News Roundup 2/26/17

  • Tom Perez was elected to chair the Democratic Party. Perez served in the Obama Administration. [Link]
  • A Philippines Senator who opposes the president’s war on drugs has been arrested and accused of violating the drug laws. The Senator’s arrest seems to be an indication that the president of the Philippines is targeting his political rivals. [Link]
  • In Northern Afghanistan, Islamic State fighters ambushed and killed ten Afghani policemen and the wife of the police commander. [Link] Afghanistan Fyle
  • A UN watchdog group’s report shows Iran continues to follow the nuke deal. [Link] Iran Fyle
  • Iraqi Kurds are hoping to gain independence from Baghdad. The Kurds have taken a significant amount of territory from ISIS, and they plan to use the territory in an exchange with Baghdad for independence. [Link] Iraq Fyle
  • ISIS is using car bombs to attack Iraqi troops in West Mosul. ISIS has already used nearly 1,000 car bombs and has a car bomb factory in the city. [Link] ISIS War Fyle

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