About Me

Hey everyone!

I’m Kyle. In 2011, I was introduced to Dr.  Ron Paul, since then I have followed the path of freedom, peace, and most importantly liberty. In Dr. Paul’s campaign, he asked his supporters to read and learn the ideas of liberty and that’s exactly what I did.

I love liberty and want to promote it by sending a daily news update that will relay news stories not found on traditional news platforms. You will hear stories you will not see on FOX, CNN, or MSNBC. I find real reporters reporting real news, and I bring that to you in a quick and easy format.  I will put the records into “Fyles” on a myriad of issues, so you can easily see the timeline of news events.

I will also be producing some original content.

I am now a blogger for the Libertarian Insitute. You can find my stories there at www.libertarianinstitute.org/author/kanzalone/

My News Roundups will also appear on the feed at everythingliberty.com

Contact me at:

Email –>  kylesfylesblog@gmail.com

Twitter –> @Kyaaale

Facebook –> Facebook.com/Kylesfyles

Thanks for reading!