News Roundup 2/24/17

  • Private prison companies donated over $100 million to Trump for his election and inauguration. These companies will now profit from Trump’s immigration policy. [Link] Trump Fyle
  • Jeff Sessions removes an Obama directive that ordered the Department of Justice to move away from private prisons. [Link] Trump Fyle
  • Police carried out an eviction order for the remaining Dakota Access Pipeline protesters yesterday. The police used riot gear and arrived in military style humvees to remove the protesters. [Link]
  • A man with schizophrenia was sent to a prison after he stole $5 of snacks from a convenience store. Five months into his stay in prison the man was found dead. [Link]
  • A bombing in Pakistan kills at least ten people. This attack continues a trend in bombing across Pakistan in the past few weeks. No group has claimed responsibility for this bombing. [Link] Pakistan/India Fyle
  • Turkish troops and rebels backed by the Turkish government liberate al-Bab from ISIS. After months of fighting, Turkey now reports they control the city. Some ISIS fighters may remain in the city as bombing have been reported after the city was liberated. [Link] ISIS War Fyle
  • Syrian peace talks have started. The talks look to end the conflict between the Syrian government and rebels. [Link] Syria Fyle

On the Weekly Freedom File, I discuss the CIA spying on French political parties, Venezuela, US/Russian relation, and the Trumpdate segment with the show’s host Kenn. LISTEN HERE!!

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