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  • Pence says US embassy in Jerusalem to open by end of next year. [Link]


  • Trump threatens to cut aid to any country that votes against the US on a UN vote resolution about the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. [Link]
  • Israel continues to detain a 16-year-old Palestinian girl who documented Israeli soldiers coming on to her families property and forcing them to leave. [Link]
  • Palestinians continue to protest Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. The Israel military is starting to use more violence in suppressing the protesters. [Link]


  • Israeli police shot and killed two Palestinians in protests. One of the men killed had lost his legs and was wheelchair bound. [Link]
  • Palestinians continue to protest Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. The Israeli military continues to crack down on the protests and has started to arrest community leaders. [Link]


  • Palestinians continue to protest the US moving the capital/embassy to Jerusalem. [Link] At least four have been killed by Israeli airstrikes and gunfire. [Link] Eric Margolis on Trump recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. [Link]  The EU will push Jerusalem as a capital of Palestine. [Link]
  • Israel has destroyed 410 Palestinian structures in 2017. Over 600 people have been displaced. [Link]


  • Israel is attempting to block a UN report condemning Israel’s settlements. [Link]
  • Israel looks to pass a law to protect Prime Minister Netanyahu from corruption charges. [Link]


  • Israel plans to deport 40,000 African migrants. [Link]
  • Israel moves to block a UN report criticizing Israel for building settlements. [Link]


  • A new House bill will provide oversight of US aid to Israel. The bill hopes to prevent US aid from going to abusing Palestinian children. [Link]


  • Israel will destroy a Palestinian village and displace 300 people. [Link]


  • Israel tells diplomats to follow Saudi Arabia’s narrative on Lebanon’s prime minister resigning. [Link]


  • Israel’s Public Defense Minister announces the creation of a new police force to guard the Temple Mount. The new police force will have 200 members. [Link]


  • The Israeli government approved the building of another 3,700 settlement homes. [Link]


  • In a UN speech, the Palestinian president said a one-state solution in an option. [Link]


  • The US opened its first official military base on Israeli soil. [Link]


  • Isreali settlers destroyed 70 Palestinian olive trees in two raids. [Link]


  • Israeli military planes flew low over Lebanon. When the planes broke the sound barrier it caused damage on the ground. [Link]


  • The Israeli government revoked the press credentials of an Al-Jazeera journalist for being biased in favor of Palestinians. [Link]


  • Protests continue at the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and 113 people were injured on Thursday. Israel removed metal detectors and security cameras that were installed at the mosque after a shooting on July 14. [Link]


  • The UN warns of escalation if there is not a solution to the unrest over the Al-Aqsa Mosque by Friday. [Link]
  • Israel removed the metal detectors at the Al-Aqsa Mosque. The Israeli government then put up security cameras at the mosque. A Muslim cleric is calling for the removal of the cameras. [Link]


  • Israel is removing metal detectors from around the Al-Aqsa Mosque. [Link]


  • Protests in Israel has left six people dead. [Link] A video from the protest shows an Israeli police officer kicking a praying man. [Link]


  • The Israeli president was caught on a hot mic saying the EU’s policy on Israel is crazy. The president also admitted to dozens and dozens of Israeli strikes against Hezbollah in Syria. [Link]


  • Israel reopens the Al Aqsa Mosque with new metal detectors. The site was closed after the shooting of two Israeli police. [Link]


  • Israel and Palestine agreed to a US-brokered water deal. [Link]


  • The last power plant in Gaza has turned off due to a lack of fuel. The Palenstianas who live in Gaza will not have electricity until fuel imports resume. [Link]


  • UNESCO made the Cave of the Patriarchs or al-Ibrahimi mosque a Palestinian heritage site. The decision by UNESCO enraged some the in Israeli government who called UNESCO anti-Semitic and called on the US to end funding to UNESCO. [Link]


  • In 2016, Israel destroyed nearly 200 Palestinian homes and displaced over 1,200 people. Isreal destroyed several homes to punish family members of suspected attackers. [Link]


  • Israel approved 800 homes in Jewish areas of East Jerusalem. [Link]


  • Three Palestinians attacked Israeli police officers with knives. All three attackers and one policewoman were killed. ISIS and Hamas have both claimed responsibility for the attack. Israel claims the attackers were an isolated cell. [Link]


  • The Israeli government is cutting the electricity to Gaza by 40% at the request of the leader of the Palestinian Authority. Leadership believes this move will help to reduce support for Hamas. Citizens of Gaza will have about 45 fewer minutes of electricity each day. Residents of Gaza already do not have electricity about 75% of the time. [Link]


  • Israel announces 2,600 new settlement homes will be built in the West Bank. [Link]


  • The Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories is devastating to the economy. 18% of people in the West Bank and 42% of people in Gaza are unemployed. [Link]


  • The Israeli government is upset with the US after a diplomat pointed out that the Western Wall is in territory occupied by Israel. [Link]


  • Israel’s leader is pushing a new bill that will make Israel a Jewish state. Critics of the bill warn that it will make Palestinians second-class citizens. [Link]


  • Israel withholds $1 million from the UN after a UN organization votes that Israel’s claim to Jerusalem is null and void. [Link]


  • Israel plans to build 15,000 new settlement homes in East Jerusalem. [Link]


  • Israel is adopting a policy of unconstrained settlement growth in Palestinian territory. [Link]


  • Israel rejects the US request for a freeze in building some settlements. [Link]


  • The Israeli Defense Minister threatens to destroy Syrian government anti-aircraft weapons. [Link]


  • A senior UN official resigned after the UN pulled a report labeling Israel as an apartheid regime. The UN official said the UN was pressured to pull the report by powerful UN members. [Link]


  • A new Isreali law bars supporters of the BDS movement from entering Israel. [Link]


  • Israel carried out five airstrikes on Gaza after Hamas reportedly fired some rockets into Israel. Four people in Gaza were reported to be injured by the Israeli airstrikes. Isreal also carried out airstrikes in Syria against the Syrian army. The Syrian army troops that were targeted were moving weapons to Hezbollah. [Link]


  • An Israeli court sentenced an Israeli soldier to 18 months in prison. The soldier executed an unarmed and wounded Palenstienin man who was lying in the street. [Link]
  • The Israeli government has plans to build a road in East Jerusalem that will require the destruction of 57 Palestinian homes. The road will connect Israeli settlements. Only Israeli settlers will be able to use the road. [Link]


  • Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is pulling back on some settlement expansion after meeting with Trump. [Link]


  • US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley says that the US is committed to a two-state solution for Israel. [Link]


  • In a joint press conference with the Israeli Prime Minister, Trump said he was perfectly fine with a one state solution in Israel. Trump also suggested that Israel hold back on settlement expansion. [Link]


  • Israel withdrew its Ambassador to Egypt at the end of last year. The move was done quietly and was not reported. Isreal reports the move was made out of safety concerns. [Link]


  • Hamas has named Yehiya Sinwar to be the leader in Gaza. Sinwar was a top military commander for Hamas and was imprisoned in Israel until a 2011 prisoner swap freed him. Sinwar is seen as a hardliner. [Link]


  • The Israeli bill that retroactively legalized 4,000 settlement homes that were built on privately owned Palestinian land, will also allow the Israeli government to seize Palestinian land in the future and give it to Isreali settlers. [Link]


  • A 16-year-old Palensitenian girl has been sentenced to six months in prison after Israeli authorities found a knife in her bag. They accused the girl of wanting to carry out resistance actions. The girl has already spent 14 months in prison waiting for trial. [Link]
  • Israel passed a law legalizing 4,000 settlers homes built on privately owned Palensitenian land. [Link]


  • Israel announces another 3,000 home settlement to be built in the Westbank. [Link]


  • Israel approves a new 2,500 home settlement in the West Bank. [Link]


  • Palestinians in the Gaza Strip only have power for four hours each day. Some people are starting to protest the Hamas government to turn the power back on. Part of the problem is that nearly 70% of consumers do not pay their electric bill. [Link]


  • Obama publically criticizes Israel for settlement building in the West Bank. Obama says the settlements are making a two-state solution impossible. [Link]


  • An Israeli soldier who killed a dying man in the street was convicted of manslaughter. The man had attacked Israeli soldiers but was wounded, unarmed, and laying on the ground at the time he was executed by the soldier. [Link]
  • After the conviction of the Israeli soldier was announced, protests broke out in Israel. The protesters were upset the soldier was convicted. [Link]


  • John Kerry gives a speech criticizing Israeli settlements. Kerry explains that settlements threaten the possibility of a two-state solution. [Link] Israeli’s Prime Minister Netanyahu condemns Kerry’s speech saying it is biased against Israel.


  • In response to the UN resolution condemning Israeli settlements in Palestine, Israel has cut all civilian and diplomatic ties with Palestinian Authority. Palestine did not get to vote on the UN resolution. [Link]


  • The UN Security Council votes 14-0 to condemn the Israeli settlements built in the occupied territories. The US abstained from the vote. [Link]


  • Israel is moving forward with a bill that will legalize illegal settlements in the West Bank. The settlements are illegal because they were built on privately owned Palestinian land. [Link]


  • Israel is ordering another 17 F-35s. This will bring their total number of  F-35s to over 50. [Link]


  • A bill in the Israel parliament aimed to silence the Muslim call to prayer is back on the table after it was amended to exclude the  Jewish Shabbat siren. The bill had been blocked by an Orthodox Jewish party when they feared the bill would also force them to silence their Jewish Shabbat siren. [Link]


  • People in Jerusalem are protesting the proposed ban on using loudspeakers for the call to prayer. To protest, people are going on rooftops and reciting the call to prayer. Churches in Nazareth are showing solidarity by broadcasting the night call to prayer. [Link]


  • A bill to create a law that would have banned Masques using loudspeakers for calls to prayer has likely been blocked. Members of the ultra-Orthodox United Torah Judaism party appealed the bill. [Link]


  • Israel moves closer to passing legislation that would ban the use of loudspeakers at places of worship. The law is believed to target mosques who have predawn calls to prayer. [Link]
  • Israel is one step closer to passing a bill that would retroactively legalize Jewish settlements on seized privately owned Palestinian land. [Link]


  • Facebook agrees to work with Israel on censoring content. [Link]
  • Israel’s defense minister said that in the next war against Gaza militants “we will completely destroy them.”


  • Israel has quadrupled its construction of settlements in the West bank in the past year. The growth of settlements will make a two state solution more difficult. [Link]


  • The Obama Administration condemns Israeli plans to build a new settlement in the West Bank. [Link]


  • Israel will not allow election in the Gaza Strip. [Link]


  • Israeli forces have denied a Palenstein women with breast cancer the right to travel. The women needs to travel through checkpoints to receive cancer treatment. [Link]


  • Trump meets with Israeli President Netanyahu. The big story to come out of the meeting is Trump would support Jerusalem as being the unified capital of Israel. This is a shift in US policy on Israel. [Link]


  • An unarmed 13 year old Palestinian girl is shot by an Israeli guard after she did not stop at a checkpoint. After being shot and wounded the girl reported she wanted to die. [Link]


  • Israel trades rocket fire with Hamas. No casualties have been reported. [Link]


  • The Israeli Government is working with Facebook on determining what to censor in Israel. The Israeli Government is working on legislation to support the censorship. The censorship will likely be directed at Palestinians who believe that social media posts have incited a wave of violence. [Link]
  • US and Israel agree to a record aid deal. The US will send Israel $38 Billion over the next 10 years. Israel agreed to not persuit another aid deal during this deal, unless Israel is at war. [Link]