News Roundup 2/15/18

  • A St. Louis police officer is facing charges for forcing the victim of a crime to perform oral sex on him. [Link]
  • Frannie Mae will require $3.7 billion from the Treasury. [Link]
  • Mehdi Hasan blowback series Ep 4. [Link]
  • Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats says North Korea is an extensional threat to the US and the US is fast approaching decision time on North Korea. [Link] Daniel Larison explains why Coats is wrong. [Link]
  • The Dutch foreign minister resigns after admitting he lied about overhearing Putin plotting to expand Russia. [Link]
  • The Israel persecution of Ahed Tamimi is making her into a hero. [Link]
  • The Taliban issued an open letter calling for peace talks. [Link]
  • The US reports there were over 10,000 civilian casualties in Afghanistan in 2017. [Link]
  • In Syria, the US has attacked Assad forces twice in the past week. On both occasions, the US claims it was in self-defense. [Link]
  • The Saudi coalition kills 6 Yemen civilians with airstrikes. [Link]
  • Jacob Zuma steps down as the President of South Africa. [Link]
  • The leader of Zimbabwe’s opposition party dies of cancer at 65. [Link]
  • Tillerson and Rubio suggest there should be a military coup in Venezuela. [Link]


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