News Roundup 1/4/17

  • Attorney General Sessions will change guidance policy to allow US federal prosecutors to go after marijuana distributors in states where it is legal. [Link]
  • James Risen tells his story of battling the New York Times and government to publish important stories. [Link] Marcy Wheeler explains why she left the Intercept. [Link]
  • At least 31 people were killed in protests in Honduras following the presidential election in November. [Link]
  • North and South Korea have reopened border hotline. [Link]
  • A US soldier was killed in Afghanistan. [Link]
  • Matt Purple explains why sanctions will not help in Iran. [Link]
  • Three Iranian intelligence agents were killed during protests. [Link]
  • Norway suspends weapon sales to the UAE over concerns the weapons will be used in war crimes in Yemen. [Link]

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