This puts Russian troops within a few miles of the US-backed forces. [Link] Russia has accused the US-backed forces of hitting Assad allied forces with artillery. [Link]


  • The US closed a military outpost in southern Syria near the border with Iraq. [Link]
  • The Pentagon is working to improve communications with Russia in Syria. [Link]
  • Marko Marjanovic sets the stage for the race for eastern Syria. Both the Assad backed forces and US-backed forces are looking to take as much ground from the Islamic State as possible. [Link]


  • US Special Operations forces were within a couple of miles of the SDF position hit by a Russian airstrike. [Link]
  • Assad allied forces and US-backed forces are nearing each other in Deir Ezzor, Syria. US officials say that both sides are keeping lines of communication open to prevent any conflicts. [Link]


  • Bin Laden’s son calls for jihadists to continue the fight against Assad. [Link]
  • US-backed Kurdish forces in Syria said they would not allow Assad government troops to cross the Euphrates River. Russia said Assad allied troops have already crossed the river. [Link]
  • Reports have claimed that Russia carried out airstrikes against SDF forces outside of Deir Ezzor. Several SDF soldiers were injured. [Link] Russia disputes the claim they carried out the airstrikes. [Link]
  • Reports claim that the US has given YPG and SDF militias $2.2 billion in Soviet-style weapons. [Link]


  • Russia is helping to rebuild Aleppo. [Link]


  • Dozens of Islamic State defectors have crossed into Turkey from the Idlib Province of Syria. [Link]
  • The US used a base in Germany as a route to get weapons to Syrian rebels. [Link]
  • This article explains the logistics of the US weapons support to Syrian rebel groups. [Link]


  • The Israeli Justice Minister says Assad needs to keep Iran out if he wants to survive. [Link]
  • The US backed Kurdish forces clashed may clash with the Syrian Arab Army while fighting for oil fields near Deir Ezzor city. [Link]


  • Moon of Alabama argues that claims that Assad is a neo-nazi are lies. [Link]
  • The US has ordered Syrian rebel groups in southern Syria to leave Syria and move into Jordan. [Link]


  • The Syrian Army claims the Israeli government bombed Syrian military targets. [Link]
  • Robert Fisk looks at the new realities in the Middle East as Assad wins the Syrian Civil War. [Link]


  • The UK is carrying out a higher percentage of Coalition air strikes in Syria. [Link]


  • In Syria, Turkished backed rebel groups are exchanging fire with US backed Kurdish forces daily. [Link]


  • The Syrian opposition is facing pressure to accept a conclusion to the Syrian Civil War that allows Assad to remain in power. [Link]


  • White House Special Envoy Brett McGurk said Idlib Syria is the largest terrorist safe haven since 9/11. [Link]
  • US forces in Northern Syria have come under attack from Turkish backed Syrian Rebels. [Link]


  • Israel tells Russia that Israel will bomb Assad’s palace if Iran extends its presence in Syria. [Link]


  • Disabled Syrian veterans of the Syrian Civil War are not receiving support from the Syrian government. [Link]


  • Iran and Turkey have had talks about working together to fight Kurdish forces. [Link]


  • The Syrian Arab Army continues to take territory from ISIS and move towards Deir Ezzor. The US backed forces are moving south of Raqqa towards Deir Ezzor. The movement of these two armies could lead to future conflict. [Link]


  • An SDF spokesperson said he believes the US will remain in Syria for decades. [Link]


  • A Syrian rebel group shot down a Syrian government plane and captured the pilot. [Link]


  • Max Bloomenthal and Ben Norton have a new podcast titled Moderate Rebels. The first three shows cover the Syrian civil war and the US arming of the Syrian rebels. [Link]


  • Hezbollah is pushing the Lebanonese government to have more ties with the Syrian government. Lebanon adopted a policy of dissociation with Syria in 2012. Hezbollah hopes that better ties with the Assad government can help in the fight against ISIS, help return refugees in Lebanon to Syria, and improve the economic situation. [Link]


  • Elijah Maginer reports US backed Syrian rebels that were training with US soldiers at al Tanf are now fighting for Assad with American weapons. [Link]
  • The Syrian government has carried out two airstrikes in violation of safe zones. Four civilians were killed in the two strikes. [Link]
  • US soldiers in Manbij Syrian have come under sniper fire. The soldiers are in Manbij on deterrence mission. The US hopes the US soldiers will prevent anyone from attacking the city. [Link]


  • A senior member of the UN Council investigating war crimes in Syria has resigned. The investigator said the council was not going to accomplish anything. [Link]
  • Saudi Arabia maintains the position that Assad will have no role in the future of Syria. Some reports falsely suggested that Saudi Arabia had changed their position. [Link]


  • Turkey has accused the US of providing of providing tanks and helicopters to the YPG. The US denies these claims by Turkey. The YPG claims they took the tanks from ISIS. [Link]
  • Rex Tillerson said, “it continues to be our view that the Assad regime has no role in the future governing of Syria.” [Link]
  • An airstrike on an ISIS prison killed over 160 civilians. The strike occurred in May and was likely a US coalition strike. The US has not officially admitted to the strike, but did admit to having a strike in the area that day. [Link]


  • The US warns that al-Qaeda taking over the Idlib Province of Syria would have grave consequences. The US believes that if al-Qaeda takes over Idlib, Russia will resume a recently ended bombing campaign of Idlib. [Link] Trump recently admitted the CIA program of arming Syrian rebels gave weapons to al-Qaeda.
  • Russia has announced a new de-escalation zone in Syria near Homs. In the de-escalation zone, Syrian and Russian forces do not attack Syrian moderate rebels. [Link]


  • Hezbollah reached a ceasefire deal with an al-Qaeda linked Syrian group. The al-Qaeda linked groups and their families will go to the al-Qaeda held Idlib Province of Syria. [Link]


  • Russia says four military police battalions are deployed to de-escalation zones in Syria. [Link]


  • The al-Qaeda linked Syrian rebel group HTS controls almost all of the Idlib Province. [Link]


  • Robert Fisk argues that there is an alliance between the YPG, Assad, and Russia. [Link]


  • The al-Qaeda linked Syrian Rebel group HTS has taken control over most of Idlib City. [Link]


  • Reporting out of Syria claims Ahrar al-Sham has moved forces into Turkey to meet up with Turkish backed rebels. The combined force is called Euphrates Shield. The force will be used to attack HTS. [Link]
  • Several photos show US armored vehicles arriving in Kurdish held Syria. [Link]
  • 28 Syrian Arab Army soldiers were killed in an ambush by Syrian rebels. [Link]


  • The Turkish government leaked the position of ten US military points in Northwest Syria. [Link]
  • Syrian news outlets report Assad has given Iran approval to build an Iranian military base in Syria. [Link]
  • Fighting has broken out between Syrian rebel groups in the Idlib Province. [Link]


  • Will Porter interviews a teenage Syrian on the state of Syria. [Link]
  • Russia said that the latest round of Syrian peace talks revealed the Syrian rebels are no longer insisting on immediate regime change. [Link]
  • Turkish and Kurdish troops are clashing in the Afrin Province of Syria. [Link]


  • Trump says he is working with Russia to create a second ceasefire in Syrian. [Link]


  • 12 former al-Qaeda militants were killed by a suicide bomber in Idlib, Syria. [Link]


  • A video of YPG fighters torturing Arab detainees has surfaced. The YPG confirmed the video was authentic and is looking to punish the torturers. [Link]


  • Iran is calling for an expansion of the US/Russia ceasefire in Southwest Syria. [Link]


  • The ceasefire agreement between the US and Russian in Southwest Syrian continues to hold. [Link]


  • Syrian rebel groups say they plan to join the coming Turkish military operation against the Kurdish YPG. The rebels groups that plan to join Turkey are groups supported by Turkey or the CIA. Turkey has moved tanks, troops, and artillery into a Syrian town near the Kurdish Afrin Enclave. [Link]


  • Rex Tillerson said the US is open establishing no-fly zones with Russia in Syria. Tillerson also said that Russia has a responsibility to make sure that Assad does not retake territory reclaimed from terrorist groups. [Link]


  • The head of the YPG militia says that the movement of Turkish troops to the Syrian border is a Turkish declaration of war with the YPG. [Link]


  • A city controlled by the US-backed Free Syrian Army had sharia law courts. [Link]
  • Turkey is threatening to cross the border and attack the Kurds in Syria. [Link]
  • The Syrian military has announced a temporary ceasefire for peace talks that will begin today. [Link]


  • 440,000 internally displaced Syrian civilians have returned home since the beginning of the year. [Link]
  • The YPG has announced plans to retake territory held by Turkish-backed Syrian rebels. [Link]
  • Eight people were killed by a car bomb in Damascus. [Link]
  • Phil Giraldi argues the US is already at war in Syria. [Link]


  • The Syria Observatory for Human Rights says that the US coalition has killed over 230 civilians in the city of Al-Mayadeen. [Link]
  • A senior SDF official says there is a possibility of war between the SDF and Turkey. The SDF says it will defend itself if Turkey advances past known lines. [Link] The US has sent Special Forces to the area to try to prevent a conflict. [Link]
  • Robert Pillar explains how the US can create an Afghan-like state in Syria. [Link]


  • US Special Operations forces have been deployed to Tal Abyad Syria. [Link]
  • James Mattis claims the US warning to Assad prevented him from carrying out a chemical weapons attack. [Link] ]
  • In the Deir Ezzor province of Syria, 15 civilians were killed by a cluster bomb. [Link] Other sources put the death toll at 30. [Link]


  • According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the US coalition killed 137 children with airstrikes from May 23-June 23 in Syria. [Link]
  • James Bovard writes on the dangers of Trump’s Syria policy. [Link]
  • Senior Trump Administration Officials had a hand in crafting the language of Trump’s warning to Assad. [Link]
  • Russia responds to Trump’s warning to Assad. Russia said the warning was unacceptable and that Russia was unaware of any Syrian chemical weapons. [Link]
  • Moon of Alabama gives analysis on Trump’s warning to Assad. [Link]
  • In Syria, fighting between the YPG and Turkish forces is increasing. [Link]


  • The Syrian government says Israeli airstrikes killed Syrian civilians. [Link]
  • The Assad government released 672 detainees. Some of the detainees were supports of the rebels. [Link]
  • The US claims the Assad government is planning another chemical weapons attack. The US still claims that the April 4th chemical weapons attack was carried out by Assad. Assad has denied he is planning a chemical weapons attack. Nikki Haley Tweeted that all future attacks against the people of Syria will be blamed on Assad. [Link]


  • According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the US coalition killed 472 Syrian civilians with airstrikes in May. [Link]
  • Israel carries out airstrikes against the Syrian Army. Israel claims this is a response to mortar fire that landed in the Golan Heights. The mortar fire was from fighting between the Syrian Army and IS linked groups. [Link]
  • Moon of Alabama looks at Israel’s support for jihadist groups in the Syrian Civil War. [Link]
  • A spokesperson for the US-led coalition fighting ISIS says that the coalition welcomes help from Syria or Iranian militias to fight ISIS. [Link]
  • SDF has captured another Raqqa district from ISIS. [Link]
  • A member of the White Helmets was fired after he was caught dumping the mutilated bodies of Syrian Army soldiers. [Link]


  • Gareth Porter explains the history of US and its Middle East allies arming Syrian jihadists. [Link]
  • A group of seven State Department employees are going to Syria to help to resettle people. [Link]


  • Australia will resume airstrikes in Syria on Thursday. Australia halted airstrikes in Syria after the US shot down a Syrian plane. [Link]
  • The US continues to claim that the US policy in Syria is to fight ISIS. However, as ISIS loses territory, this claim is being exposed as a lie. [Link]
  • The Assad army, backed by Hezbollah, is capturing territory from Syrian rebels around Damascus. [Link]
  • The Pentagon claims that the Syrian plane that was shot down by a US plane was targeting SDF units. A humanitarian organization says the Syrian plane was targeting ISIS. [Link]
  • Senator Kaine says that US actions in Syria against Assad are completely illegal. [Link]


  • Congressman Eric Swalwell says that it looks like the US is at war with Syria and wants Congress to vote to approve the war. [Link]
  • The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says the Syrian plane shot down by the US was targeting ISIS fighters and not the SDF. [Link]
  • The US is looking to reestablish a deconfliction hotline with Russia in Syria. Russia halted the use of the hotline after the US shot down a Syrian plane. [Link]
  • Australia suspends airstrikes against ISIS in Syria. [Link]
  • The US military F-15 shot down an Iranian-made drone in Southern Syria. [Link]
  • The Syrian government resumes airstrikes in Deraa. [Link]
  • 17 children have been paralyzed by polio in Syria. [Link]


  • As ISIS loses ground in Syria, the US-backed forces and Assad forces are coming into contact more often. Nancy Yousef says this will force Trump to take an official position for or against Assad. [Link]
  • The Pentagon says US pilots will defend themselves if attacked by Russia over Syria. [Link]
  • Israel has been funding Syrian rebel groups near the Golan Heights since 2013. [Link]


  • Iran hit “terror bases” near Deir Ezzor, Syria with multiple missile strikes. The Iranian’s used mid-range missiles launched from Iran to hit the targets. Iran says this is retaliation for the ISIS terror attack in Tehran. [Link]
  • The US shot down a Syrian government plane near Raqqa. [Link]
  • In response to the US shooting down a Syrian plane, Russia tells the US that Russia will treat all coalition planes flying West of the Eupharides as targets. [Link]
  • Moon of Alabama argues that the US shooting down the Syrian plane aided ISIS and the official narrative of defending the SDF is incorrect. [Link]


  • The Syria government is suspending operations in the city of Deraa for 48 hours. The suspension of operations started on Saturday. [Link]


  • The Assad backed government hit Syrian rebel groups with airstrikes. The airstrikes followed some rebel shelling of Damascus. This is some of the only fighting near Damascus since the international direction zones were set up. [Link]


  • The US policy in Syria has changed from no boots on the ground policy to having a forward operating base within Syria. Congress has not given the president the authority to makes these changes. [Link] =
  • The US moves long range artillery into Southern Syria. The artillery has a range of 300 km. [Link]


  • This article looks at why the US policy in Southern Syria is misguided and will fail. [Link]
  • The UN World Food Program used a digital currency to distribute aid to civilians in Syria. [Link]
  • The Syrian Arab Army has made advancements towards Raqqa on the highway between Ithriya and Tabqa. [Link]
  • Assad-allied forces in Southern Syria made a key tactical move to loop around the US-backed Arab forces. This could prevent the US-backed forces from getting to Deir Ezzor. [Link]


  • The Syrian army was able to reach the Syria/Iraq border. [Link]


  • The US is crediting Russia with helping to ease tensions in Southern Syria. The US has carried out three airstrikes against Assad-allied troops near the US garrison at al-Tanf. [Link]
  • Russia tells the US that it is unacceptable for the US to attack Assad-allied troops. [Link]
  • Fighting broke out between Turkish-backed rebel groups in al-Bab. Turkey used the rebel groups to liberate the Syrian city from ISIS. [Link


  • On Tuesday, the US carried out an airstrike in defense of Assad-allied forces near al-Tanf. This strike just occurred hours before the US carried out airstrike on Assad-allied forces in the same area neat al-Tanf. [Link]
  • On Thursday, the US carried out another air strike on Assad-allied forces near al-Tanf. [Link]
  • A drone fired an explosive that did not explode at the US base near al-Tanf. The drone was shot down by American aircraft. The US suspects that Assad-allied forces were in control of the drone. [Link]


  • A Pentagon report on a March 16th US airstrike that hit a Mosque complex in Syria claims the strike only killed one civilian. International humanitarian agencies claim that the US killed at least 38 civilians. The US admits they did not talk to any eye witnesses or send anyone to look at the site that was bombed. [Link]
  • Syria tells the US to stop attacking Assad-allied forces. [Link]


  • The US attacked Assad-allied forces in Southeast Syria on Tuesday. The attacked targeted forces the US said got to close to US troops in al-Tanf. [Link]


  • On Monday, the US-led coalition killed 21 civilians fleeing Raqqa. [Link]


  • The Pentagon expects US troops in Syria to keep track of weapons given the YPG. Military officials insist that US weapons will only be used to fight ISIS. [Link]


  • Jihadists groups in Northwest Syria are making it increasingly difficult to deliver aid. Around 900,000 internally displaced Syrians are in this region. [Link]
  • The US military says it has increased combat power in Syria to possibly fight Assad-allied forces. The US government also dropped leaflets over encampments for Assad-allied troops. The leaflets told the soldiers to leave, and any movement towards US-backed forces would lead to US airstrikes. [Link]
  • The leader of a Syrian rebel group trained by the US claims that there are 150 American troops at al-Tanf in Syria. [Link]


  • Will Porter looks at the chaotic American foreign policy in Syria. [Link]


  • The US is now providing weapons to YPG fighters. [Link]
  • Will Porter looks at US strategy in Syria. [Link]
  • Turkey is resettling displaced people in the cities Turkey controls in Syria. Syrian rebel fighters and their families who fled cities like Homs are many of the people being resettled. The Kurds fear Turkey is looking to change the demographics in the region. [Link]


  • On Friday in Syria, a US service member was killed in a vehicle rollover. [Link]
  • The Syrian government made gains in the southern desert in Syria. [Link]


  • Between April 23rd and May 23rd, the US coalition in Syria killed at least 225 civilians and only 122 suspected ISIS fighters. May will be the 5th straight month that the US coalition has killed more civilians than Russia. [Link]
  • Syria and Jordan trade threats because of international war games that were played out in Jordan. [Link]
  • The US killed 35 civilians in East Syria with airstrikes. This brings the two-day total of civilians killed in US airstrikes to over 50. [Link]


  • Russia and US agree to improve communications to avoid conflict in Syria. [Link]
  • At least 16 civilians were killed in a US-led coalition airstrike in Syria. [Link]


  • The Syrian government now controls the City of Homs. The Syrian government and Syrian rebels completed an agreement. The Syrian rebels were granted passage to the Idlib Province. [Link]


  • These articles breaks down the US airstrike against Syrian government-allied forces. Moon of Alabama – [Link] The Independent [Link] Chicago Tribune [Link]
  • Russia and Syria condemn the US strike on Syrian government-allied forces. [Link]


  • The US army bombs force allied to Assad in Syria. The US destroyed 27 tanks in the bombing. The tanks were a coalition garrison near the Syrian, Jordanian, and Iraqi border. [Link]


  • The Free Syrian Army announces that the US has resumed some support for the group. The group also announced a new alliance with groups linked to al-Qaeda. [Link]
  • Undercover video shot in Idlib Syria show the prevalence of al-Qaeda-linked groups among the Syrian rebels. [Link]
  • A US airstrike in Syria near the Iraqi border kills 42. [Link]
  • Six people were killed by two car bombs that targeted a refugee camp on Syrian’s border with Jordan. [Link]
  • Patrick Cockburn analyzes the US decision to arm the YPG. [Link]
  • Syrian civilians say the US media is lying and the anti-Assad movement has been hijacked by jihadists. Several thousand of those jihadists are from foreign countries. [Link]


  • The Syrian army is moving closer to taking the Qaboun district from Syrian rebels. The district is outside of Damascus. The Syria army has relied heavily on airstrikes to take the district. [Link] The rebels have agreed to a deal that will allow them to disarm and leave the district for Idlib Province. [Link]


  • A US airstrike killed 11 civilians in Northern Syria. [Link]
  • The YPG announced the capture of Tabqa from ISIS. The YPG also captured the Tabqa dam from ISIS. [Link]


  • Syrian YPG forces have been identified with sophisticated American military equipment including night vision goggles and advanced optics. The Pentagon denies giving these weapons to the YPG fighters. [Link]
  • Russia and the US will reestablish a communications channel to help avoid potential accidents in Syria. Russia disengaged from the channel after the attack on Assad. [Link]
  • Fighting in Syria has decreased since the safe zones were put in place last week. [Link]


  • A deal has been reached between Russia, Iran, and Turkey to establish safe zones in Syria. [Link]
  • The US says it will not respect the safe zones set up by Russia, Iran, and Turkey. The US is not currently operating in any of the areas that are now safe zones. [Link]


  • The Syrian government carried out a double tap attack against a White Helmets building. The second bomb to hit the site killed eight rescue workers. [Link]


  • Fighting between Saudi-backed Syrian rebels and jihadist Syrian rebels leaves 40 fighters dead. The fighting occurred near Damascus. [Link]
  • The US has positioned troops in North East Syria to be a buffer between Kurdish and Turkish forces. [Link]
  • Fighting continues between Syrian YPG forces and Turkey. 11 Kurdish YPG fighters have been killed. [Link]


  • Russia condemned the Israeli air strikes against Assad. [Link]
  • Nikki Haley condemns Russia for supporting Syria. Haley suggested to the international community to put more pressure on Russia so Russia will put more pressure on Assad. [Link]
  • In the Idlib Province of Syria, two hospitals were bombed killing several people. Russia or Syria most likely carried out the attack. [Link]


  • Kurdish YPG fighters report an exchange of fire with Turkish border security forces. [Link]
  • A massive explosion has been reported near the airport in Damascus. An Israel air strike is reported to have hit a Hezbollah weapons depot near the airport. [Link]


  • Turkey carries out several airstrikes in Syria against US-backed Kurdish forces. 18 Kurdish fighters were killed, and a Kurdish radio station was destroyed. [Link]


  • Russian or Syrian airstrikes kill 12 in the Idlib Province of Syria. A hospital was also damaged in the bombing. [Link]
  • The Syrian government is advancing towards the city of Hama. The Syrian troops are receiving air support from Russia. [Link]


  • Israel attacks a pro-Assad militia with an airstrike in Syria killing three fighters. The fighters were near the Syria/Israel border. [Link]
  • Theodore Postol corrects an error he made in his analysis of the Syria chemical weapons attack. With the error corrected Postol still concludes the White House Repost on the chemical weapons attack is incorrect. [Link]


  • MIT professor Theodore Postol releases another report that disproves the narrative that the White House put out about the Syrian chemical weapons attack. [Link]
  • The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces plan to set up a ruling council once they take Raqqa from ISIS. [Link]


  • A US airstrike killed 30 civilians in Syria. Most of those killed in the strike were women and children. Russia and Syria are responsible for killing another 14 Syrian civilians. [Link]


  • Research conducted by Human Rights Watch shows that the US airstrike in Aleppo on March 16 did hit a peaceful mosque and not an al-Qaeda target as the Pentagon claims. 36 worshipers were killed in the attack. [Link]


  • An MIT professor who is an expert in ballistic missiles claims that the evidence that the White House presented about the Syrian chemical weapons attack is fake and leads to incorrect conclusions. [Link]
  • 127 civilians were killed, including 95 children, when a suicide bomber blew up a car next to busses. The buses were taking Shia civilians through rebel-held Idlib. The civilians were part of a deal worked out by the Assad government and Syrian rebels that allowed an exchange of civilians. The suicide bomber appears to have targeted the children. [Link]


  • New evidence contradicts the story the US government is telling about the Syrian chemical weapons attack. [Link]
  • A US drone strike killed 18 Kurdish fighters who are allied with the US. [Link]


  • An MIT scientist makes the case that the Syrian chemical weapons attack was not carried out the way the US claims. [Link]
  • Russia vetos a UN Security Council resolution condemning Assad for a chemical weapons attack. [Link]


  • US troops in Syria are receiving more protection after Trump’s attack against Assad. The US has also cut back the number of airstrikes against ISIS since the attack. [Link]


  • Will Porter’s analysis of Trump attacking Assad and the chemical weapons attack. [Link]
  • Iran and Russia issue a joint statement on Syria. The counties say they plan to increase their support for Assad. Iran and Russia also say they will take action if the US crosses their red line again. [Link]


  • This article contains a list of countries who support and oppose US military action in Syria. [Link]
  • Only six Senators have come out in opposition Trump’s military action in Syria. [Link]
  • At least nine civilians were killed in the bombing of Assad’s airfield. [Link]
  • A US airstrike near Raqqa in Syria has killed 21 people, mostly civilians. Another airstrike hit a boat full of civilians trying to cross a river. The boat had at least 40 on it, and so far 7 bodies have been recovered. Most of those dead are children. [Link]


  • Philip Giraldi reports sources in US intelligence tell him that the Russian narrative of the Syrian chemical weapons attack is correct. Russia reports that the Syrian government struck an al-Nusra weapons depot that contained chemical weapons.  [Link]
  • The US has carried out an attack against the Syrian government. The US destroyed a military airfield used by the Syrian government to fight Syrian rebels, including al-Qaeda. The US launched 59 missiles at the airbase. Six people were killed in the attack. The US warned Russia about this attack before it occurred. The US government claims this attack is a response to the chemical weapons attack in Syria. [Link]
  • Russia has condemned the US attack on the Syrian government. Russia has called a Security Council meeting at the UN to discuss the attack. Russia may cut its program of cooperation with the US in Syria. [Link]
  • Rand Paul is one of the few Congressmen to say that attacks against Assad in Syria need Congressional approval. [Link]


  • In a press conference about the chemical weapons attack, a Syrian government official said that the government targeted an al-Nusra weapons dept with an airstrike. The official said that the airstrike did not contain chemical weapons. [Link]
  • Turkey claims to have proof that chemical weapons were used in the attack in Idlib that killed 72. [Link]


  • Targets in the Idlib Province of Syria were hit with chemical weapons attacks. Some reports say over 100 have been killed in the attack. The US and allied states were quick to blame Assad for the attack. Assad denies using the weapons and is backed on the international stage by allies such as Russia and Iran. [Link]


  • Erdogan says that Turkey is planning new operations in Syria. Last week, Turkey announced an end to their military operation in Syria. Turkish troops did not withdraw from Syria when they announced the end of the military operation. Erdogan may have been rebranding the military operation in Syria and does not intend to change Turkish plans in Syria. [Link]


  • Turkey’s Prime Minister announced an end to the Turkish military operation in Syria. He did not say if Turkey will withdraw Turkish troops from Syria or if Turkey will start a new military operation. [Link] Syria Fyle
  • Germany releases a statement on its involvement in the bombing of a Raqqa school that killed at least 33 civilians. The German statement on the bombing contradicts the US statement. Germany admits they lacked intelligence that ISIS was using the school. [Link]


  • Last week, the US government denied carrying out the strike that hit a Syrian school and killed 33 civilians. This week, the US government admits carry out the strike but denies that civilians died in the strike. [Link]
  • Russia accuses the US of bombing near a dam and destroying other important civilian infrastructure in Syria. [Link]
  • The Syrian government makes a deal with Syrian rebel forces to allow the people of four towns to be evacuated. Two Sunni-majority towns besieged by Assad and two Shi’ite majority town besieged by rebels will see civilian populations and fighters be moved to more secure areas. [Link]


  • A Kurdish leader says that after Raqqa is freed from ISIS the people will be allowed to choose how they are governed, but expects they will join the Kurdish government. [Link]


  • Assad tells Israel that more Israeli airstrikes in Syria will cause Assad to launch scud missiles on Israel. [Link]
  • An airstrike near Damascus killed 16 civilians. It is unknown who carried out the strike, but it was most likely the Syrian government. [Link]


  • Moon of Alabama updates the situation in Syria. [Link]


  • The US coalition bombed a school in Raqqa killing 33 civilians who were using the school as a shelter. [Link]
  • Tillerson says the US plans to establish safe zones in Syria. [Link]


  • Syrian rebel groups linked to al-Qaeda are now attacking the city of Hama. The city is currently controlled by the Syrian government. The rebels started the attack with suicide car bombings and the rebels now control some of the villages around the city. [Link]
  • The Pentagon is opening two investigations into the bombing of a Syrian mosque. The death toll from the bombing has now reached 49. [Link]


  • Russia reaches a deal with the Syrian Kurdish faction YPG to build a military base in territory held by the YPG. [Link]
  • Part of the attack on Damascus Sunday included rebel group tunneling into the city. [Link] The Syrian government reports they have been able to defeat these rebels. [Link]


  • Syrian rebels launched a large attack against Damascus on Sunday. The jihadist and non-jihadist rebels united to use snipers, car bombs, and mortars against the city. [Link]
  • Israel carried out another strike in Syria on Sunday. This strike targeted a car and one person was reported to be killed. [Link]


  • The Pentagon now denies that it bombed a mosque in Syria and killed 42 worshipers. Photographic evidence released by the Pentagon suggests the Pentagon was acting on old information and did not know that a new mosque was built. The new mosque is the building US Reaper drones destroyed with people praying inside. [Link]


  • Doctors from Syria testify in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee about the horrific conditions in Syria. [Link]
  • An airstrike on a mosque in Syria kills 42 people. Most of those dead are civilians. The US coalition admits to carrying out the strike.  [Link]
  • Israeli war plane bombed Syrian army targets in Palmyra. The Syrian government reports they shot down one of the Israeli planes. Israel denies any of its planes were shot down. [Link]
  • The Syrian government asks the US coalition to stop carrying out airstrikes near dams. The war in Syria has damaged the integrity of a dam on the Euphrates River. [Link]


  • At least 39 people were killed in a suicide bombing in Damascus yesterday. Yesterday was the 6th anniversary of the Syrian Civil War. [Link]
  • The US may deploy an additional 1,000 troops to Syria in the coming weeks. [Link]


  • The UN says the Syrian government is responsible for the water shortages in Damascus. For two months, people in the Damascus area have struggled to get water. The water pipeline that carries water to Damascus was damaged and initially reported that Syrian rebels had caused the damnage. The UN reprots it was caused by an Syrian airstrike. [Link]
  • A deal has been agreed to by Syrian rebels and the Syrian government. The deal will allow rebels and citizens loyal to the rebels to leave the city of Homs. The deal will be carried out over the next six to eight weeks. [Link]


  • Erdogan claims that that Turkish troops seized several villages around Manbij. There is no evidence that Turkish troops actually seized these villages. [Link]
  • This article describes how the US invaded Syria without the American people noticing. [Link]


  • Children deaths in Syria increased by 20% in 2016. The number of children recruited to fight increased from 331 to 850 in 2016. [Link]
  • Fateh al-Sham, formerly called al-Nusra, has claimed responsibility for suicide bombing in Damascus that killed at least 40. [Link] Some sources put the death toll at 74. [Link]


  • Gareth Porter details how the UN report on who bombed the aid convoy heading to Aleppo is flawed. The report concludes that the Syrian government carried out the attack. [Link]


  • Two suicide bombers carry out attacks in Damascus killing at least 30 people. [Link]
  • Turkey claims to have killed 71 US-backed Kurdish fighters in Syria over the past week. [Link]


  • 20 civilians including children were killed by an airstrike in villages outside of Raqqa. The US-coalition is likely responsible for carrying out the strike. [Link]
  • Turkey attacks Syrian soldiers outside of the city of Manbij. Eight soldiers were killed in the attack. The attack is a violation of the ceasefire. [Link]


  • US Marines are now in Northern Syria. The Pentagon did not release how many Marines are now in Syria. The Marines are expected to assist in the invasion of Raqqa. [Link] The Marines will likely be providing artillery support. [Link]


  • The US is sending a small number of troops to join the Kurdish forces in Manbij. Turkey has demanded the Kurdish force abandon the city but the Kurds continue to remain there. [Link]
  • Russia is sending troops to the villages around Manbij. This puts US, Russian, and Syria troops all in the same area in and around Manbij. [Link]
  • Patrick Cockburn gives an update on the situation in Syria and the likely winners and losers of the Syrian civil war. [Link]
  • The Syrian civil war is taking an extreme toll on the children of Syria. Two-thirds of whom have lost a family member, had their houses bombed, or been injured. Many children are struggle to cope with the psychological trauma this causes. Some children are suffering from PTSD or toxic stress. [Link]


  • A Syrian plane crashed in Turkey. A Syrian rebel group reports they downed the plane with anti-aircraft weapons. [Link]


  • The Syrian government is making a deal with the Kurds to prevent Turkey from attacking the Kurds in Manbij. Turkey has started to advance towards and attack Kurdish forces in the Kurdish-held city of Manbij. The Kurds will hand over the villages surrounding the city to the Syrian forces to prevent Turkey from attacking the city. Turkey has a ceasefire deal with the Syrian government that the Kurds are not a part of. [Link]
  • The UN-sponsored Syrian peace talks are coming to a close with little progress having been made so far. [Link]


  • Turkish forces and rebels allied to Turkey are attacking Syrian Kurdish forces outside of the city of Manbij. [Link]
  • Russian and Syrian bombs land near US forces in Syria. The bombs hit US allied Syrian Democratic Forces. The Russian and Syrian plans had seen ISIS fighters in the area and believed they were bombing ISIS. US forces used an established hotline to warn the Russians they were bombing allied forces. [Link]


  • A documentary on the Syrian White Helmets won an Oscar. The documentary is supportive of the White Helmets who help turn public opinion in favor of al-Qaeda-linked rebel groups over the Syrian government. [Link]
  • Turkish-backed Syrian rebels and the Syrian army started fighting South of al-Bab. The fighting was started by the rebels. Russia had worked out a deal between Turkey and Syria not to fight in this region. [Link]


  • 42 people were killed in two suicide bombing in Homs, Syria. The al-Nusra Front has claimed responsibility for the attack. [Link]


  • Syrian peace talks have started. The talks look to end the conflict between the Syrian government and rebels. [Link]


  • The Cheif General of Central Command says the US needs more troops in Syria. [Link]


  • The CIA program of giving weapons to Syrian rebels has been stopped. It is unknown why the program stopped or if it will restart at some point. The program ended earlier this month around the time infighting started between rebel groups. [Link]
  • 11 civilians were killed by airstrikes in the Deir Ezzor Province of Syria and the death toll is expected to increase in the coming days. The US is the most likely party to be bombing in that area. [Link]


  • Doctors Without Borders says it was likely Russia that bombed a hospital in the Idlib Providence last year. 25 people were killed when the hospital was bombed. [Link]


  • Syrian rebel groups continue to fight for territory. Recent fighting has been between jihadist groups who side with al-Qaeda, and other jihadists groups who side with ISIS has left 69 dead. [Link]


  • Assad says he would welcome the US to help with the fight against ISIS in Syria. However, for Assad to invite the US into Syria they must coordinate with the Syrian military. Assad also rejected Trump’s idea of safe zones in Syria. [Link]
  • Al-Qaeda-linked Syrian rebels are winning battles against the less extremist rebels. Fighting broke out between the al-Qaeda-linked groups and the less extremist groups who were invited to the peace talks a few weeks ago. [Link]


  • Airstrikes hit the al-Nusra Front Headquarters in the Idlib providence. The strikes killed 37 people including 24 civilians. It is unknown who carried out the airstrikes. [Link]


  • Syrian troops are getting close to Turkish troops in northern Syria. The Turkish troops are working to retake al-Bab from ISIS as Syrian troops are also closing in on the city. Both Turkey and Syria are members of the ceasefire in Syria. [Link]


  • A Syrian rebel group, Jaish al-Ezza, has withdrawn from the Syrian ceasefire citing violations of the ceasefire by Russia. [Link]


  • Trump and the King of Saudi Arabia talk on the phone and agree to work to set up safe zones in Yemen and Syria. [Link]


  • Several Syrian rebels groups have joined together and become an al-Qaeda group. Some of these group received weapons and funding from the US. [Link]


  • Fighting between Syrian rebel groups continues in the Idlib Providence in Syria. The fighting is resulting in heavy civilian casualties. The jihadists type group are targeting groups who were invited to the Syrian peace talks. [Link]


  • Several Syrian rebel groups are joining together to fight the al-Qaeda-linked Syrian rebel groups. The fighting started when al-Nusra attacked Syrian rebel group who were attending the peace talks. [Link]


  • Al-Nusra is attacking Syrian rebel groups who are participating in the peace talks. Al-Nusra is a terrorist group linked to al-Qaeda and was not invited to the peace talks. Al-Nusra may be able to kill the peace deal by attacking the groups that are attending. [Link]


  • Turkey’s intervention into Syrian has left 325 Syrian civilians dead. Turkey has been operating in Syria since August. [Link]


  • Peace talks between Syrian rebels and the Syrian government have started. Its reported that no progress was made during the first day of talks. [Link]


  • Trump will not be sending a delegation to attend the Syrian peace talks. Trump reports this is due to the transition and being unable to deal with the Syrian peace talks at this time. The US Ambassador to Kazakhstan will attend the peace talks. [Link]


  • On Thursday, Obama ordered B-52 bombers to destroy al-Nusra targets in Syria. The Pentagon has reported that 100 militants were killed. [Link]


  • 40% of the 1,000,000 Syrian children refugees living in Turkey are not currently enrolled in schooling. [Link]


  • Syrian airstrikes killed 22 civilians over the weekend in areas around Damascus. The Syrian government is targeting al-Nusra with airstrikes. [Link]


  • Russia has invited Trump Administration officials to upcoming Syrian peace talks. [Link]


  • Israel fired several rockets at a Damascus airport. The rockets started a fire and casualties have been reported. Israel has not confirmed the attack, but Syria has vowed to respond. [Link]
  • The Syrian ceasefire continues to hold. The UN reports that some areas in desperate need of aid have still been unable to receive the aid. [Link]


  • Kurdish representatives will not be involved in any Syrian peace talks. Turkey has insisted that Kurds are equivalent to ISIS and were not allowed to be a part of the Syrian ceasefire. [Link]


  • Support from the US has allowed the Syrian Kurds to declare their own autonomous area in Syria. This area continues to grow as Kurdish forces advance on Raqqa. [Link]


  • Russia will begin to draw down its military presence in Syria. [Link]


  • The Syrian ceasefire continues to hold, however, Syrian rebels continue to complain that the government is violating the ceasefire by attacking al-Nusra. The rebels continue to refuse to attend peace talks. [Link]
  • The al-Nusra Front’s headquarters in Syria was bombed killing 30 fighters. Nusra says the US coalition carried out the attack, but this is not confirmed. [Link]


  • Syrian rebels have frozen their involvement in peace deal talks. The rebels complain of violations of the ceasefire by the Syrian government. [Link]


  • Syrian civilians are fleeing an area near Damascus as the Syrian government targets the al-Qaeda linked group in the area. [Link]
  • The Syrian rebels are threatening to withdraw from the ceasefire because the Syrian government is bombing an al-Qaeda linked group. The group in question is the al-Nusra Front that recently changed its name to al-Sham. The group’s new name is not on the UN list of terrorist groups, so Syrian rebels argue that they are a part of the ceasefire. [Link]


  • Some fighting occurred around Syria yesterday, but the ceasefire held overall. Arguments continue over what groups are included in the ceasefire. The Syrian government insists that al-Qaeda affiliate group are not included but rebels groups say only ISIS and the YPG are not included. [Link]


  • A ceasefire went into effect in Syria last night. Some fighting was reported in the area around Damascus, but the ceasefire was holding overall. [Link] Questions remain if the al-Qaeda affiliate groups are a part of the ceasefire or not. [Link]
  • The UN reports that 4 million Syrians living in and around Damascus have lost access to water. [Link]


  • Two mortar rounds were fired at the Russian embassy in Damascus. Russia believes the attacks were meant to interfere with the peace deal that is being worked out for Syria. [Link]
  • An airstrike in Syria kills 22 civilians near Deir Ezzor. It is unknown who conducted the airstrikes but the US coalition is the most active in the area. [Link]


  • Russia calls the US arming of Syrian rebels with MANPADS a hostile act. MANPADS are shoulder fired ground to air missiles. The US recently loosened restrictions on giving these weapons to Syrian rebels. [Link]
  • According to Turkish sources, a ceasefire will go into effect in Syria Wednesday at midnight. The deal will apply to Syrian rebels and the Syrian government. The deal will not include terrorist organizations. The deal was reached by the Turkish and Russian governments. [Link]
  • Ben Swann shows how the US has armed al-Qaeda fighters in Syria. He also busts the myth that the Syrian rebels are just secular opposition to Assad. [Link]


  • Russia reports that troops have found mass graves in the areas of Aleppo that were held by rebels. Russia also said that some of those bodies showed signs on torture. [Link]


  • After the Syrian government won a victory in the city of Aleppo, the government now starts airstrikes against the areas around Aleppo and in the Idlib Providence. The Idlib Providence is considered the al-Qaeda in Syria stronghold. [Link]


  • Between Thursday evening and Friday morning, Turkish bombers killed 88 civilians in Syria. This included 27 children who died in the attacks. [Link]
  • After evacuating East Aleppo, Syrian rebels are now shelling Aleppo from outside of the city. The shelling that started 24 hours after the evacuation has killed 6 civilians. [Link]


  • The Syrian army claimed victory in Aleppo as the last of the rebels were bussed out of the city. [Link]


  • The evacuation of Aleppo is nearly completed. Reports are saying the Syrian rebels are only holding one final position in East Aleppo. [Link]


  • Egyptian police catch amateur journalists creating fake news. The journalists showed children in red paint in a soon to be demolished building. Egyptian police report the journalists were going to post the videos on social media and claim they were taken in East Aleppo. [Link]
  • The evacuation of civilians from East Aleppo continues with about 37,500 civilians having already left the city. The rebels say they will leave after the civilians are all gone. The Syrian government is pushing the rebels to hurry up and leave. [Link]


  • The evacuation of civilians from Aleppo is going more smoothly than in the past week. At least 7,000 have been evacuated. [Link]


  • Al-Qaeda attacked and burned some of the buses that were meant to evacuate civilians from towns in the Idlib Providence. [Link]
  • Some evacuations begin in Aleppo and other cities in Syria. The deal with the rebels to evacuate East Aleppo also requires the Syrian rebels to allows civilians to leave cities they have under siege. Busses full of civilians began leaving Aleppo and these other cities. [Link]
  • John Kerry told the Boston Globe that disagreements within the ranks of the American government made the Syrian ceasefire implementation very difficult. The last ceasefire in Syria fell apart after the US bombed Syrian troops fighting ISIS and a humanitarian aid convoy was destroyed. [Link]
  • Patrick Cockburn reports that most of the reporting coming from Aleppo is propaganda. He reports that this has been accomplished by Syrian rebels kidnapping and killing journalists who may be unbiased. [Link]


  • About 8,000 civilians were evacuated from rebel-held Aleppo before the deal fell apart on Friday. A new deal was reached on Saturday to evacuate civilians from rebel-held Aleppo and a few other villages in Syria. [Link]


  • There is a provision in the NDAA 2017 that will allow the US to send shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles to Syrian rebels. Past weapons that have been sent to Syria rebels have ended up in the hands of al-Qaeda-linked groups. [Link]
  • Reports from Syria that at least 3,000 civilians were able to leave rebel-held Aleppo. [Link] The Syrian government stopped the evacuation of civilians from rebel-held Aleppo Friday because they report rebels have broken the deal. As part of the deal, rebels would allow civilians to leave other cities to evacuate but are not allowing this to happen. An estimated 50,000 civilians are still in rebel-held areas of Aleppo. [Link]


  • The ceasefire never went into effect yesterday, and fighting in Aleppo continued for most of the day. The rebels said today that the ceasefire was back on and reports are that fighting stopped in Aleppo this morning. [Link] [Link]


  • A deal has been reached between the Syrian rebels and the Syrian government to end the 4 year battle for Aleppo. The rebels will give up their remaining territory in Aleppo and leave the city. [Link] While a deal has been reached, some rebels have not left Aleppo yet. They have concerns about the government supported Shia militias not implementing their portion of the deal yet. Some reports of fighting continue to come from Aleppo. [Link]
  • An estimated 450,000 people have been killed in the Syrian Civil War that started in 2011. [Link]


  • The Syrian government now controls 98% of Aleppo. The remaining rebels have regrouped and are trying to hold on to a few districts they still control. [Link]


  • US officials report US troops in Syria are more likely to be attacked by Turkey than ISIS. The US troops are embedded with Kurdish fighters who Turkey has attacked several times since entering the war in Syria. [Link]
  • Syrian troops took two more districts from Syrian rebels in fighting in Aleppo last night. At least 545 civilians have been killed in Aleppo since the Syrian government’s offensive to retake the city started on November 15th. [Link]


  • The US will send 200 more troops to Syria to help Kurdish and Arab anti-ISIS forces. This will bring the total number of US troops in Syria to 500. [Link]
  • Russia claims that the Syrian government now controls 93% of Aleppo. Airstrikes against the Syrian rebels are currently paused to allow civilians to leave rebel-held areas but will resume once civilians are out of the area. [Link]


  • Russian halts the military offensive in Aleppo to give civilians time to leave the combat areas. [Link]
  • With no evidence, the US tries to convince Turkey that Iran is responsible for an attack that killed four Turkish soldiers in Syria. Turkey initially believed that Syria was behind the attack, but after reviewing evidence with the Russians, Turkey came to the conclusion that it was an ISIS suicide bombing. ISIS took responsibility for the attack. [Link]


  • Gareth Porter details how the US airstrike on Syrian troops was preventable. [Link]
  • Israel bombs a military airport in Damascus. [Link]


  • Syrian rebels abandon Aleppo’s Old City district. This gives the Syrian Government control over about 75% of the city. [Link]


  • 73 were killed on Sunday by Syrian and Russian bombs in Syria’s Idlib Providence. Syria is reported to have used barrel bombs in the attack. [Link]
  • Syrian rebel shelling kills a Russian nurse in Aleppo. The rebel shelling hit a field hospital. [Link]


  • The CIA-backed Syrian rebels fear they will lose support from the CIA when Trump becomes president. The rebels are strengthening ties with Saudi Arabia and Al-Qaeda as a response. [Link]


  • Recent fighting in Aleppo has led to 31,500 displaced residents. The displaced are from areas that were held by rebels until recently liberated by the Syrian government. Reports are surfacing of the Syrian rebels killing civilians that are fleeing, so far its estimated 50 have been killed. There are also reports of the Syrian government detaining fleeing civilians as suspected rebels. [Link]
  • Pro-Syrian Government force’s airstrikes kill 19 on Sunday. [Link]


  • The Syrian rebels have lost 60% of the areas they held in East Aleppo. [Link]


  • The US admits to killing 24 civilians in Manbij, Syria. Local monitoring groups say this number is too low. [Link]


  • In Syria, Israel warplanes launch airstrikes against targets West of Damascus. [Link]


  • In September, the US bombed Syrian troops who were fighting ISIS. The bombing occurred during a ceasefire and allowed ISIS take the position from the Syrian government. 80 Syrian soldiers were killed in the attack. The US announced the attack was caused by human error. [Link]


  • Syrian rebels abandon NorthEastern Aleppo. [Lnk]


  • The Syrian government made two deals with Syrian rebels over the weekend. The rebels agreed to leave areas around the Syrian capital in exchange for safe passage to areas further North. [Link]
  • The Syrian government continues to make gains in Aleppo. The government captured three districts over the weekend. [Link]
  • The Syrian government captured another district Sunday night, bringing the weekend total to 4. This is a significant victory as it splits the rebel-held areas of Aleppo. [Link]


  • Syrian government forces retake the largest district in East Aleppo. More than 219 civilians have been killed in the Syrian government’s current offensive to retake East Aleppo. [Link]
  • Israel kills four Islamic State fighters in Syria. The Islamic State fighters fired on Israel positions on Israel’s side of the border from the Syrian side of the border. [Link]


  • Syrian government forces are making progress in their attempt to retake East Aleppo from Syrian rebels. Syria government forces have broken through the rebels front lines. [Link]
  • Egypt announces its official support for Assad in Syria. [Link]


  • The first US soldier has been killed in military operations in Syria. The soldier was killed by an IED in a town North of Raqqa. [Link]
  • 32 civilians were killed by Syrian airstrikes in East Aleppo on Thursday. At least 188, including 27 children, have been killed by Syrian airstrikes in East Aleppo since the Syrian government began its latest offensive to retake the city from rebels. [Link]


  • Syrian rebels are preventing civilians from leaving Aleppo. About 100 families are looking to escape the war zone. [Link]


  • Syrian rebels have obtained shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles. The US had previously banned the distribution of these weapons to rebels but lifted that restriction in late September. [Link]


  • Rockets fired by Syrian rebels kill eight children at a school in government-held Aleppo. [Link]
  • No hospitals are remaining in the rebel-held area of Aleppo. Airstrikes in the past week have destroyed the last hospitals in the area. [Link]


  • Two hospitals have been bombed in the rebel-held areas of Aleppo since the government started its new push to retake it this week. One of those hospitals was a children’s hospital. Hospitals in rebel-held Aleppo are starting to move underground to avoid airstrikes. [Link]
  • At least 289 people have been killed since Syria started its new push to retake East Aleppo from Syrian rebels. The offensive began Tuesday. [Link]


  • Syrian Kurdish forces announce a withdraw from Manbij, Syria. The Kurdish forces liberated the city from ISIS 3 months ago. Kurdish forces controlling the city has upset the Turkish government. Turkey has demanded that the Kurds remain East of the Euphrates River. [Link]


  • Syria has used at least at least 150 airstrikes in the new Aleppo offensive. At least 54 people have been killed by those airstrikes. [Link]


  • The House Intelligence Committee votes to cut the budget of the CIA program that trains Syrian rebels by 20%. The vote shows a shift in US policy away from backing the Syrian rebels against Assad. [Link]
  • Russian and Syrian planes struck three hospitals in rebel-held areas of Syria on Monday and Tuesday. [Link]
  • The Syrian government begins another offensive to retake East Aleppo. The government is using airstrikes and ground forces in the assault. A barrel bomb has killed at least one civilian. [Link]


  • Two Turkish-backed Syrian rebels groups were fighting North of Aleppo. Both groups were flying the Free Syrian Army flag. Militants fighting for Ahrar al-Sham were able to drive back forces fighting for the Levant Group. [Link]


  • The Syrian government sends text messages to East Aleppo residents telling them to disarm and leave in the next 24 hours. The Syria government said they will begin strategic offensives at the end of the 24 hour period. This one of several times the Syrian government has sent messages to residents of East Aleppo warning the fighters to leave. [Link]


  • Turkey conducts airstrikes on Islamic State forces in Syria, killing 18 of their fighters. Turkey-backed Syrian rebels and Islamic state engaged in on the ground fights, with each side losing five militants. [Link]
  • The three US soldiers that were killed in Jordan on November 4th were working for the CIA to train Syrian Rebels. [Link]


  • The Syrian Government has taken back all of the ground it lost in a counter-attack from the Syrian Rebels that started at the end of October. [Link]


  • Obama instructs the military to target al-Nusra in Syria. Al-Nusra is a group linked to al-Qaeda. [Link]
  • A US coalition airstrike outside of Raqqa kills 20 civilians. The airstrike was supporting US-backed forces offensive against the ISIS Syrian capital city. [Link]


  • Russia’s aircraft carrier arrives off the coast of Syria and will be able to assist the Syrian government in conducting airstrikes. [Link]
  • Airstrikes in Idlib, Syria kill seven children and two pregnant women. A report by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights that Russia conducted the strike. [Link]


  • While Russia allowed its ceasefire for Aleppo to expire Friday, Russia announced it would not begin to bomb East Aleppo unless Syrian Rebels attack first. [Link]


  • Syrian Rebels attacked the government-held part of Aleppo for eight days. The attack left 74 civilians, including g 25 children, dead. [Link]


  • Russia allowed its 17 days ceasefire for Aleppo to expire on Friday. Civilian expect that Russia will now resume bombing rebel-held Aleppo. [Link]


  • Syrian rebel groups clash in East Aleppo. Reporting from Reuters suggests that the jihadist groups were able to seize weapons from other Syrian rebel groups. [Link]


  • Russia announces a 10-hour humanitarian pause in hostilities to take place in Aleppo on Friday. [Link]


  • 84 civilians have been killed by Syrian Rebels during their offensive against the government-held areas of Aleppo. [Link]
  • Russia’s Defence Minister says that peace talks are delayed indecently. This is due to Americas inability to control Syrian rebels. [Link]


  • Syrian rebels are being accused of war crimes from indiscriminately shelling government held West Aleppo. Reports also indicate that chlorine gas in attacks as well. [Link]


  • Linked is an article explaining how the US became allies with Al-Qaeda. [Link]


  • Al Nusra Front launches a new offensive against Aleppo. The offensive seems to be trying to re-establish supply lines to East Aleppo. [Link]
  • A “near miss” between Russian and US jets over Syria. [Link]
  • Russia denies that it is responsible for the bombing of a Syrian school. The US has asserted that either Russia or Syria is responsible for the attack. [Link]


  • At least 22 children are among the dead in the bombing of a Syrian school. Reports say between 30-40 are dead in total. [Link] [Link]


  • Airstrikes hit a school in Syria. At least 26 are dead including children. It is reported that Russian planes were responsible for the attack, although no one has confirmed this yet. [Link]


  • It has been 7 days since Russia bombed Aleppo. [Link]
  • Amnesty International claims that US coalition airstrikes in Syria have killed at least 300. [Link]


  • 5 lies that are used to try to get Americans to gain support for war in Syria. [Link]


  • Fighting as resumed in Aleppo as the ceasefire has expired. [Link]
  • Pentagon backed Syrian Kurds attack CIA backed Syrian rebels. This is seen as a response to Turkey attacking Kurdish fighters who were fighting ISIS. [Link]


  • Aleppo ceasefire is entering day 2. Most citizens in rebel held Aleppo still not able or willing to try to escape. [Link]
  • Reports of Syria rebel groups shelling government-held areas of Aleppo. The purpose of the shelling is to keep citizens from leaving rebel help Aleppo. The citizens are being used as human shields by the rebels. [Link]
  • After killing 200 Kurdish fighters earlier this week, Turkey continues to attack Kurds in Syria. These Kurdish fighter are fighting ISIS in Northwest Syria. [Link]


  • In Syria, Turkish airstrikes kill 200 Kurdish fighters. The Kurds were fighting ISIS at the time. [Link]


  • Assad makes a deal with Syrian rebels to allow 700 fighters and their families to withdraw from Damascus to the Idlib providence. [Link]


  • The UK and US reject the Russia and Syrian 8 hour ceasefire. The UK and US believe any ceasefire needs to be at least 48 hours. [Link]


  • Russia and Syria agree to stop bombing Aleppo for 8 hours on Thursday. [Link]
  • Thousands of Iraqi fighters have traveled to  Syria to fight for Assad. [Link]


  • Israel seeks a new coordination deal with Russia. This will allow Israel to continue to conduct bombing raids inside of Syria. [Link]


  • The US and Russia met for Syrian peace talks on Saturday. Nothing was accomplished in the meeting, but Russia and US officials agreed to meet again Monday. [Link]


  • Reporting from rebel held Aleppo, Syrian rebels have barricaded the remaining civilians in. The rebels are seemingly using the civilians as hostages to prevent more bombing from Russia and Syria. [Link]


  • Reports from aid workers put a total of 150 dead in rebel held Aleppo this week. [Link]


  • 25 people were killed in bombing in the rebel held areas of Syria. 15 were killed when an airstrike hit an market. While it has not been confirmed that it was a Russian or Syrian attack, Russia and Syria have been heavily bombing the rebel head area of Aleppo for weeks. [Link]
  • US and Russia will hold peace talks about Syria over the weekend. [Link]


  • In a 2013 speech to Goldman Sachs employees, Hillary admits that her plan for a no-fly zone in Syria will kill a lot of civilian citizens. [Link]


  • Ash Carter says strikes against the Syrian Government are on the table. This would be a large escalation of force in Syria and possible provoke war with Russia. [Link]


  • John Kerry demands an international investigation into Russian and Syrian war crimes in Syria. [Link]


  • After the US pulled out of Syrian peace talks with Russia, Russia has begun to move more military equipment and troops into Syria. [Link]


  • The UN offers to escort the Al-Nusra front out of Aleppo. Russia and Syria have enagaged in heavy bombing of the areas of Aleppo held by Nusra. Al-Nusra is a terror group linked to Al-Qaeda and has about 1000 fighters remaining in Aleppo. [Link]


  • An Amnesty International report finds that US and its allies have supported Syrian rebel groups that commit war crimes. The crimes include executions, targeting minority groups, abducting journalists, and torturing. [Link]


  • US suspends Syrian peace talks with Russia. The US is upset with Russia’s continued bombing of the Al-Nusra Front in East Aleppo. [Link]
  • Russia moves new surface to air missiles to Syria. The missiles are capable of shooting down planes and acting as a missiles defense system. [Link]


  • In Syria, an ISIS suicide bomber blows himself up at a Kurdish wedding. 23 people were killed in the attack with dozens more wounded. [Link]


  • The Syrian government offers rebels a free pass out of the city of Aleppo. Syria ground troops are closing in on the rebel held areas of the city. Syria has allowed rebels to have a free pass out of cities several times during the Syrian Civil War. [Link]


  • After Aleppo hospitals have been hit with cluster and barrel bombs, only 6 hospitals remain operational in the rebel held area of the city. [Link]


  • The US policy in Syria has been to arm and train the Al-Qaeda affiliate group Al-Nusra Front. Al-Nusra Front fighters are jihadists who the US hoped would overthrow Syria President Assad. [Link]
  • Syrian and Russian airstrikes in the Al-Nusra held East Aleppo, have included the use of bunkerbuster bombs and white phosphorus bombs. These weapons have been used in areas where several hospitals are present. [Link]


  • Linked is a map of who currently controls what territory in Syria. [Link]
  • The US coalition has bombed 2 bridges that cross the Euphrates River in Syria. Destroying infrastructure like bridges makes getting aid to civilians very difficult. [Link]


  • Syrian and Russian bombers destroy 2 hospitals in Aleppo. At least 2 patients died in one of the hospitals. [Link]
  • US threatens Russia that the US will suspend engagement with Russia in the Syrian conflict. The US will cut off engagement with Russia for Russia’s role in the heavy bombing of Aleppo. [Link]


  • The Syrian government began a bombing campaign to retake Aleppo on Friday. So far 200 people have been killed by the airstrikes. The Syrian government now appears to be using ground troops to retake the city. [Link]


  • The heavy bombing of the rebel held area of Aleppo by Russia and Syria continues. At least 85 were killed Sunday with 300 wounded. Reports say that there are only 30 doctors left in the rebel held areas. [Link]
  • The Pentagon is responsible for the collapse of the Syrian ceasefire. The ceasefire last for a few days before US airstrikes hit a Syrian Army position that killed 62 Syrian troops. [Link]


  • The US government is using propaganda to gain public support for intervention in Syria. The US has used social media paid promotions to push its narrative of Syria. The US government has used other methods to hide stories out of Syria it does not want to reach the public. [Link]
  • The Syrian rebel group, Army of Conquest, has two Syrian towns under siege. The Army of Conquest has used snipers and car bombs to terrorize the citizens of the towns. The snipers have even targeted children, especially young males. The Army of Conquest is supported by US allies Turkey and Saudi Arabia. Some fear a massacre of the two towns are possible if an agreement with the Syrian government falls apart. [Link]


  • Syria and Russia continue their heavy bombing offensive in Aleppo. At least 91 deaths have been reported so far. [Link]


  • John Kerry makes it clear that US policy is to keep the Syrian Government from bombing Al-Nusra Front, an Al-Qaeda affiliate in Syria. [Link]
  • After the collapse of the ceasefire, the Syrian Government is launching a major push to retake Aleppo. This offensive has included support from Russian airstrikes and asking all civilians to leave areas where “anti government forces” are fighting. So far 45 deaths have been reported. including 12 civilians. [Link]


  • Russia moves its top aircraft carrier to the Syrian coast. The US already has 2 aircraft carriers and 6 destroyers in the region. [Link]


  • The Syrian Government declared an end to the Syrian ceasefire. The Syrian Government reported feeling it was the only side of the fight obeying the ceasefire anyways. The Syrian Government launched airstrikes after the ceasefire ended. One airstrike hit a UN aid transport attempting to deliver aid the rebel held portion of Aleppo. [Link]
  • UN suspends all aid to Syria. This was a response to the Syrian Government bombing of a UN humanitarian aid transport. [Link]


  • The Syrian ceasefire is on the brink of collapse. The US-coalition is blaming the Syrian Government’s attacks on Aleppo. Those attacks are have reported to have killed 10 civilians. Russia is blaming the US-coalition’s attack on Syrian Government soldiers, Syrian Rebel forces continuing to attack government positions in Aleppo, and the US-backed rebels have not separated themselves from the jihadists. [Link]


  • US airstrikes in Syria hit a Syrian Government Army position killing 62 and wounding 100 more. The Syrian Government forces were fighting ISIS at the time the US bombs killed the troops. This attack occurred during the ceasefire in Syria. The White House has admitted to the mistake and expressed regrets for the attack to Syria. This could lead to ISIS taking the city the Syrian forces were defending. [Link]
  • US diplomats attack Russia for demanding a meeting after the US bombing of Syrian troops. Russia stated they requested the meeting over concern of the state of the Syrian ceasefire. [Link]


  • Russia demands that the US separate the moderate rebels from the Al-Qaeda affiliate Al-Nusra Front. Throughout the Russian involvement in the Syrian Civil War, the US has attempted protected the Syrian Rebels from Russian and Syrian airstrikes. The problem with this is the Syrian Rebels are embedded with the Al-Nusra jihadists fighters. As part of the ceasefire, the US has agreed to separate the moderates from the jihadist, but this has not happened. [Link]
  • US Special Operations forces fled from The Free Syrian Army yesterday. The Special Operations troops have been fighting with The Free Syrian Army. The US has armed The Free Syrian Army in their fight against Syrian President Assad. Members of The Free Syrian Army chanted “We’re going to slaughter you” as US Special Operations force quickly drove away. [Link]


  • In Syria, the government has cleared to road to Aleppo to allow food aid to the citizens. Reports now say that rebels are blocking the road. [Link]
  • The US Government is responsible for the stalemate in Syria. The CIA Director recently indicated that the US is only giving the “moderate” rebels enough weapons to maintain. The US Government is concerned that overthrowing the Syrian Government create more problems, so the goal is to drag on the war till Syrian President Assad steps down. [Link]


  • Syrian President Assad blocks food and other aid from reaching the rebel-held area of Aleppo. Many were hopeful that the Syrian ceasefire would allow humanitarian aid to reach civilians in cities under siege. [Link]


  • Al-Qaeda has long been tied in with the US supported rebels in Syria. Many of the weapon given the the rebels by US and US allies have landed in the hands of Al-Qaeda jihadists. Throughout the war in Syria, the US has condemned Russia and Syria for bombing US supported rebels who were with Al-Qaeda fighters. The new deal gives America more of a say so on who is attacked in Syria. This may give more protection to Al-Qaeda, as the US is unlikely to approve of bombings of Al-Qaeda when its allies are fighting with them. [Link]
  • Three US airstrikes in Syria last week may have caused civilian casualties. [Link]


  • The Syrian ceasefire appears to be holding. There are reports of helicopter firing weapons in Aleppo and rebels attacking Government soldiers in Southern Syria. [Link] New details about the ceasefire, US and Russia must jointly approve all airstrikes that occur during the ceasefire. [Link]


  • The Syrian terror group Al-Sham, formerly the Al-Nusra Front, will not sign onto the Syrian ceasefire, but will tentatively follow the conditions of it. Al-Sham is overall losing in the battle of Aleppo and lost top leaders last week. [Link]


  • Al-Sham, formerly the Al-Nusra front, has declined to be a part of the Syrian ceasefire. Al-Sham is a major part of the Syrian rebel for, is linked to Al-Qaeda, and is a part of the fight for Aleppo. [Link] Iran and Hezbollah have agreed to be a part of the Syrian ceasefire. [Link] Fighting in Syria has intensified in the hours leading up the start of the ceasefire. Over 50 around Aleppo have been left dead. [Link]


  • The US reaches a 7 day ceasefire deal with Russia in Syria. The deal covers all allies of the US and Russia. Only terrorist group can be targeted during the ceasefire, but the list of terror organizations will not be released. This deal will hopefully allow aid to reach the starving people of Aleppo. [Link]
  • Top leadership of the Syrian terror group Al-Sham have been killed. It is unknown what country’s airstrike killed the leaders, but early speculations is Syria or Russia. Al-Sham recently changed their name from Al-Nusra. Al-Sham is linked to Al-Qaeda. [Link]


  • An ISIS suicide bomber kills at least 35 in an attack in Tartus, Syria. [Link]


  • Turkey has been pushing for a “safe zone” inside of Syria for refugees. Turkey would like the zone to be set up along the Turkey/Syria border. Turkey now has military control over most of the area. Turkey lacks the international supported needed to set up the safe zone. [Link]


  • Two stories capture the brutal life of everyday Syrian civilians.  The first, citizens in the city of Aleppo are forced to scavenge for food.  The city is under siege and no supplies are being brought to those still in the city. [Link]. The second, children play in a ‘pool’. Their pool is a hole in the ground created by a bomb. [Link] Syria Fyle
  • After being cut off from the Syrian border with Turkey, ISIS launches 6 attacks across Syria. The attacks happened in key areas all around Syria and left a total of 53 dead. [Link]


  • The Kurds vow to defend their territory in Syria against Turkey. The US has pushed the Kurds to withdraw their forces back to east of the Euphrates River. The Kurds recently took cities west of the river from ISIS. Turkey has invaded Syria, in part, to push the Kurds out of the territory they just won from ISIS. A possible alliance could form between Syria and Turkey to fight against an autonomous Kurdish state. [Link]
  • ISIS has been driven from the Turkey/Syria border. In the early days of ISIS, ISIS was able to ship oil from Syria to Turkey to sell. ISIS oil sales in Turkey ended a few months ago, but this should help to separate ISIS with its backers within Turkey. [Link]


  • Turkey is sending additional tanks into Syria. The Syrian government condemned Turkey sending troops into Syria last week. Turkey is targeting ISIS and the US-Backed Kurds. [Link]
  • Kurds view US support of Turkey as a betrayal. The Kurds are looking to establish an autonomous region in what is currently Northeast Syria. Turkey views the Kurds as terrorists and has stated they will not allow a separate Kurdish region. [Link]


  • Turkey will treat Brittans fighting with the US-Backed Syrian Kurds as terrorists. There are at least 6 British volunteers currently fighting on the front lines with the Kurdish fighters. Both Turkey and Britain are NATO members. [Link] Syria Fyle
  • Turkey refuses to have a ceasefire with Kurdish forces in Syria. Turkey claims Syrian Kurds to be terrorist and refuses to negotiate with them to fight the common enemy, ISIS. The US is backing the Kurdish group that Turkey labels as terrorists. [Link]


  •  A Russian or Syrian plane dropped a bomb on a vegetable market in Syria. At least 7 were killed in the attack. [Link]


  • Gareth Porter reports it may be impossible for the Syrian Civil War to end without attempted cleansing of the losing faction. It is likely that the loser, Sunni or Shiite/Alawite, will suffer mass casualties at the hands of the winner. Obama and the US government are largely responsible for the situation in Syria by giving the green light for US allies, Turkey/Saudi Arabia/Qatar, to arm Al-Qaeda-linked rebel groups. [Link]


  • Turkey continues to make gains and take towns in Northern Syria. Turkey’s airstrikes seem to be mostly targeting the US-Backed Kurdish positions. Turkey claims to have killed 25 Kurds and international aid groups report Tukey killed 20 civilians. The US-Backed Kurdish fighters have been the only US ally to really have success in Syria against ISIS. The US is in a difficult position between its Kurdish allies and NATO ally, Turkey. [Link]


  • Turkish President Erdogan pledges to fight ISIS and US-Backed Syrian Kurds with the “same determination.” The leader has been using his army in Syria for nearly a week, with support from US airpower. The US has given the Syrian Kurds weapons and air support throughout the US’s involvement in the Syrian Civil War. [Link]
  • US and Russia were unable to reach a peace deal on Syria. [Link]


  • US is now providing the Turkish army with close air support in Syria. The Turkish army is trying to take the town of Jarablus from ISIS, before the city falls to the Kurds. Vice President Biden, who was in Turkey, made it clear to the Kurds that they must remain East of the Euphrates River to continue to receive US support. Syrian President, Assad, condemns Turkey’s army crossing into Syria. [Link]
  • The Turkish army is now attacking US-Backed Kurdish forces in Syria. The Turkish army has killed at least one Kurdish soldier and the Kurdish army has destroyed one Turkish tank. [Link]


  • Turkish troops operating in Syria attack US-backed Kurdish forces. [Link]
  • Al-Qaeda affiliate operating in Syria changes its name and starts receiving US weapons. Al-Nusra changed its name to Al-Sham last month. Al-Qaeda leadership suggested weeks before the name change weeks before it happened. [Link]


  • US General tells Syrian military it cannot no longer operate in areas of Syria. By doing this the US has created a no-fly zone in Syria and will shoot down Russian and Syrian jets in the area. [Link]


  • Syrian war plans nearly hit US troops while bombing Kurds. [Link]. When Syrian war planes returned to the area they were chased off by US war plans. The US is now warning Syria not to bomb the Kurds. [Link]
  • Charity groups are reporting they are unable to build hospitals in Syria. Syrians are refusing to allow hospitals to be built in their towns, for fear the hospitals will become a target of airstrikes. 43 medical facilities have been reported to be bombed in the Syrian conflict. [Link]


  • Russia is using an Iranian air base to bomb ISIS. For the past two day, Russian planes have taken off from Hamaden Air Base in Iran and struck ISIS targets in Syria. [Link]


  • China will give military training and weapons to Syrian President Assad. This is a change in Chinese policy, as China typically stays out of Middle Eastern affairs. [Link]
  • US-Backed Syrian Rebels allow ISIS fights safe passage out of Manbj, Syria. After weeks of heavy fighting, Rebels and ISIS fighters agreed that if ISIS fighters put down their weapons, they could leave the city. US drones did not strike the ISIS convoy as it left the city. [Link]


  • West Syria has turned into a stalemate. With so many forces from outside Syria acting inside the country it creates a situation where no side can get enough power to hold key positions. Syrian President Assad called upon Russia, Hezbollah, and Shi’ite Militants to help him take key positions around the city of Aleppo. Once the ground was taken, Al-Nusra fighters, with assistance from the Gulf Arab State, were able to retake the positions. Civilian casualties continue to pile up as world leaders continue to play chess in Syria. [Link]


  • Al-Nusra has gained ground in Syria since the February cease-fire. The US has consistently complained of the Russians targeting Nusra during that time, as many US trained “moderate rebels” are mixed in with the jihadist Nusra fighters. Nusra’s territorial gains in Aleppo will cause problems as the city’s civilian population continues to be in the middle of a war. [Link]


  • 2 chemical weapons attacks occurred in Syria. The first occurred on a rebel-held providence and 33 people were gassed. No one died in this attack, media is speculating that Russia or Syrian President Assad is responsible for the attack. In the city of Aleppo rebels launched rockets armed with chemical weapons into government-held areas. 5 people died in this attack. [Link]


  • Thousands flee as US-backed rebels approach their home city. In Manbji, Syria civilians are fleeing prior to Kurdish forces taking the city. The are running for US coalition airstrikes that continue to kill civilians. [Link]
  • Last week, The Nusra Front changed it name and renounced its allegiance to Al-Qaeda. Many believe this is to help the US pressure Russia into not attacking the terror group. This week, Nusra killed 28 civilians, proving they are just as murderous as ever. [Link]
  • Kerry demands that Syrian President Assad stop all offensive military operations Syria. Kerry also insists Russia stop helping Assad. Kerry does not mention the US-backed offensive that is currently taking the city of Manbji. [Link]
  • A Russia helicopter was shot down in Syria yesterday. The helicopter was delivering humanitarian aid. Its believed that Syrian rebels opposing Syrian President Assad are responsible. [Link]


  • Syria can be added to the list with Yemen and Lybia as states that failed under President Obama. The CIA Chief does not think it’s likely Syria will ever be one again. [Link]


  • In Syria, the terror group al-Nusra Front is cutting its official ties with Al-Qaeda. Nusra has been acting on behalf of Al-Qaeda in Syria throughout the Syrian Civil War. Nusra has embedded itself with several group the US provides arms and training to. The official break of allegiance was suggested months ago by the leader of Al-Qaeda. The Al-Qaeda leader believed that the name change could help Nusra get more support from the US and avoid some Russian air strikes. [Link]
  • If Hillary Clinton becomes President, then we know some new details on what her Syria policy will be. It appears that Hillary will make Syria President Assad a target over ISIS/Al-Qaeda. This will no doubt create a larger power vacuum than the one that allowed ISIS to gain so much ground in the first place. It will also create a huge problem with Russia, who joined the fight to assist the Syria Government. Assad is ISIS/Al-Qaeda’s number one enemy in Syria. [Link]


  • An Al-Qaeda linked terror group attacks Kurdish targets in Syria. 67 are now dead with nearly 200 wounded. [Link]


  • US-Backed Syrian Rebels behead a 12 year old boy. The group Harakat Nour al-Din al-Zinki cut the head off of the boy because he was Palestinian. The US Government continues to believe that it can pick the “good guys” in Syria, but this is impossible. We need to stop giving weapons to people who behead children. [Link]


  • After the US murdered 200 civilians in Stria, US-Backed Rebels are now asking for the US to end airstrikes in Syria. [Link]


  • Each week 100 jihadists cross the Turkish border into Syria. From there, they enter a refugee program and are able to get into Europe. Learn how The West poor foreign policy is letting jihadists bleed into their country. [Link]


  • US airstrikes in Syria have killed about 100 people in recent bombings. The US is backing Syria Rebels with air power. A US bomb struck civilians in the desert there were believed to be ISIS. 11 children are dead. Read Here.


  • ISIS shoots down a Syria Jet. It is unclear how ISIS was able to bring down the jet. ISIS has used TOW Missiles, given to moderate rebels by the US, to bring down two Russian helicopters. It should be of some concern that terrorist have the weapons to bring down a plane. Read Here.


  • US supported Syrian rebels are committing war crimes in Syria. While John McCain insists he can meet with and vet these groups, time and time again we see that the militants we arm are more dangerous than the dictator in charge. Read Here.


  •  Al-Nusra, an Al-Qaeda link terror group fighting in Syria, has captured a leader of a US supported group fighting in Syria. The US has been complaining about Russia bombing Al-Nusra for months. Read Here.