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  • Senator Tammy Duckworth says Americans have no idea how close we are to war with North Korea. [Link]
  • A US bloody nose strike against North Korea would be illegal under International Law. [Link]


  • South Korea’s Foreign Minister says war with North Korea is not an option. [Link]
  • The Treasury Department add news sanctions on North Korea. [Link]


  • North Korea calls for reunification. [Link]
  • South Koreas have ‘very strong concerns’ US will unilaterally attack North Korea. [Link]


  • Congressman Thornberry says the US is very seriously training for war with North Korea. [Link]
  • Rex Tillerson said the US cannot accept North Korea as a nuclear weapons state. [Link]


  • A false alarm missile warning created a panic in Hawaii. [Link] In response, Representative Tulsi Gabbard calls for immediate talks with North Korea without precondition. [Link]
  • Patrick Buchanan on North Korea reaching a nuclear deterrent. [Link]
  • North and South Korea will hold peace talks Monday. [Link]


  • Justin Raimondo is optimistic about the peace process in Korea. [Link]
  • The US moved three B-2 bombers to Guam during the Korean peace talks. [Link]


  • North Korea says its nuclear missiles are aimed at the US, not South Korea. [Link]


  • North and South Korea agree to face to face talks. [Link]
  • Trump says he is willing to talk with Kim Jung Un. [Link]


  • The US and South Korea agree to halt war games during the Olympics. The decision was made between Trump and South Korean President Moon during a phone call. [Link]


  • North and South Korea agree to border talks. [Link]


  • South Korea’s president suggests military drills can be stopped to reduce tensions with North Korea. [Link]
  • The White House is stepping up plans for a “bloody nose” attack against North Korea. [Link]


  • Rex Tillerson walks back his offer to engage in talks with North Korea. [Link]
  • The US and South Korea continue to drill the invasion of North Korea. North Korea sees the drills as a threat and has asked the US to end the drills. [Link]
  • Senator Lindsey Graham says there is a 30% chance of war with North Korea. [Link]
  • Sanctions are keeping food and medicine from North Korean citizens. [Link]


  • North Korea’s Foreign Minister says US and South Korean military drills are making war unavoidable. [Link]


  • Trump labels North Korea a state sponsor of terror. [Link]


  • China will send a high-level envoy to North Korea. [Link]
  • South Korea says the US needs their consent before attacking North Korea. [Link]


  • A North Korean soldier defected to South Korea. The soldier was hit by gunfire from North Koreans as he fled. [Link]
  • North Korea sends a letter to the UN about US aggression. [Link]


  • Reports from North Korea claim soldiers are looting food form the civilians. [Link]


  • The US continues to have diplomatic connections with North Korea. [Link]


  • Cave-ins at North Korea’s nuclear testing site may have killed up to 200 people. [Link]


  • Chris Murphy gives an interview to Vox on his new bill to prevent Trump from attacking North Korea. [Link]


  • The UN added 32 items to the list of goods prohibited from being sold to North Korea. [Link]


  • Two-thirds of Americans believe Trump is making the North Korea situation worse. [Link]
  • North Korea’s Foreign Minister said Donald Trump “lit the wick of war” and the US risks a “hail of fire” with rhetoric. [Link]


  • Kim Jung Un says nuclear weapons are a powerful deterrent against the US. [Link]


  • The CIA says Kim Jung Un is a rational actor with long-term goals. [Link]


  • The Trump administration sanctions eight North Korean banks and 26 North Koreans living abroad. [Link]
  • The US has committed to deploying strategic military assets around South Korea. The US or South Korea have not given details on the assets. [Link]


  • Ted Snider explains how North Korea’s nuclear weapon and missile programs are logical moves for North Korea. [Link]


  • H.R. McMaster said North Korea must allow inspections and declare it is committed to getting rid of nuclear weapons before the US will negotiate with North Korea. [Link]
  • Jimmy Carter says the US needs to talk to its enemies and warns against provoking North Korea. [Link]
  • North Korea says a tweet posted by Donald Trump is a declaration of war. North Korea also threatened to shoot down US aircraft in international airspace. [Link]


  • The US flew B1-B nuclear-capable bombers and F-15s in airspace very close to North Korea. [Link]
  • Trump called Kim Jung Un a madman on Twitter. [Link] Trump made a threat to Kim Jung Un and North Korea’s Foreign Minister. North Korea held an anti-US rally. [Link]
  • 62% of Americans do not trust Trump to handle the North Korea situation. [Link]


  • South Korea will give $8 million in aid to humanitarian efforts in North Korea. [Link]


  • Mattis said the US has military options against North Korea. [Link]
  • The US carried out a show of force against North Korea by dropping live bombs near the DMZ. [Link]


  • Trump says the US is prepared to “defend our civilization” from North Korea. North Korea says it is seeking weapons to achieve equilibrium with the US. [Link]


  • North Korea fires another intermediate range ballistic missile. The missile flew over Japan. [Link]
  • The South Korean president says South Korea will not allow the US to deploy nuclear weapons in South Korea. A South Korean delegation in the US asked the US to pressure South Korea to take US nuclear weapons. The members of the delegation were members of the opposition party of South Korea. [Link]


  • China and Russia warn the US not to attempt a regime change in North Korea. [Link]


  • The UN imposed new sanctions on North Korea. However, the sanctions did not include the oil embargo the US was pushing for. [Link]


  • At the UN Security Council, the US proposed that the UN prevent any oil, petroleum, or natural gas being shipped to North Korea. The US also wants the right to hunt down North Korea ships. [Link]


  • After meeting with the South Korean president, Putin said, “Do not succumb to emotions and drive North Korea into a corner. Now more than ever, everyone needs to be calm and avoid steps that lead to an escalation of tension.” [Link] Putin also said he was opposed to cutting off oil to North Korea. [Link]


  • Trump gave his approval for South Korea and Japan to buy a “substantially increased amount” of sophisticated military equipment. [Link]
  • Trump said South Korea has a policy of “appeasement” towards North Korea. [Link] Trump also threatened to withdraw from the  trade agreement with South Korea and Tweeted that “talking is not the answer.” The South Korean president is advocating for talks with the North. [Link]
  • China says it strongly opposes the deployment of THAAD missiles in Japan and South Korea. Russia advocated for talks with world leaders and North Korea. [Link]
  • Jon Schwarz explains how the Washington Post’s claim that North Korea will not engage in talks with the US is a lie. [Link]
  • A North Korean diplomat said that North Korea is ready to send “more gift packages” to the US. [Link]


  • General James Mattis says that any North Korean threat would be met with massive military force. Mattis also said Trump asked to be briefed on options for dealing with North Korea. [Link]
  • Nikki Haley said North Korea is begging for war. Haley is also hoping to take action at the UN in response to North Korea’s hydrogen bomb test. [Link]
  • In response to North Korea’s hydrogen bomb test, South Korea carried out simulation strikes on North Korea’s nuclear weapons sites. [Link]
  • Justin Raimondo argues that the US cutting ties with South Korea can help to ease the conflict with North Korea. [Link]
  • War on the Rocks explains the new reality the rest of the world must accept because of North Korea’s hydrogen bomb test. [Link]


  • North Korea conducted a nuclear weapons test. North Korea claims the country tested a stage-two hydrogen bomb. Seismic measurements suggested this bomb was several times bigger than North Korea’s last nuclear weapons test. This is North Korea’s sixth nuclear weapons test. [Link]
  • In response to North Korea’s nuclear weapons test, Trump said the US is looking at cutting off all countries from trading with North Korea. Treasury Secretary Steve Munchin said the US is looking at adding new sanctions on North Korea. [Link]


  • Trump says talking with North Korea is not the answer and the US has been paying North Korea extortion money. [Link]


  • The US and Japan will push for a UN embargo on all oil going to North Korea. [Link]
  • South Korea responded to North Korea’s missile test by carrying out simulated strikes targeting the North Korean leadership. [Link]
  • Nikki Haley calls North Korea’s missile test “absolutely unacceptable and irresponsible.” She also said, “no country should have missiles flying over them.” [Link]
  • Trump criticizes North Korea’s missile test and says “all options are on the table” for dealing with North Korea. [Link]


  • North Korea test fired a missile that passed over Northen Japan. [Link]


  • North Korea carried out three missiles tests. All three tests failed. [Link]


  • Rex Tillerson complemented the North Korean government for showing restraint. The US also placed sanctions on 16 Chinese and Russian companies that the US claims are assisting North Korea. [Link]


  • General Dunford pledges the US will defend Japan from a North Korean missile attack. [Link]
  • North Korea condemns the US and South Korea upcoming military drills. [Link]


  • Steve Bannon said that there are no military solutions for North Korea. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff responded to Bannon’s statement by saying Trump ordered him to find military solutions. [Link]


  • Doug Bandow explains why the current consensus on North Korea is wrong and prescribes a new US policy for North Korea. [Link]
  • Jon Schwarz explains why the US does not have to worry about a preemptive attack from North Korea. [Link]
  • The South Korean president gave a speech saying that he has the right to veto US military action against North Korea and plans to do so. [Link


  • Rex Tillerson and James Mattis wrote an op ed on US North Korea policy. The new policy is called “strategic accountability.” [Link]
  • John Schwarz compares several key stats for the US and North Korea. The US military budget is $580 billion and North Korea is $13 billion. [Link]


  • Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Dunford, says the US is looking to resolve the situation in North Korea peacefully, but the US military is ready to respond if provoked. [Link] CIA Chief, Mike Pompeo says the US is moving closer to nuclear war with North Korea but, nuclear war is not imminent. [Link]


  • Independent experts on missiles are publishing findings that conclude North Korea does not have the ability to hit the continental US with a nuclear weapon and will not have the technology for a few years. [Link]
  • China says it will back North Korea if North Korea is attacked by the US. China says it will not defend North Korea if North Korea fires the first shot. [Link]
  • James Mattis said diplomacy between the US and North Korea are gaining traction. [Link]
  • Doug Bandow explains how Trump’s hawkish rhetoric will not help stabilize the North Korea tensions. [Link]
  • Experts agree that even a small attack on North Korea would lead to a larger war. [Link]


  • NBC News reports the CIA and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence agree with the DIA assessment that North Korea can miniaturize a nuclear weapon. NBC did not provide a source or any other details on the CIA and DNI findings. [Link]
  • Trump said, “North Korea better get their act together or they are going to be in trouble like few nations have ever been in trouble.” [Link]


  • Rex Tillerson says there is no imminent threat from North Korea. This statement came after Trump and Kim Jung Un traded threats. [Link] James Mattis said that North Korea is risking a course of actions that could lead to the end of North Korea and its people. [Link]
  • North Korea released a Canadian pastor who was servicing a life sentence in North Korea. North Korea said he was being released on “sick bail.” [Link]
  • This article explains how North Korea started to develop nuclear weapons. [Link


  • The Washington Post reported a US DIA intelligence assessment found North Korea can produce miniaturized nuclear weapons. [Link]
  • Peter van Buren gives his take on the likelihood of war with North Korea. [Link]
  • Donald Trump and Kim Jung Un trade threats. [Link]


  • McMaster says the US is ready for preemptive war with North Korea. [Link]
  • The UN has sanctioned North Korean exports. [Link]


  • North Korea’s most recent ICBM test was a failed test. The missile broke into pieces before reaching the target. [Link]


  • Last week the CIA threatened regime change in North Korea. North Korea responded by threatening to use nuclear weapons in response to attempted regime change. [Link]


  • The US has banned US citizens from traveling to North Korea. [Link]
  • North Korea is facing a drought. The people of North Korea are facing starvation and sanctions preventing more food aid. [Link]


  • South Korea claims North Korea does not have a working ICBM. [Link]


  • The South Korean president says he is willing to meet Kim Jung Un. [Link]


  • In response to the North Korea ICMB test, the US is calling for more sanctions on North Korea, advocating for sanctions on countries that support North Korea, and conducting missile maneuvers with South Korea. [Link]
  • Nikki Haley said the North Korean ICBM test was a “clear and sharp military escalation.” Haley also said the US can defend itself with military capabilities but prefers not to use that option. [Link]
  • Russia vetoed a UN Security Council resolution calling for more sanctions on North Korea. [Link]
  • Russia claims that North Korea did not launch an ICBM. At the UN, Russia said North Korea only tested a medium-range missile. [Link]


  • Rex Tillerson says the North Koreans tested an ICBM. The North Korean government also made this claim. [Link]


  • North Korea tested another missile it claims was an ICBM capable of reaching the US. The missile was fired in the direction of Japan. Trump responded to the missile test on Twitter. [Link]


  • North Korea says it feels the US is taking a hostile policy towards North Korea. North Korea said it plans to continue to advance its nuclear weapons program. [Link]


  • The US flew two nuclear-capable bombers over the Korean Peninsula as a show of force to North Korea. [Link]


  • Otto Warmbier has died. Otto was released by North Korea last week. Otto was in a coma when he was returned to his family. [Link]


  • The US is negotiating with North Korea on nuclear weapons and prisoner releases. [Link]


  • Dennis Rodman gives Kim Jung Un a copy of The Art of the Deal. [Link]


  • A US college student held in prison in North Korea has been released from jail. The young man is currently in a coma. [Link]


  • North Korea carried out a third missile test in three weeks. [Link]


  • The new South Korean president wants to reopen communications with North Korea. [Link]


  • In a survey by the New York Times, only 37% of Americans were able to locate North Korea on a map. [Link]


  • North Korea has conducted a missile test for the seventh time this year. The US government again condemned North Korea for testing the missile. [Link]


  • This article looks at some forgotten history of the Korean War. [Link]


  • North Korea says it is speeding up its nuclear weapons program in response to US actions. [Link]


  • North Korea conducted another missile test and the test failed again. After learning of the test, Trump took to Twitter to condemn the test. [Link]


  • The USS Michigan is now positioned off the coast of North Korea. The nuclear-powered submarine has the ability to get elite special operations teams onto land quickly. [Link]


  • The North Korean military relies heavily on artillery. The capital of South Korea is within the range of some of North Korea’s artillery. [Link]


  • The US and South Korea are starting a war game simulating the destruction on North Korea’s air defense. This war game is one of the largest annual war games. [Link]


  • Pence said that the “era of strategic patience” with North Korea is over. Pence made this statement while in South Korea. [Link]


  • The Pentagon denies that the US plans to carry out an attack on North Korea if North Korea carries out a nuclear weapons test. The Pentagon did admit the US is assessing military operations against North Korea. [Link]


  • NBC news is reporting the multiple US intelligence sources say that the US will attack North Korea if North Korea carries out a nuclear weapons test. The US currently has a destroyer 300 miles from North Korea. [Link]


  • International sanctions on North Korea are leading to a decline in the amount of food aid sent to the country. [Link]


  • China suggests that the US stops its war games with South Korea and North Korea will stop its nuclear program in return. [Link]
  • This article explains that North Korea has a nuclear weapons program because it is the only way for the country to ensure is sovereignty. [Link]


  • North Korea carried out four ballistic missile tests today, firing the missiles in the general direction of Japan. North Korea said the missiles were practice for attacking US military bases in Japan. [Link]


  • North Korea is preparing a delegation to send to the US for talks. The State Department has not approved the meeting yet. [Link]


  • Kim Jong Nam, the half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, was murdered in Malaysia. US officials believe that North Korean agents carried out the murder. [Link]


  • North Korea test fires a ballistic missile. [Link]


  • Capitalists markets are saving North Koreans from catastrophe. Defectors tell reporters that North Korea has about 400 marketplaces where citizens buy food, clothing, and illegal foreign goods. [Link]


  • US and South Korea military officials agree to step up efforts to combat the “grave” threat from North Korea. [Link]


  • Two high-ranking members of the North Korean regime defect in China. One of the defectors was the man who over saw Kim Jung-un’s health care. [Link]


  • US and South Korea navies conduct military operations in the waters of the Korean Peninsula. The military operations are meant to be a show of force to North Korea. [Link]


  • The US will fly two nuclear-capable bombers over South Korea. The bombers will be a show of force to North Korea. North Korea continues to work to develop nuclear weapons. [Link]