News Roundup 9/6/17

  • President Trump ended the DACA program by executive action. The DACA program was created by Obama through executive action and was facing legal challenges. The Trump Administration announced that it felt the DACA program would be overturned in court. Trump will end the program in six months. Trump called on Congress to find a resolution to this problem before the program expires. If the program expires several hundred thousand could be deported. [Link] Trump Fyle
  • An Ohio police officer shot a photojournalist without warning because he mistook the photojournalist’s tripod for a gun. [Link] Police Fyle
  • The Utah police officer Jeff Payne was fired from his part time medic job. Payne is the Utah police officer who arrested a nurse for refusing to perform an illegal blood draw. [Link] Police Fyle
  • The University of Utah is putting a new policy in place that will prevent police from interacting with nurses as their first point of contact. [Link] Police Fyle
  • The City of Chicago agreed to pay $9.5 million to a man who was left paralyzed and mute after being tased by a police officer. The city also agreed to pay $700,000 to other victims of police brutality. [Link] Police Fyle
  • The House and Senate intelligence oversight committiees have a combined 107,000 employees and a budget of $74 billion. One third of the committiees’ employees are former employees of intelligence agencies. [Link]
  • Trump gave his approval for South Korea and Japan to buy a “substantially increased amount” of sophisticated military equipment. [Link] North Korea Fyle
  • Trump said South Korea has a policy of “appeasement” towards North Korea. [Link] Trump also threatened to withdraw from the  trade agreement with South Korea and Tweeted that “talking is not the answer.” The South Korean president is advocating for talks with the North. [Link] North Korea Fyle
  • China says it strongly opposes the deployment of THAAD missiles in Japan and South Korea. Russia advocated for talks with world leaders and North Korea. [Link] North Korea Fyle
  • Jon Schwarz explains how the Washington Post’s claim that North Korea will not engage in talks with the US is a lie. [Link] North Korea Fyle
  • A North Korean diplomat said that North Korea is ready to send “more gift packages” to the US. [Link] North Korea Fyle
  • A drought in Ethiopia could lead to famine. Eight million living in the Southern part of the Ethiopia are in need of more food aid. The US pledged $97 million in aid. [Link] Africa Fyle
  • 123,000 have fled Myanmar for Bangladesh. [Link]
  • The UK is carrying out a higher percentage of Coalition air strikes in Syria. [Link] Syria Fyle

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