Jihadists are Environmental Terrorists

Bernie Sanders stood by his statement from Saturdays DNC debate that global warming is caused by terrorism. You can watch him in this video.  Bernie’s argument is that global warming fuels terrorism and even uses it to explain the Paris terrorism attack.  Most might simply dismiss this as Bernie saying something crazy, but this argument is catching on. Even  Hillary and O’Malley have agreed that terrorism is in some part caused by global warming.

The first problem with this argument is that Bernie is applying possible future events to a current crisis. He says that global warming is “going to” cause droughts. Not that this has already happened and that people have already been relocated, but this might happen. He then takes that idea and attributes it to why the attacks in Paris happened.  For Bernie’s argument to explain what happened in Paris it would mean that drought would have to have already been so significant in Syria to cause people to relocate to cities and become radicalized. Even Bernie does not claim this occurred.

Now let’s look at how Bernie claims people become radicalized. Bernie argues that after farms close down and people will move to cities and not have jobs. Bernie’s argument is dehumanizing to Muslims, as it claims Muslims become jihadists due to boredom and unemployment. This argument also overlooks the fact that most of the wealth in the counties that jihadists come from are oil rich countries.  Moving away from oil will cause more unemployment and loss of wealth in these countries than global warming.

Bernie also claims that drought will lead to border conflicts and land battles in the future. However border conflicts and land battles are already occurring. Just look at Syria where Al Qaeda controls some area, the government controls some, ISIS has most of the east of the country and the Kurds have a growing land mass in the North. None of this was caused by global warming. It was caused by our bombs destabilizing the region and leading to mass migration.

This argument by Bernie shows how he is no better than any other candidate. He is just another hack pandering for votes. He knows full well that he cannot blame today’s terrorism on tomorrow’s global warming. He makes this argument because he wants to score points on the left and because he is too afraid to speak truth to power.

If Bernie were a honest man, than he would point to the US bombs that fall, not on terrorist, but on women and children. It’s well known that the US intervention in the Middle East is the best recruitment tool the terrorists use. Bombing of wedding and the strafing of doctors and patients as the flee from a hospital will radicalize far more people than a dry spring ever will.

It’s time to take a honest look at what has occurred in the Middle East since we started out interventions there. No one can honestly argue we are safer today than we were back then. We have made a mess of things and every “fix” we have tried only made matters worse.

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