Obama’s Foreign Policy Double Standard

President Obama’s foreign policy remains inconstant and confounding to observers. Obama continues to place sanctions and cast moral judgments on the actions of Iran and Russia; while turning a blind-eye to Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Israel, and his own foreign policy.

While at an event to raise money for Syrian Refugees, Secretary of State, John Kerry, had some harsh words for Russia. Kerry demanded that Russia stop bombing the Syrian rebels and civilians. Kerry also reminded Russia they have an obligation under UN Resolutions to allow humanitarian aid into Syria.

Russian planes have been dropping bombs in Syrian for the past four months. Russia entered the Syrian Civil War on the side of the Syrian Government and has been able to prevent the fall of Syrian President, Bashar Al-Assad. 

Russia has largely achieved this by bombing Syrian Rebel groups, such as, the Free Syrian Army and the Al-Nusra Front.

The US has condemned these bombing several times. The US claims that the Free Syrian Army makes up “moderate rebels” and the US continues to arm these groups. However, these groups continue to give weapons or sell our weapons and hostages to Al-Qaeda.

If President Obama is concerned about the Syrian Refugees, then he should stop giving weapons to groups, who then sell those weapons to Al-Qaeda.

The US has condemned Russia for killing civilians in Syria and have asked Russia to end its bombing in Syria.

Russia is responsible for 1,400 civilians killed in Syria.  The US and our allies our responsible for the killing of a minimum of 880 civilians in Syria.

While Obama condemns Russia, both countries bomb the innocent people of Syria  and wear the blood of Syrian civilization on their hands.

Obama’s foreign policy also ignores the wrongful actions of US allies.

Turkey continues to buy oil from ISIS.  ISIS then takes the money from Turkey to pay their fighters and buy weapons. Obama has kept quiet and has not criticized Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, for providing funding to terrorists.

Obama has been willing to ignore Israel’s actions in the Syrian Civil War. Israel has provided medical aid to Al-Nusra fighters in Syria. Al-Nusra is a terror group that is linked to Al-Qaeda. Providing aid to a terror group should be strictly against Obama’s foreign policy, however, he has remained silent on the matter.

The most pronounced example of hypocrisy in the Obama foreign policy is his support for Saudi Arabia in the Yemen Civil War.

Saudi Arabia became involved in the Yemen Civil War in March of 2015. The Saudi’s objective was to reinstate President Hadi to power after he fled the country.

Since becoming involved in the war, 2,800 civilians have been killed. The Saudi’s are also using a blockade that is preventing food and aid from entering into Yemen. Saudi Arabia has also allowed Al-Qaeda to gain territory in Yemen.

While Secretary of State Kerry criticizes Russia for killing civilians, targeting the wrong enemies, and not allowing humanitarian aid into Syrian; President Obama was selling  10,000 bombs to Saudi Arabia.

If Obama wishes to critique Russia, then he should look at his actions and those of US allies first.


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