News Roundup 7/27/17

  • New documents reveal the Obama Administration violated the law while spying on Americans. [Link] Spying Fyle
  • US Special Forces carried out a raid with Somalian forces and captured an American citizen accused of working with al-Shabaab. [Link] Africa Fyle
  • Trump refused to sign off on McMasters’ plan to add more US troops to Afghanistan. [Link] Afghanistan Fyle
  • The Taliban attacked an Afghan military position and killed at least 26 members of the Afghan military. Other sources put the death toll at 40 or 70. At least seven other soldiers were kidnapped and 21 are missing. [Link] Afghanistan Fyle
  • Iraqi soldiers admit to killing women and children in the final days of the assault on Mosul. [Link] ISIS War Fyle
  • US coalition airstrikes killed at least 18 civilians in Raqqa in two days. [Link] ISIS War Fyle
  • Russia says four military police battalions are deployed to de-escalation zones in Syria. [Link] Syria Fyle
  • A subsidiary of the UK’s National Health Service will no longer provide knee and hip replacements to obese people and people who smoke. [Link] UK Fyle

On Foreign Policy Focus #71, I talk about some of Trump’s recent tweets. Trump announced a change to the US policy on allowing trans people into the military. Trump also tweeted about ending the CIA funding to Syrian rebels. I look at the content and effects of Trump’s tweets. I also update Mosul, Israel, Libya, Syria, and Yemen. LISTEN HERE!!

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