Marco’s Bad Ad

Marco Rubio’s campaign released their first TV ad.  The ad is thirty seconds of Marco looking into the camera and informing us on the dangerousness of Muslims. Marco gives us his view on the Middle East. He sees it as an US versus THEM struggle. He claims they hate us for our freedom. Marco’s view of the conflict in the Middle East is wrong.

Marco’s first statement is, “This is a civilizational struggle, between the values of freedom and liberty and radical Islamic terror”. Calling it a civilizational struggle seems to be misleading at best. Anyone who hears it’s a civilizational struggle will come to believe either the Americans win or the Muslims win. To avoid sounding racist Marco hedges his statement by saying the conflict is between Liberty and Freedom (The West) and Islamic terror. But Islamic terror is not civilizational. The number of Muslims that are also terrorists is extremely small.

Marco next tells us, “what happened in Paris can happen here.” This is Marco’s warning to the American people. He is telling us if we do not win the civilizational struggle those attacks will happen here, too.

He then continues to tell us, “these aren’t disgruntled or dis-empowered people. These are radical terrorist who want to kill us, because we let women drive because we let little girls go to school”. Marco pushes that there can be no way to stop the terrorists, but to kill all of them and their culture. He ensures us that the reason people are terrorists are not because they are jobless and poor or forced to live in a country where you can be bombed for no reason at any time and when the bomb lands on an innocent person there is no chance for justice. The terrorists are terrorists because they see our women driving and girls going to school and cannot contain their rage. However, terrorist attack other Middle Eastern counties as well, who do not grant women these rights. Also Russia allows girls to go to school and women to drive, yet ISIS did not attack Russia until Russia started bombing ISIS.

Marco’s final point is that we cannot negotiate, it’s us or them. Here Marco takes any diplomacy off the table and says this war will be won with bombs and bullets. However we have been bombing and shooting terrorists since 9/11 and we have more today than ever. Marco is just giving us the same medication and saying this time it will work, even though it made us worse in the past.

Marco is blind to the real problem in the Middle East. We cannot continue to keep trying to spread democracy with our bombs and bullets. We must realize that dropping bombs on terrorists that live in cities will only create more terrorism. We must notice that every time we arm one group to fight another, we end up having to fight the group we armed, too.

Marco’s vision of and plan for shows just how unqualified he is to be president. He is using the same policy as the past two presidents have used and does not even realize it. If we want to stop terrorism we must stop making it out to be civilizational and realize that Islamic terrorism is a response to our policy of indiscriminate bombing throughout the Middle East.

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