News Roundup 2/2/18

  • Leaker Reality Winner remains in jail without bail. [Link]
  • Senator Bob Menendez will not face another trial. [Link]
  • San Francisco will apply new marijuana laws to old convictions. This will reduce or expunge many marijuana convictions. [Link]
  • Baltimore police kept fake guns in their cars to plant on their victims. [Link]
  • The US missile defense system fails in a test. [Link]
  • Bernie Sanders is bad on Russiagate. [Link]
  • A Russian fighter jet flew close to an American spy plane near Russian airspace. The US complained that the Russian tactics were dangerous. Russia seeks a new agreement with the US on US flying spy planes near Russia. [Link]
  • US Navy command ship was used as party yacht. [Link]
  • Kevin Martin explains why the US should capitalize on Olympic talks in Korea. [Link]
  • Militants in Libya prevent displaced people from returning home. [Link]
  • Afghanistan says the terrorists behind the recent attack in Afghanistan were trained in Pakistan. [Link]
  • Tillerson and Mattis hold high-level talks with Qatar. [Link]
  • At least 65 civilians have been killed in Operation Olive Branch. [Link]
  • Saudi Arabia is looking to mediate a deal between warring factions in southern Yemen. [Link]

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