New Roundup 4/28/17

  • This article looks at how Trump has adopted a neoconservative foreign policy since becoming president. [Link] Trump Fyle 
  • Justian Raimondo writes an article on how he feels betrayed by Trump. Raimondo feels Trump has violated several important campaign promises. [Link] Trump Fyle
  • Rep Adam Schiff has introduced a bill that will give the president an Authorization of Use of Military Force against the Taliban, ISIS, and al- Qaeda. [Link] Foreign Policy Fyle
  • The USS Michigan is now positioned off the coast of North Korea. The nuclear-powered submarine has the ability to get elite special operations teams onto land quickly. [Link] North Korea Fyle
  • Two US service members were killed fighting ISIS in the Nangarhar Province on Wednesday. [Link] Afghanistan Fyle
  • The US will be sending 1,500 troops to Afghanistan. [Link] Afghanistan Fyle
  • A US drone strike has killed seven people in Pakistan. One of the dead is claimed to be the commander of the Pakistani Taliban. [Link] Pakistan/India Fyle
  • Russia condemned the Israeli air strikes against Assad. [Link] Syria Fyle
  • Nikki Haley condemns Russia for supporting Syria. Haley suggested to the international community to put more pressure on Russia so Russia, will put more pressure on Assad. [Link] Syria Fyle
  • In the Idlib Province of Syria, two hospitals were bombed killing several people. Russia or Syria most likely carried out the attack. [Link] Syria Fyle

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