Saudi Arabia Fyle


  • Saudi Prince Miteb bin Abdullah has been freed from his imprisonment at the Ritz Carlton. The Prince agreed to a $1 billion settlement. [Link]


  • The EU calls on Lebanon’s Prime Minister to return to Lebanon. The prime minister is currently under house arrest in Saudi Arabia. [Link]
  • Saudi Arabia may be planning to replace Lebanon’s Prime Minister Saad Hariri with his brother Bahaa. Bahaa made statement condemning Iran and Hezbollah. [Link]


  • Lebanese sources say Lebanon’s Prime Minister is being held under house arrest in Saudi Arabia. [Link]
  • Saudi Arabia orders its citizens out of Lebanon. [Link]
  • Saudi Arabia has now arrested over 200 people in its anti-corruption investigation. [Link] Prince Bandar is among the Saudis arrested in the investigation. [Link]


  • Pepe Escobar on The Saudi Night of the Long Knives. [Link]


  • Trump voices support for the Saudi purge. [Link]
  • The imprisoned Saudi princes have a combined wealth of over $33 billion. [Link]
  • Saudi Arabia claims a missile fired from Yemen, could be an “act of war” by Iran and Lebanon. [Link]


  • Saudi Arabia arrested several princes on corruption charges. The arrests appear to be a consolidation of power by the Saudi Crown Prince. [Link]
  • Eight high ranking Saudi officials, including the former Crown Prince, were killed in a helicopter crash. [Link]
  • Saudi Arabia labels missile strike from Yemen as a blatant act of aggression from Iran. [Link]


  • Saudi Arabia will buy Russian S-400 surface to air missiles. [Link]
  • Saudi Arabia was put on a UN blacklist for murdering Yemeni children. [Link]


  • The Saudi Arabian King issued a decree that will begin a process that will allow women to drive in June 2018. [Link]


  • Saudi Arabia laughs off Iran’s talk of a rapprochement between the two countries. [Link]


  • Saudi Arabian security forces have surrounded and sealed off a Shia town. The town has been the site of recent protests. Saudi Arabia has destroyed a 400-year old neighborhood in the town. [Link]


  • Internal fighting in Saudi Arabia continues as the government is putting down Shi’ite militias and destroying a 400-year-old Shi’ite neighborhood. [Link]


  • This article explains how Saudi Arabia transferred power to the new Crown Prince. [Link]


  • A Saudi woman has been arrested for wearing a mini skirt in public and posting the video on social media. [Link]


  • Saudi Arabia is carrying out a military-style campaign against Shi’ite civilians. [Link]


  • A Saudi police officer was killed in clashes in the Saudi city of Awamiyth. The Saudi government has been trying to destroy Shi’ite homes in the city since May. Over a dozen people have already been killed in clashes. [Link]


  • In Saudi Arabia, the government is tearing down a 400-year-old neighborhood in a Shi’ite town. The Saudi’s claim this action is because the homes are unsafe to live in. This move has led to some Shia gunman attacking. Saudi’s interior defense has cracked down on the city. [Link]


  • The King of Saudi Arabia replaces his nephew with his son as Crown Pince. [Link]
  • Saudi Arabia issues Qatar a list of demands that must be met before diplomatic relations can be reestablished. The demands include shutting down Al-Jazeera and cutting ties with Iran. [Link]


  • Saudi Arabia gave Qatar a list of ten demands and 24 hours to meet those demands. Some of the demand include Qatar severing all ties with Iran and shutting down al-Jazeera. While Saudi did not specify what would happen if Qatar failed to meet the demands, some believe that Saudi implied they would use military force. [Link]


  • Saudi Arabia is looking to invest in a Saudi based defense industry. [Link]


  • Saudi Arabia is looking in invest $40 billion in US infrastructure. [Link]


  • The US will buy 300,000 fewer barrels of oil per day from Saudi Arabia in March. The reduction in oil bought by the US is part of Saudi Arabia’s decrease in production of oil. [Link]


  • Saudi Arabia says that Trump agreed to help the kingdom with significant increases in intelligence and military support. The increased support will be directed at Iran, specifically at the Houthi who Saudi Arabia falsely labels as a proxy of Iran. [Link]


  • A top Egyptian court blocks Egypt from transferring two uninhabited Red Sea Islands to Saudi Arabia. [Link]


  • Germany’s Vice Chancellor accuses Saudi Arabia of financing terrorism in the West. [Link]


  • Saudi Arabia carried out 153 executions in 2016. This is down from 158 in 2015. [Link]


  • Egypt moves forward with giving two Red Sea Islands to Saudi Arabia. The deal to give Saudi the islands was announced in April, but legal disputes and public protests have slowed the transfer. [Link]


  • The UK approves continuing weapon sales to Saudi Arabia. The legality of arms sales to Saudi Arabia came into question because of apparent Saudi war crimes committed in Yemen. [Link]


  • Saudi Arabia announced it would no longer ship oil to Egypt. [Link]


  • Saudi Arabia will offer international bonds for the first time. The Kingdom will offer $17.5 billion in bonds that will help to cover the countries $87 billion defect projected for this year. [Link]


  • Saudi Arabia stocks have seen prices drop by half in the past year. [Link]


  • Victims of 9/11 and their lawyers rush to file lawsuits against Saudi Arabia before Congress changes the law that was passed earlier this week. [Link]


  • Congress looks to backpedal on its override of President Obama’s veto of a bill that would allow the victims of 9/11 to sue Saudi Arabia. [Link]


  • Congress votes to override President Obama veto on a bill that will allow victims of 9/11 and their families to seek justice from Saudi Arabia. The vote in the Senate was 97-1, with Harry Reid being the lone no vote. The vote in the House was 348-77. [Link]


  • Saudi Arabia is cutting public sector workers salaries, benefits, and bonuses. [Link]


  • Obama vetoes a bill that would allow victims of 9/11 and their families to sue Saudi Arabia. 15 of the 19 9/11 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia. [Link]


  • Saudi Arabian citizens begin to strike over unpaid wages from the Saudi government. The Saudi government has been unable to pay the wages of thousands of works for months now. [Link]


  • The Saudis bomb another factory in Yemen. The article also lays out the case for the UK ending weapon sales to Saudi Arabia. [Link]


  • Yemen is in a state of crisis, largely due to the Saudi air war against Yemen. Daily bombing leave civilians dead. Many in Yemen believe the Saudi war would not be possible without US support and weapons. This is leading to growing anti-American feelings in Yemen. The Saudi’s are also propping up ISIS and Al-Qaeda with weapons. In Northern Yemen, the Houthis are winning battles against the Saudis and taking US tanks and weapons in the process. [Link]
  • Senator Rand Paul and others plan to announce a bill that would block or oppose a $1.15 Billion arms sale to Saudi Arabia. [Link]


  • Saudi Arabia can no longer pay its workers salaries. Saudi Arabia holds 16% of the world’s oil reserves, but low oil prices has hurt profits. The country is also spending money on the conflicts in Syria and Yemen. So far, 31,000 works have filed complaints against the Saudi government for not being paid. [Link]
  • Saudi airstrikes in Yemen destroyed a residential building killing 9, including 4 children. A school adjacent to the building was hit by two airstrikes. The school was empty at the time. [Link]


  • After Saudi Arabia bombed a hospital and school in Yemen, UK Members of Parliament  are considering blocking weapon sales to Saudi. Many Members of Parliament would like a review conducted of possible Saudi breaches of International Humanitarian Law before allowing weapon sales to continue. Saudi is also using cluster bombs in Yemen. As seen with Laos, cluster bombs cause death for generations to come. [Link]
  • Top Saudis and Iranians trade religious jabs. Saudi Arabia is home to important Islamic pilgrimage sites. Iran has expressed concern that the Saudis cannot handle the large numbers that turn out for the pilgrimages. In response, a top Saudi called Iranians “not muslims.” [Link]
  • Saudi Arabia and Turkey are starting to act outside of their borders. Saudi Arabia has been waging a war against Yemen, and Turkey is heavily involved in the Syrian Civil War. The effects for both counties largely negative. Turkey has suffered several large terror attacks at the hands of ISIS. Saudi Arabia’s intervention in Yemen has lead to Yemeni invading some town in Saudi Arabia. [Link]


  • ISIS bombs a Saudi military recruitment facility in Aden, Yemen, killing at least  71. The people Aden were not startled by the bombing and said they experience explosions like this frequently. [Link]


  • Iraq requests the Saudi ambassador to Iraq leave the country. The Saudi ambassador has blamed the Iraqi government of creating tensions with the country’s Sunni minority. The Saudi embassy in Iraq reopened in December after being closed for 25 years. [Link]


  • Bipartisan coalitions are forming in both houses of congress, to block the new $1.15 Billion in weapon sales to Saudi Arabia. The Obama Administration recently approved the weapon sale to Saudi Arabia. Congressmen raise concerns about Saudi Arabia murdering children and committing war crimes, such as, the 40 school children that were murdered in Yemen yesterday. The Obama Administration has approved nearly $80 Billion in weapon sales to Saudi Arabia already. [Link]


  • The Saudi’s have committed numerous war crimes in Yemen, including targeting civilians and killing over 500 children. The White House has approved a deal that would sell Saudi Arabia another $1.15 Billion in military weapons. The Saudi’s also have a record of supporting jihadism and are the most oppressive country to women on the planet. Senator Rand Paul is heroically standing up the the White House and the Saudis by trying to stop the weapon sale. [Link]


  • The US continues to increase its support for Saudi Arabia in the war against Yemen. Jason Ditz explains,  “US-sold bombs dropped by US-sold planes refueled by the US Air Force have been at the center of some of the most glaring war crimes in Yemen so far.” The US has increased the number of air-refueling to support the Saudi bombers by 60% in the past 6 months. [Link]
  •  On Sunday, one of those Saudi bombers killed 9 civilians. [Link]. Yemeni journalist, Nassar Arrabyee, reports that 30 Yemeni civilians, including women and children, were killed by Saudi airstrikes. [Link] Warning graphic images. 


  • Yemeni journalist, Nasser Arrabyee, reported that the Saudis are now bombing food aid trucks in Yemen. It has been estimated that 80% of Yemeni do not know how they will eat in the next 24 hours. Arrabyee confirmed to Kyle’s Fyles that the attack on the food truck was from a Saudi bomb. [Link]
  • UK Members of Parliament are pushing the Foreign Office label the Saudis as war criminals for their actions in Yemen. In response the Foreign Office said this was not the case, almost without explanation. This has happened before, when the Saudis were put on a UN blacklist for murdering too many children, they blackmailed the UN chief. [Link]


  • A report published by the UK Parliament show that US allies were funding ISIS. Saudi Arabia was one of the states listed, and the report even indicated that members of the Royal Family made have made donations to the most feared terror group. Read Here.


  • US made cluster bombs continue to hit civilian targets in Yemen. The US continues to protect Saudi on the global stage and assist them in this war.  The Saudi War started in March of 2015. Al Qaeda and ISIS have used the war as an opportunity to gain territory in Yemen. Read Here.