News Roundup 1/3/17

  • Trump picks Robert Lightizer to be the US Trade Representative. Lightizer is in favor of higher tariffs on Mexico and China. Lightizer worked in the Reagan Administration. [Link] Trump Fyle
  • The House will vote on a rule change today that will weaken the Office of Congressional Ethics. House members complain that they are not given Constitutional rights by the Office of Congressional Ethics. [Link]
  • The widow of LaVoy Finicum is being treated unfairly by the BLM after her husband’s death. The BLM has refused to accept her payment of fines and allow her to graze cattle on land that LaVoy had contracted with the BLM to graze on. [Link]
  • In an interview with Sean Hannity, Julian Assange says that the DNC/Podesta Emails were not given to WikiLeaks from Russia. [Link]
  • A prison riot in Brazil leaves 56 people dead. Prisons in Brazil are extremely overcrowded and rival drug gangs are currently at war in the prisons. [Link]
  • Syrian rebels have frozen their involvement in peace deal talks. The rebels complain of violations of the ceasefire by the Syrian government. [Link] Syria Fyle
  • Russia provided Turkish forces with air support as they are fighting to retake al-Bab from ISIS. This shows how Turkish and Russian relations have improved in Syria. [Link] ISIS War Fyle
  • ISIS targeted a market and hospital with car bombs in Baghdad killing 35 people. ISIS has hit Baghdad with several terror attacks in the past week. [Link] ISIS War Fyle

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