Todays News 9/9/16

  • Huge government contracts are turning the US intelligence industry into a monopoly. 80% of private intelligence contractors are now employed by only 5 companies. The 45,000 employees of those 5 companies account for 20% of the total intelligence employee base in the US. This consolidation of power has been occurring through a series of mergers, as the government awarded contracts out to firms. This makes the US intelligence more vulnerable to cyber attacks and inaccurate intelligence. [Link] Spying Fyle
  • Under Obama, the US has vastly expanded the size and use of our most elite force, ex Green Berets. This has allowed Obama carry out missions around the world with little media coverage. It has led to our most elite forces fighting with groups who are known to violate human rights. [Link] Foreign Policy
  • Alejandro Rojo was beat by police while he was laying facedown on the ground. Rojo was hit several times in the back and ribs with a baton. Rojo was in a conflict with police inside of a store before being the beating occurred in the parking lot. Rojo is being charged with resisting arrest and attempting to take an officers gun. Rojo was released from jail on bail and is currently in the hospital. [Link] Police Fyle
  • Prosecutorial discretion leads to rural Americans suffering from stricter jail sentences. In the same state, a drug offender living in the city can get a sentence of completing a rehabilitation program, while, a drug offender in a rural county could spend over a decade in prison. [Link] Police Fyle
  • The International Atomic Energy Agency finds that Iran continues to comply with the nuclear deal. [Link] Iran Fyle
  • Saudi Arabia can no longer pay its workers salaries. Saudi Arabia holds 16% of the world’s oil reserves, but low oil prices has hurt profits. The country is also spending money on the conflicts in Syria and Yemen. So far, 31,000 works have filed complaints against the Saudi government for not being paid. [Link] Saudi Arabia Fyle
  • Saudi airstrikes in Yemen destroyed a residential building killing 9, including 4 children. A school adjacent to the building was hit by two airstrikes. The school was empty at the time. [Link] US/Saudi War Against Yemen Fyle
  • Three former US Drone program operators join a lawsuit against President Obama. The suit was filed by a Yemeni who innocent family was killed in a US airstrike. They allege that President Obama was in violation US and international law. [Link] Drone Fyle
  • Federal Reserve Bank Chairwoman, Janet Yellen, released a report to congress. The report asks congress to make significant changes to banking regulations. Two of the changes are banning banks from investing in non-financial companies and a restricting on banks owning physical assets. [Link] FED Fyle

Todays News 9/8/16

  • The US is barring British whistleblower, Craig Murray, from entering the country. Murray blew the whistle on a British torture program. He is not currently wanted by authorities. Murray was set to speak at the Sam Adams Associates for Integrity and Intelligence  conference. [Link] Whistleblower Fyle
  • Congressman Justin Amash writes an op ed asking for a debate on weapon sales to Saudi Arabia. Congressman Amash point to the possible war crimes committed by Saudi Arabia and that 83% of the Yemeni population is in need of assistance for survival. [Link] Foreign Policy Fyle
  • In Yemen, Houthis are now recruiting women to fight on their side of the Yemen Civil War. The Houthis are aligned with  ex-Yemeni president Saleh in the North of the country. In the South, Saudi Arabia lead a coalition of gulf oil states aligned with Yemen’s president in exile Hadi. [Link] US/Saudi War Against Yemen
  • An ISIS suicide bomber kills at least 35 in an attack in Tartus, Syria. [Link] Syria Fyle
  • This short video clip gives a nice overview of the South China Sea conflict. Uninhabited islands across the South China Sea are being claimed by various countries that border the sea. Ownership of the islands is important for fish right and possible oil that exists at the bottom of the sea. A large portion of world trade also crosses through the sea. The US has moved several naval ships and bombers into the area. [Link] South China Sea Fyle
  • New findings show that bite mark forensics is junk science. The White House looked into how accurate bite mark analysis is and found, “bite mark analysis does not meet the scientific standards for foundational validity, and is far from meeting such standards.” 25 convictions have been overturned and more are pending. [Link] Police Fyle
  • California State University Los Angeles will now offer racially segregated housing. [Link]
  • A price increase in baby formula in Egypt has led the government to cut back on the amount of formula it is able to distribute. Women in Egypt will now undergo breast exams before receiving formula from the government. [Link]

Todays News 9/7/16

  • 80 million unexploded bombs remain in Laos. The bombs are reminits of the US air war over Laos during the Vietnam War. 20,000 people have been killed or injured by these weapons since the end of the war. 40% of those victims are children, who play with the unexploded bombs, mistaking them for toys. [Link]. Obama pledges another $90 million in aid to help victims and remove unexploded bombs. [Link] Foreign Policy Fyle
  • The US will spend at least $85 billion to update its ICBM nuclear program. This is a 39% increase in price from the last estimate. It is also considered a low end cost estimate. [Link] Wasteful Spending Fyle
  • After Saudi Arabia bombed a hospital and school in Yemen, UK Members of Parliament  are considering blocking weapon sales to Saudi. Many Members of Parliament would like a review conducted of possible Saudi breaches of International Humanitarian Law before allowing weapon sales to continue. Saudi is also using cluster bombs in Yemen. As seen with Laos, cluster bombs cause death for generations to come. [Link] UK Fyle
  • Top Saudis and Iranians trade religious jabs. Saudi Arabia is home to important Islamic pilgrimage sites. Iran has expressed concern that the Saudis cannot handle the large numbers that turn out for the pilgrimages. In response, a top Saudi called Iranians “not muslims.” [Link] Saudi Arabia Fyle
  • Saudi Arabia and Turkey are starting to act outside of their borders. Saudi Arabia has been waging a war against Yemen, and Turkey is heavily involved in the Syrian Civil War. The effects for both counties largely negative. Turkey has suffered several large terror attacks at the hands of ISIS. Saudi Arabia’s intervention in Yemen has lead to Yemeni invading some town in Saudi Arabia. [Link] Saudi Arabia Fyle
  • Turkey has been pushing for a “safe zone” inside of Syria for refugees. Turkey would like the zone to be set up along the Turkey/Syria border. Turkey now has military control over most of the area. Turkey lacks the international supported needed to set up the safe zone. [Link] Syria Fyle
  • Obama pledges to keep a large US military presence in the South China Sea. Several counties in the region are disputing who owns what portion of the sea. Obama believes that he needs to keep military planes and warships in the area to support our allies. [Link] South China Sea Fyle
  • Ben Swann looks into the debate moderators for the Presidential Debates. Three of the moderators have personal connections to the candidates. Two of the moderators have connections to the Clinton Family. Chris Wallace has a personal tie to Trump’s debate advisor. [Link] 2016 Fyle


Todays News 9/6/16

  • The Obama economy is struggling to add manufacturing jobs. There are now nearly 10 million more government jobs than manufacturing jobs or 1.8 government jobs to every 1 manufacturing job. [Link] The number of people working in leisure/hospitality outnumber manufacturing workers by 3.3 million. The number of Americans working in food service/bars equal the number of Americans working in manufacturing. [Link] US Economy Fyle
  • When it comes to saving endangered animals, the government has a poor record. The US Endangered Species Act has a less than one percent success rate and a price tag of over $2 billion a year. One solution to conservation is to privatize the animals. Privatization has helped elephants, rhinos, and bison increase in numbers. [Link] Wasteful Spending Fyle
  • Two stories capture the brutal life of everyday Syrian civilians.  The first, citizens in the city of Aleppo are forced to scavenge for food.  The city is under siege and no supplies are being brought to those still in the city. [Link]. The second, children play in a ‘pool’. Their pool is a hole in the ground created by a bomb. [Link] Syria Fyle
  • After being cut off from the Syrian border with Turkey, ISIS launches 6 attacks across Syria. The attacks happened in key areas all around Syria and left a total of 53 dead. [Link] ISIS War Fyle
  • A high raking ISIS commander was killed recently by a US drone. We now know his replacement is Gulmurod Khalimov. Khalimov was trained by the US and even came to the US on several occasions for special counterterrorism training. Khalimov will command ISIS forces in Iraq. [Link] ISIS War Fyle

Todays News 9/5/16

  • Boeing was paid $2 Billion in bonuses for a missile defense system that failed a performance test. The Ground based Midcourse Defence system has cost American taxpayers a total of $40 Billion. A Government Accountability Office found the system was, “insufficient to demonstrate that an operationally useful defense capability exists.” [Link] Wasteful Spending Fyle
  • The Kurds vow to defend their territory in Syria against Turkey. The US has pushed the Kurds to withdraw their forces back to east of the Euphrates River. The Kurds recently took cities west of the river from ISIS. Turkey has invaded Syria, in part, to push the Kurds out of the territory they just won from ISIS. A possible alliance could form between Syria and Turkey to fight against an autonomous Kurdish state. [Link] Syria Fyle
  • The Saudi war against Yemen has driven two enemies to form an alliance. The Houthi and Yemen’s ex-President Saleh. Some worry that alliance will break apart if the Saudi war against Yemen ends. [Link] US/Saudi War Against Yemen Fyle
  • The UN-Supported Libyan Unity Government is firing at Doctors Without Borders aid boats. The boat was in the area in an attempt to rescue migrants who try to flee across the Mediterranean Sea and end up at risk of drowning. The Libyan government admits to firing warning shots at the DWB boat, but DWB reports that rounds hit their aid boat. [Link] Libya War 2016 Fyle
  • ISIS has been driven from the Turkey/Syria border. In the early days of ISIS, ISIS was able to ship oil from Syria to Turkey to sell. ISIS oil sales in Turkey ended a few months ago, but this should help to separate ISIS with its backers within Turkey. [Link] ISIS War Fyle

Todays News 9/4/16

  • Americans aged 35-44 are now more likely to be users of marijuana than Americans aged 12-17. While the use of marijuana increased for nearly all Americans, the use of marijuana has decreased for Americans aged 12-17. [Link] War on Drugs Fyle
  • Turkey is sending additional tanks into Syria. The Syrian government condemned Turkey sending troops into Syria last week. Turkey is targeting ISIS and the US-Backed Kurds. [Link] Syria Fyle
  • Kurds view US support of Turkey as a betrayal. The Kurds are looking to establish an autonomous region in what is currently Northeast Syria. Turkey views the Kurds as terrorists and has stated they will not allow a separate Kurdish region. [Link] Syria Fyle
  • Yemeni reporter, Nasser Arrabyee, reports 200 airstrikes in Northern Yemen yesterday. The strikes left 10 civilians dead and 12 injured. Warning graphic Images. [Link] US/Saudi War Against Yemen Fyle

Todays News 9/3/16

  • At least 14 are dead after deadly terror attack in Davao City, Philippines. The radical Islamic group, Abu Sayyaf, is claiming responsibility for the attack.Philippines President, Duterte, has issued a “state of lawlessness” and he may send in troops to run the Davao City how he wants. [Link]
  • Two terrorists detonate suicide bombs at a courthouse in Mardrin, Pakistan, The attack killed at least 12. The attack is being claimed by a Taliban group operating in Pakistan and an ISIS linked terror organization. [Link]
  • Police K-9 is dead after being locked in a police vehicle for over 38 hours. Officer Peck left is K-9 partner in his squad car on a day where temperatures in the car reached 120 degrees. The dog eventually died of a heat stroke. Officer Peck has been dismissed from his job and faces 5 years in prison if convicted of animal cruelty. Some are argue that Peck is receiving some leniency for being a police officer. A man was recently sentenced to 34 years in prison for killing a police dog. [Link] Police Fyle
  • The US will loosen rules to allow more civilian casualties in war against ISIS. The authority to approve killings that risk civilian lives has been moved from US Central Command, down to the lower ranking commander of the war, Army Lt. Gen McFarland. According to sources within the Defence Department say that there are now several targeting areas where more than 10 civilian casualties are acceptable. [Link] ISIS War Fyle

Todays News 9/2/16

  • Hillary Clinton will treat cyber attacks. “like any other attack.” This includes attacking a country militarily. There are a few problems she will encounter with this philosophy. The first problem is it is nearly impossible to be certain who actually is responsible for a hack. Another problem is the US government engages in similar “intelligence gathering” or hacking other countries. [Link] 2016 Fyle
  • Amtrak is planning to spend $2 billion to increase the average speed of its Boston to D.C. service by 3 mph. Amtrak is reviving a $2.4 billion loan from the Department of Transportation for the project. [Link] Wasteful Spending Fyle
  • Turkey will treat Brittans fighting with the US-Backed Syrian Kurds as terrorists. There are at least 6 British volunteers currently fighting on the front lines with the Kurdish fighters. Both Turkey and Britain are NATO members. [Link] Syria Fyle
  • Turkey refuses to have a cease fire with Kurdish forces in Syria. Turkey claims Syrian Kurds to be terrorist and refuses to negotiate with them to fight the common enemy, ISIS. The US is backing the Kurdish group that Turkey labels as terrorists. [Link] Syria Fyle
  • Over 4,200 people were killed in the war in Iraq in August. That is up from 2,600 in July. Nearly 700 of those who were killed were civilians. [Link] Iraq Fyle
  • Walmart is planning to cut 7,000 accounting jobs. Walmart will move to an automated system. [Link] Free Market Fyle
  • A new study find that the Zika virus is likely not the cause of birth defects in Brazilian children. The study compares cases of microcephaly in Brazil and Colombia. While microcephaly is common in Brazil, it is not occurring in Colombia, where there is also an outbreak of the Zika virus. A possible cause of birth defects could be an additive to water in Brazil. That additive is meant to kill mosquitoes carrying the Zika virus. [Link]

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Todays News 9/1/16

  • The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals upholds a bad that prevents medicinal marijuana card holders from buying guns. This forces many Americans to choose between their health and their right to self defense. [Link] Bill of Rights Fyle
  •  The FBI operates a child pornography website for two weeks. The FBI ran the site as a form of a sting operation in order to catch frequent visitors to the site. The FBI ran the site so efficiently that it actually increased traffic on the site form 11,000  to 50,000 daily visitors. The FBI is facing some ethical questions, as they actually distributed child pornorgrapy. [Link] FBI Fyle
  • A Tampa Bay SWAT Team shoots and kills an unarmed man in a raid on his home. The police had conducted a 1 month investigation on the man before raiding him home. Early reports say the police found 2 grams of marijuana. [Link] Police Fyle
  • A New Mexico woman, Arlene Harjo, is the victim of civil asset forfeiture. Harjo’s son was arrested for drunk driving in her car and the car was impounded. When Harjo went to court to get her car back, the court attempted to bully her into signing disclaimer that would transfer ownership of the car to the city. She refused and continues to be unable to retrieve her car. She continues to have to make payments on her car while she battles in court to get it back. The city of Albuquerque, New Mexico, seizes 1,000 cars a year from citizens thought civil asset forfeiture. [Link] Police Fyle
  • Professors at the University of Colorado-Colorado Spring tells students that global warming is not up for discussion. The professors, who are teaching a course on climate change, sent an email to students informing them that they need to drop the class if they wish to discuss if global warming is a result of human action or not. Colleges were once a forum for open discussion, but these professors have made it clear that is no longer the case. [Link]
  • On August 1st Obama announced a 30 day war in Libya, today he has announced he will extend the war for another 30 days. Obama has made both of these moves without approval from Congress. Obama has not announced goals for the war or announced at what point the US would see the mission as over. This leads many to expect the war will indefinitely continue into the future. [Link] Libya War 2016
  • The 18 month war in Yemen has left at least 10,000 dead. However, so many have fled their homes after they were destroyed it is impossible to know the real number at this point. A Saudi Arabia and US supported blockade of Yemen has made if difficult for journalist and international aid groups to enter Yemen. This makes discovering the true number of lives lost very difficult. [Link] US/Saudi War Against Yemen
  • Another 16 Yemeni civilians were murdered by Saudi bombs. The Saudi war plane reminded in the area after the bombing, preventing rescuers from reaching those who were injured in the strike. [Link] US/Saudi War Against Yemen
  •  A Russian or Syrian plane dropped a bomb on a vegetable market in Syria. At least 7 were killed in the attack. [Link] Syria Fyle

Todays News 8/31/16

  • Department of Defence employees spend over $1,000,000 on slots and porn using government issued credit cards. The DoD did not do anything to prevent further misspending abuses. Two employees who spent over $1,000 on porn were not fired, and were able to continues to use their credit cards. [Link] Wasteful Spending Fyle
  • Social Security pays out $1.7 million to only 35 dead people. Social Security paid people for a average of 7 years before the miss payments were noticed. In one case the family member attempted to inform Social Security the relative was deceased. The agency brags that $1.7 million is an, “extremely small number.” [Link] Wasteful Spending Fyle
  • Iraq’s Kurds look to expand the borders of Kurdish territory through the liberation of towns from ISIS. This creates conflict with Sunnis and Shiites who once lived in the new Kurdish territories. This may create problems for the upcoming battle for Mosul. [Link] Iraq Fyle
  • Gareth Porter reports it maybe impossible for the Syrian Civil War to end without attempted cleansing of the losing faction. It is likely that the loser, Sunni or Shiite/Alawite, will suffer mass casualties at the hands of the winner. Obama and the US government are largely responsible for the situation in Syria by giving the green light for US allies, Turkey/Saudi Arabia/Qatar, to arm Al-Qaeda linked rebel groups. [Link] Syria Fyle
  • 64 members of congress stand up to Obama and Saudi Arabia. They request that Obama review Saudi war crimes, including bombing a hospital and school, before going through with the weapons sale. Obama approved the weapons sale to Saudi Arabia earlier this month. [Link] Foreign Policy Fyle
  • Hillary Clinton is supported by the military arms industry by a 5-1 margin over Trump. Part of the support results from Clinton already having established connections to the military industrial manufacturing industry. Hillary also more predictably favors military intervention. Hillary was the main advocate for the Libyan war that has lead to ISIS and Al-Qaeda establishing territory  in the country. [Link] 2016 Fyle