News Roundup 2/8/18

  • US politicians have a history of using the military for propaganda. [Link]
  • The FDA makes Kratom illegal. [Link]
  • Senate leadership announce a bi-partisan budget agreement. [Link]
  • Ray McGovern and Tom Woods breakdown the importance of the Nunes Memo. [Link] Dan McAdams and James Bovard on the Nunes Memo. [Link]
  • SEAL Team 6 is under broad investigation after Green Beret was killed in Mali. [Link]
  • US Abrams tanks that were given to the Iraqi government, and worth $80 million, now belong to Iranian backed militias. [Link]
  • Syria accuses Israel of carrying out airstrikes outside of Damascus. The Syrians say the Israelis used Lebanese airspace. Syria claims to have intercepted the missiles. [Link]
  • US Army Lt Gen. Paul E. Funk tells reports in Manbij that US troops will remain in the city. [Link]
  • Patrick Cockburn explains how Turkey using former ISIS fighters in an anti-Kurdish militia. [Link]
  • CENTCOM says pro-Assad forces attacked the US-backed SDF. [Link]
  • 47,000 Yemeni have become displaced from the war in Yemen since December. [Link]

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