News Roundup 11/28/16

  • At least seven journalists have been arrested while covering the North Dakota pipeline protests. The Army Corps of Engineers has also set up a “free speech zone” further away from the pipeline than the current protests. The “free speech zone” is an area where the protests would be allowed to protest. [Link] Bill of Rights Fyle
  • Israel is ordering another 17 F-35s. This will bring their total number of F-35s to over 50. [Link] Israel Fyle
  • In Libya, Islamic State fighters continue to hold out in the city of Sirte. Libyan officials announced they were close to victory last month and fighters were forced into a small area. [Link] Libya War 2016 Fyle
  • Obama expands the War on Terror to include Somalia. Obama has added the Somalian group al-Shabaab to the list of terror groups “perpetrators of 9/11,” and this gives the US Government the authority to attack the group under the AUMF 2001. One issue with adding al-Shabaab to the list of “perpetrators of 9/11” is the group did not exist until 2007. [Link] Africa Fyle
  • The Syrian government made two deals with Syrian rebels over the weekend. The rebels agreed to leave areas around the Syrian capital in exchange for safe passage to areas further North. [Link] Syria Fyle
  • The Syrian government continues to make gains in Aleppo. The government captured three districts over the weekend. [Link] Syria Fyle
  • The Syrian government captured another district Sunday night, bringing the weekend total to 4. This is a significant victory as it splits the rebel-held areas of Aleppo. [Link] Syria Fyle



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