News Roundup 5/17/17

  • Nikki Haley says all other countries should look to add more sanctions against North Korea. Haley said anyone who does not put more sanctions against North Korea is against the international community. [Link] Foreign Policy Fyle
  • A State Department memo identified some Syrian rebel groups as being linked to al-Qaeda. The US government never put these groups on an official terrorism list. [Link] Foreign Policy Fyle
  • Ugandan soldiers on the hunt for Joseph Kony raped and sexually assaulted women. US special operations soldiers provided advise and assist support to the Ugandan soldiers. [Link] Africa Fyle
  • 8.600 Ivory Coast soldiers rebelling against the government reject a peace deal offered by the government. The rebelling soldiers are asking for a bonus to be paid. The government claims it does not have the money to pay the bonus. [Link] Africa Fyle
  • In a survey by the New York Times, only 37% of Americans were able to locate North Korea on a map. [Link] North Korea Fyle

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