News Roundup 7/19/17

  • Trump spoke with Putin at a world leaders dinner in Germany. [Link] Trump Fyle
  • Trump will nominate Jon Huntsman to be ambassador to Russia. [Link] Trump Fyle
  • Trump has appointed former Navy SEAL  Joseph Kernan to be Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence. [Link] Trump Fyle
  • Mitch McConnell says Senate Republicans will give up trying to pass a repeal and replace healthcare bill. McConnell said that Republicans will now try to pass a repeal bill. [Link] Healthcare Fyle
  • The Cincinnati prosecutor announced the city will not pursue a third trial against a police officer who killed an unarmed man. The first two trials ended in hung juries. [Link] Police Fyle
  • The Trump administration is restoring federal help to police for enforcing civil asset forfeiture. The Obama administration ended the federal assistance because of fear of abuse. [Link] Police Fyle
  • Sealed law enforcement request to track someone’s internet and cell phone records without a warrant increased by seven fold over the past three years. [Link] Spying Fyle
  • Rex Tillerson announced the closing of the Office of Global Criminal Justice. The Office pursued war criminals. [Link] Foreign Policy Fyle
  • The White House certified that Iran was following the terms of the nuclear agreement. [Link] The White House then announced sanctions against 18 Iranian individuals and organizations. [Link] Foreign Policy Fyle
  • The Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff says North Korea does not have the ability to hit America with “any degree of accuracy.” [Link] Foreign Policy Fyle
  • Ukrainian Rebels announced a proposal to create a new state. [Link]


  • The Iranian state media claims their Twitter account was hacked by Saudi Arabia and a fake Tweet was posted. The Tweet said Qatar had asked Iran to establish a base in Qatar. The Tweet has not been deleted. [Link]
  • A Saudi woman has been arrested for wearing a mini skirt in public and posting the video on social media. [Link] Saudi Arabia Fyle
  • The Pentagon spokesman said the SDF forces are taking heavy casualties in the fight for Raqqa. SDF forces are progressing slowly against the Islamic State fighters. [Link] ISIS War Fyle
  • Forces loyal to the Saudi Arabia attacked Houthi rebels on the road between the Port of Hodeida and the city of Taez. 15 fighters were killed in the battle. [Link] US/Saudi War Against Yemen Fyle

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