Regulations Fyle


  • The FCC voted to repeal Net Neutrality regulations. [Link]


  • Senators McCain and Lee have introduced a bill to permanently exempt Puerto Rico from the Jones Act. [Link]


  • The Jones Act is hurting Americans by making shipping more expensive and less efficient. [Link]


  • The House is working on a bill that will allow automakers to receive 25,000 exemptions to build self-driving cars that are below safety regulations. [Link]


  • A mother of four was fined $1,200 by the state for braiding hair without a license. [Link]


  • One-third of the cost of a 12 pack of soda in Illinois is taxes. [Link]


  • New York City is threatening to start enforcing a law that requires all dog sitters to have a license. This law makes pet sitting illegal for anyone with out a kennel license. [Link]


  • An Amish farmer has been sentenced to six years in prison for selling herbal health products in defiance of the FDA. [Link]


  • South Dakota will allow people to braid hair without a license. [Link]


  • Illinois will increase income taxes 32%. [Link]


  • On July 1st, a new surgery drink tax in Chicago will take effect. The tax will be one percent per ounce. [Link]


  • The hike in the minimum wage by Seattle has caused a 9.3% drop in hours worked by low-skill workers. [Link]


  • New Hampshire repealed regulations on African hair braiding. [Link]


  • A Harvard study shows that a higher minimum wage makes restaurants more likely to fail. [Link]


  • A New Jersey town has banned landscapers from using gas-powered leaf blowers. [Link]


  • The federal government’s sugar import quotas and tariffs on sugar cost American consumers over $3 billion every year. [Link]


  • Pepsi is laying off 20% of its workforce in the areas around Philadelphia because of the new soda tax in the city. [Link]


  • A founder of the environmentalist movement, Rachel Carson, pushed for regulations to outlaw DDT based on false science. The banning of DDT would eventually lead to millions of deaths worldwide. [Link]
  • After a winter snowstorm, an Idaho man was issued a $200 ticket by police for placing or depositing material on a public right of way. The material placed in the public right of way was snow that the man was shoveling from his and his elderly neighbor’s sidewalk. When the story received media attention it created public outrage and the man fought his fine in court. The charges against him were dismissed, but he will still have to pay a $75 dollar fine. [Link]


  • A bar owner is facing $30,000 in fines and 18 months in prison for buying liquor from a retail store and not a wholesaler. [Link]


  • The governor of Arizona sent a letter to the state’s cosmetology board asking them to stop an investigation into a man who gave free haircuts to the homeless. The man is under investigation because he was giving the free haircuts without a state license to do so. [Link]


  • Arizona officials are investigating a cosmetology student for giving free haircuts to homeless people without a license. [Link]
  • An Indiana town is trying to force its poor residents to sell their property by fining them excessive amounts. The town is issuing $50 per day fines for code violations that include chipped paint and weeds over eight inches. The fines are mailed to the property owners, but the fines start adding up for the date they are issued. Some owners have over $1000 in fines before they even receive the notice they have been fined. There is a private developer who is trying to buy the properties being targeted with the fines, and the local government is likely issuing the fines in an attempt to get the property owners to sell their property to the developer for cheap. [Link]


  • Trump signs an executive order and a presidential memorandum rolling back regulations on the finical sector. The regulations targeted by the executive action place rules on how retirement saving are invested. [Link]


  • The city of LA is working on a plan that will decriminalize sidewalk vending. [Link]


  • Trump has paused Obama-era regulations from taking effect. $181 billion in regulations have been frozen and have not taken effect. [Link]


  • Trump signed an executive order to remove two regulations for every new regulation. [Link]


  • Uber settles a lawsuit with the FTC about a complaint that Uber misleading drivers about how much money they can make. Uber agreed to pay $20 million. [Link]


  • A new report shows that it takes $2.6 billion to bring a drug to market. This is a 146% increase since 2003. [Link]


  • The EPA locks in a rule that will require all automakers to have an average MPG of 50 across their fleet of cars by 2025. [Link]


  • A Michigan man is given a parking ticket for leaving his car unintended in his own driveway. The car owner went inside for a few minutes after starting his car and letting it warm up. [Link]


  • In Tampa Bay, seven people were arrested for providing free food to the homeless. They violated a law that prevents them from feeding the homeless without an insurance policy. [Link]
  • A Georgia woman is sentenced to 120 days in jail for a code violation on her property. The woman built a larger than approved structure in her backyard to house her sick mother. When she refused to tear down the structure she was jailed. [Link]
  • Volkswagen will pay the US government $4.3 billion and plead guilty in the case stemming from the 2015 emissions cheating scandal. The deal still needs approval from a US court. [Link]


  • Obama adds 3,852 new regulations in 2016. Congress passed 211 new laws in the past year. [Link]


  • Philadelphia’s new drink tax is shocking citizens. The tax amounts to 1.5% per oz. Some shoppers are finding the tax comes to over 50%. [Link]


  • Minimum wage increased for employees who receive tips will lead to restaurants hiring fewer employees. [Link]


  • The EPA is looking at marking a large region of Alaska noncompliant under the Clean Air Act for burning wood for heat. This would have large economic consequences for the region. [Link]


  • This article looks at some absurd state laws that will go into effect tomorrow. This includes a California law that will regulate cow farts. [Link]


  • Obama designates 1.5 million acres of land in Utah and Nevada as National Monuments. This move takes the land from state control to federal control. Obama has put over 550 million acres of land under federal control during his time in office. This is the most of any president. [Link]


  • Citizens of Oregon are harassed and even jailed over ponds they have on their land. The government is currently trying to force one couple to fill in a 40-year-old pond. Another man was jailed for 90 days for building ponds on his land. [Link]


  • Obama will use a 1953 law to prevent future offshore drilling in large areas of the Atlantic and Artic oceans. Trump would not be able to simply undo this move by Obama. [Link]
  • The California DMV has issued a statement saying they are revoking the registration for Uber’s 16 self-driving cars. Uber has been testing its new self-driving cars in California andUber says it will now test the cars in a different state. [Link]


  • The FDA will decide if Nutella is a dessert or a product like a jam or jelly. If Nutella is a product like a jam or jelly, the serving size can change. [Link]


  • Uber began testing their self-driving cars in San Francisco. The California DMV sent Uber a letter telling them to stop testing and get a permit to test. [Link]


  • The US Forest Service policies on fighting wildfires have actually made wildfires harder to control. [Link]


  • A Federal judge blocks Obama’s overtime rule to allow for more time for litigation. The new rule would require employers to pay salaried workers time-and-a-half for overtime hours if the employee made less than $47,476 annually. [Link]


  • Massachusetts and Claforina legalize the growing of hemp. It is still illegal under federal law to grow hemp. [Link]
  • Volkswagen plans to cut 30,000 jobs. This is roughly 5% of the total workforce of the company. The cuts will help to pay off fine and settlements from the emission cheating scandal. [Link]


  • The Obama Administration added 527 new pages of rules and regulations today. The Federal Register is now 81,640 pages total. [Link]


  • The House has passed a bill that will create a Concrete Masonry Products Board and place a tax on the concrete industry. [Link]


  • A minimum wage increase in Washington state caused childcare price to skyrocket. [Link]


  • A single mother is being prosecuted and faces a year in prison for selling food through a Facebook group. [Link]


  • Health inspectors bleach and throw out hundreds of pounds of barbecue meant for soup kitchens. [Link]
  • A new study shows that compliance with federal regulations cost $1.9 trillion in 2015. [Link]


  • The EPA is calling tire ruts and plowed fields “disturbed wetlands” to allow them to regulate private property. [Link]