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  • Spain’s Prime Minister threatens Catalonia with being ruled by the central government if Catalonia doesn’t pick a new leader. [Link]


  • Thomas Harrington explains how the mainstream media’s lack of coverage of Catalonia’s independence movement reveals their bias towards the order of the West. Harrington also breaks down the December 21st elections. [Link]


  • After a new round of Parliamentary elections in Catalonia, pro-independence parties have a majority of seats. [Link]


  • Catalonia’s ruling political party drops the independence push and looks for talks with Spain. [Link]


  • Spain claims to have annulled the Catalan independence. Catalans continue to strike and protest against the Catalan government. [Link]


  • Spain issued a European warrant for the Catalan president and four advisors. The president and his advisors turned themselves into Belgian authorities. The Catalan officials were released under conditions and must remain in Belgium. [Link]


  • Catalonia’s president says he will not go to Spain to stand trial. [Link]
  • A Spanish court has imprisoned Catalonia’s Vice President and cabinet members. [Link]


  • The Catalan President gave a press conference in Belgium. He said he was not seeking asylum in Belgium and will return to Catalonia when conditions allow him to. The Spanish court ordered the president and his cabinet to appear in court in Madrid. [Link]


  • Catalonia’s President and cabinet members have fled to Belgium. [Link]


  • The Spanish government has dismissed the Catalan Parliment, president, the president’s cabinet, and chief of police. [Link]


  • The Catalan Parliment will vote on declaring independence. [Link]


  • Catalonia’s Vice President says Catalonia has no choice but to declare independence. [Link]


  • Spain’s prime minister calls on the government to grant him the power to dissolve the Catalan government. Catalonia’s president called for the Catalan government to have a strong response. [Link]


  • Spain announced it will revoke Catalonia’s autonomy and impose direct rule over Catalonia. [Link]


  • Catalonia’s president said Catalonia will secede from Spain if Spain removes Catalan autonomy. [Link]


  • Spain’s high court rules the Catalan independence vote was illegal. [Link]
  • The Spokesperson for Catalonia said Catalonia does not plan to end its push for independence. [Link]


  • Two leaders of the Catalan independence movement have been jailed while they are investigated for sedition. [Link]


  • Spain plans to seize Catalonia if Catalan leadership does not end the attempt at independence. [Link]


  • The Spanish Prime Minister issued an ultimatum to Catalonia. The ultimatum gives the Catalan government eight days to drop the independence bid or else the Spanish government will seize Catalonia and dissolve the government. [Link]


  • The President of Catalonia has signed a declaration of independence from Spain but suspended the independence process to allow talks with the Spanish government. [Link]
  • The Spanish government has elite officers in Catalonia prepared to arrest the Catalan President. [Link]


  • The Spanish government will lift restrictions on companies who move from Catalonia to other parts of Spain. [Link]
  • An estimated 350,000 people took to the streets in Catalonia to protest Catalan independence. There are some reports that some of the protesters were bused in from other regions of Spain. [Link]


  • Catalan officials have suggested that they will declare independence on Monday at a meeting of Parliament. The Spanish High Court made a ruling to prevent that meeting from taking place. The Catalonia government has ignored rulings from Spain’s court in the past. The Catalan Socialist Party opposes succession and encouraged the Spanish court to block the meeting. [Link]


  • Catalans protested and were on strike against police abuse for a second day. [Link]
  • Catalonia’s president said Catalonia would declare independence from Spain within a few days. [Link]


  • Justin Raimondo argues the Catalan independence vote revealed the true nature of government. [Link]
  • The Catalan President has submitted the results of the referendum to the Catalan Parliment. The president is also seeking international mediation to help with a peaceful split from Spain. The Spanish government is refusing to acknowledge the referendum happened and refusing to negotiate with Catalonia. [Link]
  • On Monday, Catalans took to the streets to protest the brutal police crackdown on the Catalan independence vote. [Link]


  • Catalans held their independence referendum in spite of a brutal crackdown by Spanish police. Police were filmed beating and abusing peaceful voters. Police beat elderly women and firefighters attempting to protect voters. In total, 844 Catalans were injured yesterday. Police seized some ballot boxes and closed some polling stations. 90% of Catalans voted for independence. [Link]
  • The Spanish government will do everything possible to stop Catalonia from declaring independence. [Link]


  • The Spanish government has blocked websites related to the Catalonia vote for independence. The Catalan leadership has reached out to European Commission asking them to support open internet. [Link]


  • Trump said the Catalan independence vote was foolish. [Link]
  • The Spanish government says there is a plan to have police officers at every voting station in Catalonia to prevent the independence vote. [Link]


  • The Spanish government continues the crackdown on Catalonia in an attempt to prevent an independence vote. The crackdown could lead to Catalonians being more likely to vote for independence. [Link]
  • Justian Raimondo weighs in on Catalonian independence. [Link]


  • This article has basic information on the Catalonian independence vote. [Link]
  • Catalonian leaders say the crackdown by Spanish police is a major blow to their independence vote. [Link]


  • Spanish police continue to carry out raids and arrests to try to prevent the Catalonian independence vote. [Link]


  • The Spanish government is searching for ballots to try to seize them to prevent the Catalonian independence vote. Police have also questioned several mayors from the Catalonian region. [Link]


  • Spain will not rule out using exceptional measures to prevent the Catalonian secession vote. [Link]


  • The movement for Catalonia to separate from Spain cleared an important hurdle. The Spanish government is working to prevent the vote. [Link]


  • This article profiles Imam Abdelbaki Essati. Essati was the man who recruited several young men to carry out a terror attack in Spain last week. [Link]


  • The man who carried out the terrorist attack in Spain has been killed. The man left a suicide note asking for forgiveness. [Link]


  • At least 14 people have been killed in a terror attack in Spain. The attacker used a van to run over several people. Spanish police have killed five people believed to be connected to the attack. [Link]


  • Catalonia will vote for independence from Spain in October. [Link]


  • Catalan Separatists are launching a new campaign to try to win an independence vote that could happen in eight months. The vote would give Catalonia independence from Spain. [Link]


  • The European Court of Justice rules that Spanish banks have to pay out over 4 billion Euros to customers. [Link]


  • The Spanish region of Catalan is looking to succeed from Spain. Spain is in a desperate finical situation. People who live in Catalan polled in favor to succeed for the first time. [Link]