News Roundup 3/8/17

  • Drone strikes are up over 400% during the Trump presidency. Trump is carrying out a drone strike every 1.25 days. [Link] Trump Fyle
  • Wikileaks released documents from the CIA showing some of the programs within the CIA’s Center for Cyber Intelligence. Some of the documents show that the CIA has basically created a second NSA with 5,000 registered users who created 1,000s hacking systems, trojans, viruses, and other “weaponized” malware. The CIA lost control of the majority of this hacking arsenal. The leaks detail a CIA program that allowed them to turn smart TVs into microphones that could record even while the TV was off. The CIA also has the ability to carry out cyber attacks and leave a trail that makes it look like a different country carried out the attack. [Link] Spying Flye
  • The Wikileaks dump revealed that in October of 2014 the CIA was looking into infecting the vehicle control systems used by modern cars and trucks. [Link] Spying Fyle
  • The Wikileaks dump revealed that the CIA and FBI were aware of weaknesses in the operating systems of popular US smartphones, but did not notify the company. This could allow the CIA and FBI to spy on the phone’s users. [Link] Spying Fyle
  • China suggests that the US stops its war games with South Korea and North Korea will stop its nuclear program in return. [Link] North Korea Fyle
  • This article explains that North Korea has a nuclear weapons program because it is the only way for the country to ensure is sovereignty. [Link] North Korea Fyle
  • Protests in Egypt break out after Egypt announced limits on bread supplies and cancellation of subsidies for bread. [Link] Africa Fyle
  • Heavy fighting has started around Libyan oil fields. The Islamist Benghazi Defense Brigade is carrying out attacks against oil fields held by General Hifter. [Link] Libya Fyle
  • 23% of Afghanistan’s workforce was unemployed in 2013-14. This is triple the number from 2011-12. [Link] Afghanistan Fyle 

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