South China Sea Fyle


  • The US will send more Navy ships in waters claimed by China in the South China Sea. The US sails the ships in the waters to show China that China’s claims to the waters are invalid. [Link]


  • The US sailed the USS John McCain within 12 miles of an artificial island claimed by Chian in the South China Sea. [Link]


  • The US flew two B-1 bombers over the South China Sea. [Link]


  • China said the US was acting provocatively when it sent a USS destroyer within 12 miles of a South China Sea island claimed by China. [Link]


  • China and Vietnam agree to try to keep tensions over territory disputes in the South China Sea low. [Link]


  • The ten-member Association of South East Asian Nations issues a statement softening its stance on tensions with China related to the South China Sea. [Link]


  • Japan is deploying its largest warship to the South China Sea for three months. After its tour of the South China Sea, the warship will join with US and Indian ships in the Indian Ocean for war games. [Link]


  • The US Navy’s carrier strike group 1 arrived in the South China Sea. The stated mission of the carrier strike group is to promote freedom of travel on the sea. [Link]


  • Two US Defense officials said that a US plane had an unsafe close encounter with a Chinese plane over the South China Sea. [Link]


  • In the South China Sea, a US Navy underwater drone was operating in international waters when Chinese military ships took the drone. [Link]


  • China flies a nuclear-capable bomber over the disputed region of the South China Sea. [Link]


  • US Coast Gaurd Commandant Admiral is suggesting that the Coast Gaurd operate in the South China Sea. [Link]


  • Malaysia announced it will purchasing new military ships from China and not the US. [Link]


  • A US destroyer sails near an island claimed by China in the South China Sea. The moved anger the Chinese government, who warned the US ship to leave the area. [Link]


  • Japan is increasing military spending and strengthening alliances. The moves are seen in Japan as countermeasures to China in the South China Sea. [Link]


  • This short video clip gives a nice overview of the South China Sea conflict. Uninhabited islands across the South China Sea are being claimed by various countries that border the sea. Ownership of the islands is important for fish right and possible oil that exists at the bottom of the sea. A large portion of world trade also crosses through the sea. The US has moved several naval ships and bombers into the area. [Link]


  • Obama pledges to keep a large US military presence in the South China Sea. Several counties in the region are disputing who owns what portion of the sea. Obama believes that he needs to keep military planes and warships in the area to support our allies. [Link]


  • With China asserting its claim in the South China Sea, Obama is asserting US world dominance by moving B-1 bombers into Guam. [Link]


  • China and Russia have announced they will hold joint military drills in the South China Sea. The Sea is currently being contested in court, so the military drills will likely create concern and tension with The West. [Link]


  • A 9 meter island is getting a lot of attention in the Pacific. Japan has already spend $600,000,000 keeping this island from washing away. China is unhappy with this Japanese island giving Japan rights over economic zones and shipping lanes. Read Here.


  • The South China Sea has been an area of rising tensions over the past decade. Many countries are claiming rights or suing other countries for claiming rights to the waters. America has moved several ships to the area and has backed the Anti-China claims to the sea. A court ruled against the Chinese claims.  Read Here.