Russia Fyle


  • Russia bars Putin critic Alexi Navalny from running for president. [Link]
  • The Islamic State claims responsibility for a terror attack in Russia. [Link]
  • Putin tells Assad he will continue to defend Syrian sovereignty. [Link]


  • Putin signs a new law to allow Russia to require US-backed media register as a foreign agent. [Link]


  • Russia has finished destroying its Cold War-era chemical weapons. [Link]
  • Robert Perry debunks new Russiagate claims that Russia. The new claim has Russia influenced the election with Facebook ads. [Link]


  • The Russian Zapad wargames have ended. Several news outlets used the wargames to create fear of Russian aggression. [Link]


  • Russia’s Zapad war games have begun. About 13,000 troops are involved in the war games. [Link]


  • Russia’s Foreign Minister warned that Russia would respond harshly to the US closing of Russian diplomatic sites. [Link] Russia also called the US action a blunt act of hostility. [Link]
  • Putin warned that the US and North Korea were moving closer to war. Putin faulted both sides but mostly the US. [Link]


  • The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for a terror attack in Russia that killed one police officer. [Link]


  • Russia flew nuclear capable bombers near the Korean Peninsula as a show of force. [Link]


  • Russia has appointed Anthony Antonov to be the new Ambassador to the US. [Link]


  • Russia is holding war games in West Russia and Belarus. These war games occur every four years. Reports say 67,000 to 100,000 troops will attend the war games. Many media outlets are exploiting the war games to portray a Russian aggression narrative. [Link]


  • Russia will start a $100 million Bitcoin mining operation. [Link]


  • The Russian Navy has struggled to produce ships since the end of the Cold War. Russia does maintain an adequate submarine fleet. [Link]


  • A Russian military official said that Russia will build military bases in Libya, Yemen, and Syria. [Link]


  • A Russian Senator said Russia is looking to expel 30 American diplomats and seize US State Department property. The Senator said the moves would be a response to US sanctions. [Link]


  • Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny has been released from jail. Navalny was recently arrested and sentenced to 30 days in jail during protests. [Link]


  • Alexei Navalny and over 1000 other protesters were arrested across Russia on Monday. Navalny is a protest organizer and was sentenced to spend 30 days in jail. [Link]


  • Putin says Russian and Turkish relations are normalizing. [Link]


  • Russia claims the US will be breaking the Intermediate Nuclear Forces Treaty if the US moves forward with its plan to put missile defense systems in Poland and Romania. [Link]


  • 11 people were killed in Russia when a terrorist detonated a bomb on a subway. [Link]


  • The UAE signs a deal with Russia to buy a batch of fighter jets and work with Russia to build the next generation fighter jet. [Link]


  • A Russian spy ship was spotted off of the coast of the US. The ship was well into international waters, and the US Navy did not seem very concerned about the ship. [Link]
  • Russian planes buzz a US destroyer off the coast of Russia in the Black Sea. US military officials have described the actions as unsafe and unprofessional. [Link]


  • Russian President Putin will not respond to US sanctions. Putin plans to see what Trump will do when he takes office. [Link]


  • On Tuesday, Russian Diplomat Petr Polshikov was shot dead in his Moscow home. [Link]


  • Russia is deploying S-400 anti-aircraft missiles the Kaliningrad enclave. Russia claims this is a response to NATO threats and troops along the Russian border. [Link]


  • Russia removes its signature from the International Criminal Court’s founding statute. The move comes after the ICC condemned the Russian annexation of Crimea. Russia never ratified the ICC treaty, so the move is mostly symbolic. [Link]


  • Russian President Putin believes the Trump election could be a new start for US-Russian Relations. [Link]


  • Hacked emails from a close Putin aide reveal Russia attempted to influence Eastern Ukraine separatists in 2014. [Link]


  • NATO is preparing to station 4,000 troops In East Europe. This will be the largest number of troops near the Russian border since the cold war. [Link]


  • Russia vows to respond to US threats to launch a cyber attack on Russia. [Link]


  • Russia moves its top aircraft carrier to the Syrian coast. The US already has 2 aircraft carriers and 6 destroyers in the region. [Link]


  • US diplomats attack Russia for demanding a meeting after the US bombing of Syrian troops. Russia stated they requested the meeting over concern of the state of the Syrian ceasefire. [Link]


  • Russian hackers are now being blamed for the hack on the Republican National Committee. Congressman Mike McCaul accused Russia of hacking both parties. The congressman offered no proof Russia is behind either hack. [Link]


  • NATO expansion into Ukraine and Georgia are fueling a new cold war with Russia. In the early 1990s, Western Leaders not to expand NATO into ex Soviet States. NATO has already broke those promises, but Ukraine and Georgia are on Russia’s border. This will lead to more conflict with Russia. [Link]


  • Yemen’s President Saleh has stated that Yemen is exploring working with Russia. Yemen may let the Russia operate out of Yemeni military bases. After 16 months of Saudi Arabia bombing Yemen, Al-Qaeda and ISIS are flourishing in the country. The Russian strikes would be directed at those groups. [Link]


  • Russia is using an Iranian air base to bomb ISIS. For the past two day, Russian planes have taken off from Hamaden Air Base in Iran and struck ISIS targets in Syria. [Link]


  • Joe Biden urges Ukraine’s President to use restraint when dealing with Russia. In the past, US has supported the actions of the Ukrainian Government nearly 100%. The statement given by Biden could show a shift in US policy. [Link]


  • Tensions increase between Russia and Ukraine. Ukraine and Russia troops exchange gunfire and a 2 Russian troops died. Ukraine is putting more troops on its border with Russia. [Link]


  • Turkey and Russia agree to a reset after the Turkish shoot down of a Russian jet. [Link]. New UK Prime Minister and Russian President Putin agree to work to improve relations between the two nations. [Link]


  • A Russia helicopter was shot down in Syria yesterday. The helicopter was delivering humanitarian aid. Its believed that Syrian rebels opposing Syrian President Assad are responsible. [Link]


  • China and Russia have announced they will hold joint military drills in the South China Sea. The Sea is currently being contested in court, so the military drills will likely create concern and tension with The West. [Link]


  • As NATO continues to build troops and expand closer to Russia, Russia is responding by putting more troops on their borders. [Link]
  • Scott Horton and Jeffery Carr debunk the propaganda that we know Russia was behind the DNC hack. The evidence is lacking and Carr does a great job identifying the fallacies of the Russia did it argument. [Link]


  • Sectary of State Kerry announced that the US and Russia are planning steps to coordinate in Syria. This would be a big step for US and Russian relations. This should also decrease the risk of US and Russian conflict in Syria. Read Here.


  • ISIS shoots down a Syria Jet. It is unclear how ISIS was able to bring down the jet. ISIS has used TOW Missiles, given to moderate rebels by the US, to bring down two Russian helicopters. It should be of some concern that terrorist have the weapons to bring down a plane. Read Here.


  • The White House wants to increase coordination with Russia in Syria. Kerry will head to Russia this week to try to plan a method for the US and Russia to work together to defeat the terrorists in Syria. The Pentagon is pushing back because Russia is more interested in bombing allies of Al Qaeda than overthrowing Assad. Read Here.


  • NATO continues its massive troop buildup in East Europe, but the Russian threat is lacking. Mismanagement and bureaucracy destroyed the Russian Navy. While the US media continues to push the “Russian Aggression” propaganda, the state of the Russian Navy show how little the US should feel threatened. Read Here.


  • The US government tell us that it is a good sign that suicide attacks by ISIS are a good sign. Over the weekend, 250 people were killed by these attacks. Read Here.


  • NATO member Turkey now plans to ally with Russia in fighting ISIS. The US has been extremely critical of Russia’s role in the Syrian Civil War. Read Here.