News Roundup 12/5/16

  • Trump picks Ben Carson to be Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. [Link] Trump Fyle
  • Air B&B settles its lawsuit with New York City. New York City passed a law that will fine people for advertising their apartments for less than a 30-day stay. Air B&B dropped the suit when NYC agreed not to fine Air B&B. NYC will still fine the hosts who publish the apartments. [Link] Bill of Rights Fyle
  • The Army Corp of Engineers denies a permit needed to complete the Dakota Access Pipeline. This will require the company to reroute the pipeline or hope Donald Trump changes the ruling on the permit once he takes office. [Link]
  • 2,000 vets are in North Dakota to protect the pipeline protesters. The vets plan to act as a human shield between the protesters and police. [Link]
  • An Italian referendum to change the constitution failed by a nearly 60/40 margin. The referendum was pushed by Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. After the referendum failed, Renzi announced he will resign. [Link]
  • In an interview, Edward Snowden criticizes General David Petraeus for disclosing more highly classified information than he did. General Petraeus gave the information to his mistress. Petraeus never spent time in jail and is now being considered for Secretary of State. [Link] Whistleblower Fyle
  • The CIA-backed Syrian rebels fear they will lose support from the CIA when Trump becomes president. The rebels are strengthening ties with Saudi Arabia and Al-Qaeda as a response. [Link] Syria Fyle

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