News Roundup 1/2/18

  • A Las Vegas woman has been exonerated after serving 16 years for a murder she did not commit. [Link]
  • Kansas SWAT kill a man after they were sent to fake crime as a prank. [Link] Police Fyle
  • A Kansas police officer who murdered a fleeing man will not face charges for his crime. [Link] Police Fyle
  • Mike Maharrey explains how state and local activism can help bring justice to those who tortured innocent people. [Link]
  • Facebook will delete the account of people sanctioned by the US. [Link]
  • Rex Tillerson writes a new foreign policy op ed. [Link]
  • Gareth Porter explains how the Bush Administration created the problem the US now faces with North Korea. [Link]
  • Russia bars Putin critic Alexi Navalny from running for president. [Link] Russia Fyle
  • The Islamic State claims responsibility for a terror attack in Russia. [Link] Russia Fyle
  • Putin tells Assad he will continue to defend Syrian sovereignty. [Link] Russia Fyle
  • Health care workers in Rohingya refugee camps lack the medical supplies to combat an outbreak of diphtheria. [Link]
  • The State Department releases a statement supporting anti-government protests in Iran. [Link] The Iranian government says four protesters have been killed. [Link] Jason Ditz puts the death toll at 13, including one police officer killed. [Link] Protesters have targeted some police stations and military bases. [Link] Moon of Alabama reacts. [Link] Iran Fyle
  • The Iran deal will face several political challenges in January. [Link] Iran Fyle
  • Police in Tehran will no longer enforce the 1979 dress code on women. [Link] Iran Fyle
  • Patrick Cockburn makes the case that 2018 will bring an end to wars in Iraq and Syria. [Link]

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