News Roundup 12/20/16

  • Trump nominates Vincent Viola to be Secretary of the Army. Viola was a paratrooper and currently owns an NHL team. [Link] Trump Fyle
  • Donald Trump officially wins the election after the Electoral College voted for him yesterday. Ron Paul received one electoral vote. [Link] Trump Fyle
  • The FDA will decide if Nutella is a dessert or a product like a jam or jelly. If Nutella is a product like a jam or jelly, the serving size can change. [Link] Regulations Fyle
  • Congressmen Justin Amash and Walter Jones write a letter to President Obama asking for Obama to have Congress briefed on the evidence of Russian hacking. [Link]
  • The Hemp Industries Association is looking at legal action against the DEA for the DEA rescheduling CBD oil to a schedule 1 drug. [Link] War on Drugs Fyle
  • President Obama granted clemency to 231 people on Monday. This set a record for the most acts of clemency granted in a single day. Obama has given clemency to over 1,100 people while in office. Most of the people Obama has granted clemency to have been low-level drug dealers serving long sentences. [Link] War on Drugs Fyle
  • The city of New Orleans settles police brutality cases from Hurricane Katrina for $13.3 million. [Link] Police Fyle
  • Dozens of Cuban migrants land in Florida. Cuban migrants who land in the United States get to remain in the country. [Link] Immigration/Refugee Fyle
  • The Russian Ambassador to Turkey was shot in the back by an off-duty Turkish police officer. After shooting the Ambassador, the shooter yelled: “Don’t forget Aleppo.” The shooter was killed. Five members of the shooter’s family and his roommate have been detained by police. The US has closed 3 of its missions in Turkey. [Link] Turkey Fyle
  • At least 12 people have been killed by a truck driving into a Christmas market in Berlin. The attack is being called an act of terror, and the driver of the truck has been identified as a 23-year-old asylum seeker from Pakistan. While investigating the attack, police have raided a hanger at an airport that is being used as a refugee camp. [Link]
  • The evacuation of civilians from Aleppo is going more smoothly than in the past week. At least 7,000 have been evacuated. [Link] Syria Fyle
  • Kurdish forces have taken 5 villages North of  Raqqa from ISIS. This is part of the operation to surround Raqqa and liberate the city from ISIS. [Link] ISIS Fyle
  • Cluster bombs made in the UK and sold to Saudi Arabia have been used by Saudi Arabia in Yemen. [Link] Saudi Arabia admits to using the weapons and agrees to stop using them. [Link] US/Saudi War Against Yemen Fyle

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