Todays News 7/8/16

  • The US is paying contractors to give the appearance of lower troop levels. Contractors are more expensive than using US troops, so this money is coming out of the US tax payers pocket. The US is currently spending 100 million dollars on contractors to fix US planes. Read Here.
  • Hillary Clinton and murdering cops have something in common, they never go to jail for their crimes. This policy seems to be in effect for most state employees. They make the laws, they enforce the laws, so they do not have to follow the law. Read Here.
  • Erik Peters breaks down why car emissions standards are pointless and achieve nothing. Read Here.
  • Foreign investors are fleeing from the US real estate market. This will likely lead to downward pressure on US housing prices. Read Here.

Todays News 7/7/16

  • 1,400 US mayors condemn Obama’s increased spending on nuclear weapons. Having so many nuclear weapons will either destroy the world when we use them or destroy the economy maintaining them. Obama recently agreed to spend another trillion dollars on nuclear weapons. Read Here.
  • Police officers are killing more and more dogs. Many SWAT teams seem to be shooting dogs just because they are present, and not because the dogs are acting in an aggressive manner. The police are facing no consequences for all of these dog murders. This gives insight into the mindset of our police force, who seem to be able to kill anything they think maybe a potential threat. Read Here.
  • When officers are allowed to shoot any threat we get this story, Read Here. A man reaching for his wallet was shot 4 or 5 times by a police officer. There was also a 4 year old child in the back seat. The cop only cared about his own safety, as he killed one man and fired 4 bullets into the direction of a child.
  • In Argentina, Uber divers accept Bitcoins to avoid burdensome laws. Read Here.
  • Obama will not remove troops from Afghanistan and fails to come though on another of his campaign promises. Read Here.

Todays News 7/6/16

  • All you need to know about the non indictment of Hillary is in the FBI’s statement, link here. “To be clear, this is not to suggest that in similar circumstances, a person who engaged in this activity would face no consequences. To the contrary, those individuals are often subject to security or administrative sanctions.” The FBI makes it clear in this statement that Hillary is not treated like the rest of us.
  • While the government does still need a warrant for most wiretaps, the warrant does not protect our rights if it is just a rubber stamp. In 2015 100% of wiretap warrants requested were granted. Also the number of wiretaps has more than doubled in the past 10 years. Read here.
  • The US government tell us that it is a good sign that suicide attacks by ISIS are a good sign. Over the weekend, 250 people were killed by these attacks. Read Here.
  • Spain’s social security is within two years of running out of money and being unable to makes payments. Read Here.
  • Interventions in the Middle East and Africa has led to a record number of people becoming displaced. Many of these people are doing whatever they can to leave the war torn region. Some are getting in debt to smugglers and being sold for their organs. Read Here.

Todays News 7/5/16

  • Home schooled children are scoring much higher on the SAT than students who attend traditional schools. While laws make it difficult for parents to engage in homeschooling, the SAT scores show that homeschooling is helping children to learn. Read Here.
  • US supported Syrian rebels are committing war crimes in Syria. While John McCain insists he can meet with and vet these groups, time and time again we see that the militants we arm are more dangerous than the dictator in charge. Read Here.
  • Young college students are being busted on small pot changers and bullied into becoming informants by police. Police threaten these students with decades in prison for selling less than $60.00 of marijuana. To avoid spending a life in jail, the students become informants and end up dead. Read the tragic stories here.
  • Wikileaks releases more than 1,000 Clinton emails on the Iraq war. The Wikileaks founder has promised he has enough of Clinton’s emails for an indictment. Read Here.
  • The US national debt increased by almost 100 billion dollars in a single day. This being the national debt to over 19.3 trillion dollars. Read Here.

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Todays News 7/4/16

  • NATO member Turkey now plans to ally with Russia in fighting ISIS. The US has been extremely critical of Russia’s role in the Syrian Civil War. Read Here.
  • The US currently has 535 members of congress. This is far too few in a country of more than 300 million people. A increase in the number of representatives could help reduce corruption and wasteful government spending. Read Here.
  • German arms sales to the Sunni Gulf Arab States has sharply increased in the past year. Some German Politicians see this as an issue, as Germany has identified some of these states as ISIS supporters. Read Here.
  •  Al-Nusra, an Al-Qaeda link terror group fighting in Syria, has captured a leader of a US supported group fighting in Syria. The US has been complaining about Russia bombing Al-Nusra for months. Read Here.

Todays News 7/3/16

  • Obama’s war on coal has destroyed the coal industry in the US. The top coal companies have lost 99.9% of their values since the president took office. Now the top US coal company will lay off 80% of its work forces. Obama’s war on coal has cost many American’s their jobs and has caused all Americans to struggle with higher energy bills. Read Here. 
  • American media companies are now selling themselves at the DNC and GOP conventions. If you are an elite you can pay for interviews and influence. Some of the packages offered cost over $200,000.00. Read Here.
  • The US Government spent 1.3 billion dollars of your tax dollars on a failed program. The program was designed to detect biological weapons. For your 1.3 billion, the government was not able to detect any biological weapons, however, the sensors did detect a dead rabbit. Read Here.
  • 13 years after the start of the Iraq war, over 6,000 people die in Iraq in June. Showing the complete failure of attempted US regime change. Read Here.
  • Central banks are turning Western Economies into socialist states. Through quantitative easing (QE), central banks around the world have bought a significant amount of stock in companies and provide almost all the capital for loans. As this trend grows, it will give the national governments more and more control over the actions of once private companies and individuals. Read Here.

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Todays News 7/2/16

  • Israel rejected Obama’s first aid deal, even though it would have been the biggest aid deal in history. Obama countered by begging the Senate to give more money to Israel. Read Here.
  • US and Russian ships have another close call in the Mediterranean Sea. This is the second navel close call US and Russia have had recently. Read Here. This shows why it is so dangerous to have the US and Russia acting Syria. The chance for mistake is too high for two countries who have enough nukes to destroy the world many times over.
  • Last year, Starbucks CEO made the moral case for a higher minimum wage and increased the wage of Starbucks employees. Now, hours are being cut and lines are getting longer as stores struggle to stay profitable with the higher cost of labor. Read Here.
  • One of the most disturbing articles I have read. The Wall Street Journal writes a hit piece on the Tesla auto pilot mode and discussed. The article makes it clear they are happy someone died using the new technology, as it will give regulators a chance to step in a do something. The articles brushes over how safe the Auto Pilot mode has been till this point. Read Here.
  • More lies from President Obama, these lies are even more shameful than the typical lies we here from the administration. Obama, in an act of “transparency”, released the number of civilians he is responsible for killing. The number is drastically lower than the number given by any independent organization. The numbers also only include countries that have been bombed and that we are not at war with. Which should prompt all of us to ask why are we killing innocent civilians in countries we are not at war with. Read Here.

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Todays News 7/1/16

  • ISIS took back a town on the Iraq/Syria border from US supported rebels. Along with taking the key town, ISIS seized a lot of US provided weapons. Just another example of how the CIA and Pentagon’s programs to arm and train rebels is only making ISIS stronger. Read Here.
  • The US government continues to dig us into a deeper hole with debt. As our national debt approaches 20 trillion dollars, and we continues to loan money to the Iraqi government. The money will go to more weapons, past weapons given the the Iraqi government have ended up in the hands of ISIS. Read Here.
  • Secrete FBI rules allows the FBI to ignore the 1st and 4th amendments. New rules, exposed by The Intercept, shows the FBI was able to attain journalist phone records without a warrant. Read Here.
  • Insurance companies are now suing the government. Obamacare promised private insurance companies they would not lose money on Obamacare and would reimburse companies for any money they did lose, however, the money form new tax revenue never came in to pay the insurance companies with. Now the insurance companies are suing the government demanding the payment. Read Here.
  • Syrian President Assad reported that several Western Nations have been helping him under the table. He says that Australia is one of these countries. This shows an interesting split between US policy makers, who are calling for the US to fight Assad instead of ISIS, and some of out allies. Read Here.

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Todays News 6/30/16

  • A 19 year old created a “bot” to help fight parking tickets. By signing up on the website, you can use the bot to fight your parking ticket. The bot has already won 160,000 cases, saved users over 3 million in fines, and has a 64% success rate. Read Here.
  • Trump advocates for more war crimes. Trump has stated that the US needs to torture people it suspects to be terrorists. Trump is committing treason against the citizens of the US, as statements like this are used as propaganda by ISIS and Al Qaeda to help recruitment.  Read Here.
  • What stops a bad guy with a gun? A good guy with a gun. This is a list of several potential mass shooting that were prevented by a citizen with a gun. Read Here.
  • Health care cost have been increasing for years, and its only going to get worse. This may have a huge impact on the election, as many voters will receive notices of price increases a week before the election this November. Read Here.
  • Ron Paul predicts that the Brexit is the beginning of the end of the EU. Read Here.

Todays News 6/29/16

  • The heroic congressman, Thomas Massie, is working hard to pass a bill that would remove the US from the United Nations. The United Nations is a waste of US tax payer money, US taxpayers send 8 billion to the US annually. The UN recently took Saudi Arabia took Saudi Arabia off of the list of countries that bomb children, not because the allegations were untrue, but because Saudi Arabia blackmailed the UN. Read about Massie’s fight here.
  • David Stockman analyzes what we learned from the Brexit. He believes that the Brexit shows that people are ready to stand up to the finical elites. Read Here.
  • The UK is trying to undo the Brexit vote. The UK establishment politicians believe they can strike a deal with the EU and hold another vote to keep the UK in the EU. Read Here.
  • The US relaunched its program to train Syrian rebels in March. The program that has cost over 400 million dollars has not even trained 100 fighter. The new fighters are being trained to call in US air strikes. Using air power has shown to do more harm than good in the Middle East. Read Here.
  • Thomas Sowell writes about the history of failures of affirmative action laws and the recent Supreme Court ruling on the topic. Read Here.