North Korea Fyle


  • The new South Korean president wants to reopen communications with North Korea. [Link]


  • In a survey by the New York Times, only 37% of Americans were able to locate North Korea on a map. [Link]


  • North Korea has conducted a missile test for the seventh time this year. The US government again condemned North Korea for testing the missile. [Link]


  • This article looks at some forgotten history of the Korean War. [Link]


  • North Korea says it is speeding up its nuclear weapons program in response to US actions. [Link]


  • North Korea conducted another missile test and the test failed again. After learning of the test, Trump took to Twitter to condemn the test. [Link]


  • The USS Michigan is now positioned off the coast of North Korea. The nuclear-powered submarine has the ability to get elite special operations teams onto land quickly. [Link]


  • The North Korean military relies heavily on artillery. The capital of South Korea is within the range of some of North Korea’s artillery. [Link]


  • The US and South Korea are starting a war game simulating the destruction on North Korea’s air defense. This war game is one of the largest annual war games. [Link]


  • Pence said that the “era of strategic patience” with North Korea is over. Pence made this statement while in South Korea. [Link]


  • The Pentagon denies that the US plans to carry out an attack on North Korea if North Korea carries out a nuclear weapons test. The Pentagon did admit the US is assessing military operations against North Korea. [Link]


  • NBC news is reporting the multiple US intelligence sources say that the US will attack North Korea if North Korea carries out a nuclear weapons test. The US currently has a destroyer 300 miles from North Korea. [Link]


  • International sanctions on North Korea are leading to a decline in the amount of food aid sent to the country. [Link]


  • China suggests that the US stops its war games with South Korea and North Korea will stop its nuclear program in return. [Link]
  • This article explains that North Korea has a nuclear weapons program because it is the only way for the country to ensure is sovereignty. [Link]


  • North Korea carried out four ballistic missile tests today, firing the missiles in the general direction of Japan. North Korea said the missiles were practice for attacking US military bases in Japan. [Link]


  • North Korea is preparing a delegation to send to the US for talks. The State Department has not approved the meeting yet. [Link]


  • Kim Jong Nam, the half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, was murdered in Malaysia. US officials believe that North Korean agents carried out the murder. [Link]


  • North Korea test fires a ballistic missile. [Link]


  • Capitalists markets are saving North Koreans from catastrophe. Defectors tell reporters that North Korea has about 400 marketplaces where citizens buy food, clothing, and illegal foreign goods. [Link]


  • US and South Korea military officials agree to step up efforts to combat the “grave” threat from North Korea. [Link]


  • Two high-ranking members of the North Korean regime defect in China. One of the defectors was the man who over saw Kim Jung-un’s health care. [Link]


  • US and South Korea navies conduct military operations in the waters of the Korean Peninsula. The military operations are meant to be a show of force to North Korea. [Link]


  • The US will fly two nuclear-capable bombers over South Korea. The bombers will be a show of force to North Korea. North Korea continues to work to develop nuclear weapons. [Link]