Todays News 6/22/16

  • After hacking the DNC server, a hacker is releasing emails about Hillary Clinton. Many of the emails address possible issues for The Clinton Foundation. Read Here. 
  • Reports about the liberation of Fallujah may be premature. The Iraqi may only hold less than half the city. Read Here. 
  • Groups begin to organize and fight back against the spying bill. The new bill would give the FBI even more power to take away your 4th amendment rights.  Read Here. 
  • Pat Buchanan writes an excellent article on the absolute stupidity of the current US foreign policy.
  • Volkswagen will soon hear how much it owes as a result of the emissions scandal. Its likely that the total cost to VW will be into the tens of billions of dollars. Eric Peters writes here. 

Todays News 6/21/16

  • US and Russia planes meet over Syria. The US F-18 tried to prevent a Russian bomber from attacking Syrian rebels. Read here. 
  • Obama stands up to State Department’s demands that he attack Assad. Read here. At the same time Sectary Kerry announces his support for the State Department employees. Read here.  A report on the state of The State Department here. 
  • Ron Paul writes an excellent article explaining why standing for liberty is so important when tyrants exploit tragedies to take it.
  • Mitch McConnell is trying to exploit Orlando by passing a bill that will increase FBI spying and do nothing to make us more safe. Read Here.

Todays News 6/20/16

  • President Obama is showing his hawkish nature as he moves more troops towards Russia and China. Article about China Read Here and Russia Here. 
  • Japanese Citizens are demanding the US Troops finally go home. Read here.  
  • Republicans are working on another plot to prevent Trump from getting the nomination. Read about the plot here. 
  • Iraq declares victory over ISIS in Fallujah. ISIS fled the city and left a humanitarian crisis. Read about the victory here and state of the city here. 
  • Senator Joe Manchin says Due Process is a problem. Jason Stapleton calls for him to resign. Watch Here. 

Todays News 6/19/16

  • Oakland goes through 3 police chiefs in 8 days. The city’s police force is filled with corruption and crime. Read Here. 
  • Saudi Arabia urges the US to abandon war on ISIS to focus on Assad. Read Here. 
  • Israel is buildinng a wall around the Gaza Strip. Obama, who opposes a wall on the US-Mexico border, appears unconcerned about this wall as he plans to give Israel a record aid deal. Read Here. 
  • Prices increase fast in markets that receive heavy government subsidies. Chart Here. 
  • Brexit looking more likely as Western Europe turns against the EU. Read Here. 


Todays News 6/18/16

  • US State Department employees are urging Obama to attack Assad and the Syrian Government, not ISIS. Read here.
  • The FBI is looking expand its powers and take more of your 4th amendment rights. Read Here. 
  • The FBI is hoping to get even more power to search electronic records. A change to Rule 41 would allow the FBI to get warrants to remotely hack into someone device. This will allow the FBI to seek warrants from any judge in the country, not the judge that currently hold jurisdiction. Read more here.
  • Senators looking to block the Rule 41 change. Read here. 
  • NATO now says a cyber-attack will trigger Article 5. Article 5 says when one NATO state is attacked all are bound to respond. This means If Russia hacks Romania, we are bound to go to war with Russia. Read here. 

Today News 6/15/16

  • NATO continues to put troops on the Russian border. Read here. 
  • The US government creates terrorist organization with its poor foreign policy. The FBI wastes all of its time entrapping idiots instead protecting Americans. Then congress takes more of our money and our rights to defend ourselves.  Read here. 
  • New NDAA, pending Obama’s signature, will require women to register for the draft. Read here. 
  • One thing Hillary and Donald agree on, more dead people is a good thing. Both candidates are calling for more bombings of the Middle East. This policy will only create more terror and loss of life in the West. Read here. 

Todays News 6/14/16

  • The Navy is costing the American taxpayer hundreds of millions every year in accidents. 2016 could be the most expensive year so far. Read here. 
  • The people of Yemen continues to suffer as the US continues to back the Saudi war against them. Read here. 
  • Saudi Price claims that he has funded 20% of Hillary’s campaign. This was posted on a Jordanian news site then removed. The Saudi’s have already donated between 10 and 25 million to the Clinton Foundation. Middle East Eye has the story.  
  • America is entered into alliances that require us to defend 60% of the world. With 19 trillion in debt can we continues this policy? Ted Galen Carpenter lays out a plan for US to reduce its entangling alliances.

Todays News 6/13/16

  • An interesting article on the father of the shooter. Read here. 
  • Break a traffic law in Illinois and the police will steal your car. They get to keep 90% of what they sell it for. Read here. 
  • Obama is increasing spending on nuclear weapons by 1 trillion dollars just in time for war loving Hillary or the unstable Trump to get the launch codes. With a increasingly complex geopolitical world, do we really want either of those people to have the launch code? Read here. 
  • In 2002, Rep Walter Jones voted for the Iraq war. Rep Jones has regretted that vote for years and has written 11,000 letters to the families of the victims of the war as penance for voting for the war. Watch Ron Paul interview Walter Jones. 
  • The government continues its vendetta against the Bundy family. Dave Bundy is facing 80 years in prison for his role as peacekeeper in his families standoff with the BLM/FBI. This article is a reminder why it is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong.
  • The media is calling what happened in Orlando the worst mass murder in US history. It was an ugly act of hate and cowardness, however, the government shot, burned, and crushed 76 Branch Davidians on April 19, 1993.


Todays News 6/12/16

  • Want influences over the US government? Donate to Hillary Clinton and you will get a nice appointment. Read here. 
  • Neo-Conservatives and liberal interventionist are rallying together behind war loving Hillary Clinton. Dan Wright highlights all the interventions Hillary and her new supporters are likely to pursue in this article. 
  • The left continues to use the unemployment rate as proof the economy is doing well. This article shows the government numbers are lies and the real unemployment rate is closing in on 10%.

Todays News 6/11/16

  • Eight years ago Candidate Obama promised to end the war in Afghanistan. With just a few months left in office for Obama, the US is increasing military action in Afghanistan. From read here. 
  • The US government has grown so large it is now fighting wars against itself! In Syria, the CIA and Pentagon continue to pursuit different objectives and undermine the other.  Read Nancy Youssef here and Jason Ditz here.
  • Another blow to your freedoms caused by the war on drugs. Law enforcement is now violating your 4th amendment right to privacy and searching your medical records without a warrant.  Read here. 
  • Congress tries to increase our privacy and its gets derailed by the establishment of both parties. The Senate committee once again stops a law that would require law enforcement to get a warrant before reading your emails. You can read it here.