Libya Fyle


  • Slaves are now being bought and sold in open markets in Libya. [Link]


  • The US will keep ground troops in Libya for the foreseeable future to combat ISIS and support US-backed forces. [Link]


  • In Libya, General Haftar has retaken oil fields from Islamic militia forces. Haftar seized the oil fields from Libyan Unity Government located in Tripoli months ago. [Link]


  • Heavy fighting continues in Benghazi between Islamic militias and forces controlled by General Haftar. [Link]


  • Heavy fighting has started around Libyan oil fields. The Islamist Benghazi Defense Brigade is carrying out attacks against old fields held by General Hifter. [Link]


  • In Libya, women and children are being beaten, raped, starved, and forced into prostitution. Refugees seeking to get to Europe are being put into detention centers that are forced labor camps. Nearly half of women and children migrants report some kind of sexual abuse or rape, a third of the time from someone in military uniform. [Link]


  • US stealth bombers spend 30 hours in the air and drop 100 bombs on an ISIS camp in Libya. The US government reports that 80 Islamic State members were killed in the attack. The US ended its operations in Libya over a month ago. [Link]


  • Fighting continues between rival governments in Libya. The National Salvation government seized three buildings in Tripoli from the UN-backed government. [Link]


  • Military planes from the military force in East Libya attacked a plane from forces representing Western Libya. The country has had multiple competing governments and military forces since Gaddafi was killed in 2011. Some are concerned this attack is a sign that more fighting will come between the competing militias. [Link]


  • The US announced that its campaign in Libya to defeat ISIS is over. The campaign started in August, and the US used about 500 airstrikes against ISIS. In the statements, the US government did say that the US will continue to support the Libyan Unity Government’s fight ISIS. [Link]


  • An Islamic State suicide bomber kills 8 near Benghazi. [Link]


  • In Libya, the city Sirte has been liberated from ISIS. The US intervened in Libya with Operation Odyssey Lightning were the US dropped nearly 500 bombs on the city. Despite the initial operation objective being completed the US government says the mission is ongoing and plans to continue to provide support to troops fighting ISIS. [Link]


  • The UAE is conducting airstrikes in Libya. The airstrikes have resulted in multiple civilian deaths. [Link]


  • In Libya, the city of Sirte ISIS is nearly defeated. ISIS is holding out in about 10 more buildings. The US conducted nearly 500 airstrikes in support of the offensive. [Link]


  • The Islamic State in Libya has almost lost in Sirte. The Islamic State now holds about 2 square blocks of the city. [Link]
  • Militias are fighting for control of Libya’s capital city, Tripoli. [Link]


  • In Libya, Islamic State fighters continue to hold out in the city of Sirte. Libyan officials announced they were close to victory last month and fighters were forced into a small area. [Link]


  • 20 people have been killed and 50 wounded in a tribal conflict in Libya. The conflict started when a pet monkey attacked a high school girl. [Link]


  • IS fighters in Sirte, Libya are nearly defeated. Six months after the offensive began to retake the city from IS, IS now only hold about a half of a square mile of the city. The offensive has been backed by US air support. [Link]


  • The UN-backed government in Libya has no power. The Prime Minister has been unable to unite the country, restart the economy, or travel outside of the Eastern part of the country. [Link]


  • US carried out 36 airstrikes in Libya from Friday to Saturday. The strikes targeted IS fighters who control Sirte. [Link]


  • In Libya, a second government has formed and is attempting a coup against the UN backed government. The UN backed government is currently meeting the the neighboring country of Tunisia. The new government is led by Khalifa al-Ghwell and captured several government building in Tripoli.  The UN backed government is calling on militants to throw the coup members out of Tripoli. Libya’s Parliament, based in Tobruk, will meet Monday, but is expected to not take a side between the governments. [Link]


  • America’s most recent intervention enters its third month. So far, the US has dropped over 200 airstrikes in an attempt to liberate Sirte. [Link]


  • The US and Libyan Unity Government continue its operations to remove ISIS from the city of Sirte. Reports from the Libyan Unity Government are that 18 more ISIS fighters are dead, but they have not made any progress. [Link]


  • A CIA supported faction in Libya seized oil fields from the UN/US backed Libya Unity Government. The Petroleum Facilities Guard was assigned by the Libyan Unity Government to protect the oil fields. The fields were taken by  General Hifters troops. General Hifter is a supported by the CIA. [Link]


  • The UN-Supported Libyan Unity Government is firing at Doctors Without Borders aid boats. The boat was in the area in an attempt to rescue migrants who try to flee across the Mediterranean Sea and end up at risk of drowning. The Libyan government admits to firing warning shots at the DWB boat, but DWB reports that rounds hit their aid boat. [Link]


  • On August 1st Obama announced a 30 day war in Libya, today he has announced he will extend the war for another 30 days. Obama has made both of these moves without approval from Congress. Obama has not announced goals for the war or announced at what point the US would see the mission as over. This leads many to expect the war will indefinitely continue into the future. [Link]


  • The US is currently fighting a air war in Libya to support the Unity Government in Libya. The Libyan Parliament voted “no confidence” in the Unity Government. This is unlikely to stop the US from waging a war to support the Unity Government. [Link]


  • After the US launches airstrikes in Libya, the Libyan army is “resting” and have no plans to take more ground. The US also has no timetable on the Libyan intervention. It appears progress in Libya will be slow. [Link]


  • Obama starts a new war in Libya. The President is claiming that he has the authority to start this war under the Authorization of Use of Military Force 2001. The AUMF 2001 was the congressional act that allowed the US to target The Taliban and Al-Qaeda. It is very unclear how Obama can stretch the meaning of the 2001 AUMF to such lengths, but the media is unwilling to pressure him on this. [Link]