ISIS War Fyle


  • Putin announces a significant portion of Russia’s troops from Syria. [Link]
  • In Iraq, leading Shi’ite leaders are calling for Shi’ite militias to disarm and allow government forces to take control of their territory. [Link]
  • Max Abrams explains how the pundits were wrong about Assad and ISIS. [Link]
  • Moon of Alabama explains how US troops will be pushed to leave Syria now that ISIS has been defeated. [Link]


  • Putin declares victory over ISIS in Syria. [Link]


  • The Pentagon drastically undercounted civilian deaths in the War Against ISIS in October. [Link]


  • US airstrikes are causing 31 times more civilian deaths than claimed by the US. [Link] One in every five airstrikes hits a civilian. [Link]
  • The Iraqi army has seized the last urban area held by ISIS. [Link]
  • An IS suicide bomber killed 20 near Deir Ezzor. [Link]


  • BBC documents the deal cut between the US/SDF and ISIS. The deal allowed IS fighters, including foreign fighters, to escape the city of Raqqa. EHSANI22 claims IS allowed the SDF to take the Omar oil fields in exchange. [Link] [Link]


  • ISIS lost control of their last stronghold in Syria. ISIS only controls a few villages in Syria. [Link]


  • The Syrian Army has liberated Deir Ezzor city from the Islamic State. [Link]


  • The Syrian army continues to liberate areas around Deir Ezzor from the Islamic State. Around 1,500 civilians remain in IS-held areas of the city. The Syrian army and allied forces continue to kill civilians with bombs. [Link]


  • ISIS kills 70 civilians in a Syria town. [Link]


  • Eric Margolis on the rise and fall of ISIS. [Link]
  • US backed forces in Syria have been ordered to kill foreign Islamic State fighters. [Link]


  • Airwars estimates more than 1,800 civilians were killed in the battle for Raqqa. The US coalition is responsible for more than 1,300 civilian deaths. [Link]


  • The Syrian Arab Army is quickly advancing against the Islamic State in the Deir Ezzor Province. [Link]


  • US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces allowed 275 Islamic State fighters and their family members leave Raqqa. The SDF now plan their final assault on the remaining Islamic State fighters in Raqqa. [Link]


  • The Islamic State seized several villages from al-Qaeda linked Syrian rebels in the Hama Province of Syria. [Link]


  • The Islamic State has released audio of the group’s leader Baghdadi. The audio makes reference to recent events. [Link]


  • US-backed forces have recaptured 90% of Raqqa. 10,000 – 25,000 civilians remain in the city. [Link]
  • Airwars says more than 1,000 Raqqa civilians have been killed by coalition airstrikes since June. [Link] 433 civilians were killed int he month of August. [Link]
  • The US deputy commander of forces in Iraq said ISIS is collapsing faster than expected. [Link]


  • The Islamic State carried out an attack on a popular Shi’ite restaurant in Iraq killing at least 83. [Link]
  • An American, fighting for the Islamic State, has surrendered to Kurdish forces in Syria. [Link]
  • Russia is firing cruise missiles at Islamic State targets near Deir Ezzor. [Link]
  • US and Russian air strikes near Deir Ezzor have hit civilian targets and killed several civilians. [Link]


  • The Islamic State has released a new video showing ISIS fighters using US weapons. [Link]


  • The Iraqi forces are holding 1,300 women and children related to Islamic State fighters in a refugee camp. [Link]
  • The US destroyed an Islamic State prison in Syria near the border with Iraq. Five Islamic State fighters and 18 prisoners were killed in the attack. [Link]
  • At the request of Russia, the US has called off surveillance of a convoy of Islamic State fighters and their families who surrendered to Hezbollah. The convoy was traveling through Syria to Islamic state held territory in the east of the country when the US used airstrikes to prevent the convoy from continuing. The convoy has been stranded in the desert for the past several days. [Link] ISIS War Fyle
  • 34 civilians were killed by Russian airstrikes as the civilians attempted to flee Deir Ezzor. [Link]
  • The SDF have started an operation to retake northern Deir Ezzor Province from IS. The Syrian army recently broke the IS siege of Deir Ezzor. [Link]
  • Russia has used the country’s largest non-nuclear weapon on an Islamic State target outside of Deir Ezzor Syria. [Link]


  • The US dropped a record number of munitions on ISIS in August. [Link]
  • A group of Islamic State fighters and their families are stranded in the Syrian desert without food or water. The group agreed to a surrender with Hezbollah and were travels to a new location across Syria. The US says it does not agree to the surrender conditions and has bombed the road preventing the people from continuing. The US is also preventing aid from reaching the people. There are several women, children, and elderly people who will die soon. [Link]


  • The Syrian Army is securing a corridor into Deir Ezzor. [Link]


  • The US backed Syrian Democratic Forces claim to have taken the Old City neighborhood of Raqqa and now control 65% of the city of Raqqa. The Pentagon announced it cannot confirm these claims. [Link]
  • Syrian Arab Army forces are close to breaking a three year Islamic State siege of Deir Ezzor. The Islamic State controls part of the city and the area surrounding the city. [Link]


  • The Iraqi Army opened a corridor in Tel Afar to allow Islamic State fighters to flee the city. The Islamic State fighters leaving the city resulted in less destruction of the city. [Link]
  • The US admits to killing 61 civilians in Syria and Iraq in July. Airwars reports the number to be hundreds more. [Link]
  • The US continues to prevent some Islamic State fighters and their families from leaving an IS enclave on the Lebanon/Syrian border. Syria and the Islamic State fighters reached an agreement for the IS fighters to move to another area held by the Ismalic State. At least part of the Islamic State convoy was able to leave the IS enclave and is moving to another area of Syria. [Link]
  • Airwars estimates that at least 1,700 civilians have likely been killed by US airstrikes and artillery in Raqqa since March. The US munitions have also killed at least 150 children. [Link]
  • There is heavy fighting in central Syria as the Syrian Arab Army attempts to take the last Islamic State held town in the Hama Province. [Link]


  • The UN warns the US that the US is inflicting unacceptable civilians casualties in Raqqa. [Link]


  • The US Coalition used airstrikes to prevent ISIS from surrendering to Hezbollah and the Lebanese Army. The US Coalition said it used the airstrikes to prevent ISIS from surrendering because the US did not approve of the surrender terms. [Link]
  • In Raqqa, ISIS fighters are dressing as the US backed SDF forces to catch civilians who are attempting to flee the city. [Link]


  • Iraqi Army soldiers are reporting extremely difficult fighting in the villages around Tel Afar. The ISIS fighters fled Tel Afar when Iraqi troops advanced on the city and are now fighting in the villages around the city. [Link]


  • An Islamic State enclave on the Lebanon/Syria border has surrendered to the Lebanese Army and Hezbollah fighters. [Link]
  • The Intercept documents the high civilian death toll in Raqqa. Many of the deaths are being caused by US airstrikes. Some airstrikes are killing entire families. Many strikes are hitting civilian targets without any ISIS in the area. The US is also attacking all of the boats attempting to flee the city. [Link]


  • The Iraqi Army and allied forces now control most of Tel Afar. [Link]
  • The US says it will not change its bombing policy in the battle for Raqqa. Last week, the UN issued a statement because the US was killing so many civilians in Raqqa. [Link]
  • ISIS took the city of Maadan and several villages from the Syrian government. [Link]


  • 458 civilians have been killed by US airstrikes in Raqqa since June. 168 children are among those killed. [Link]


  • In 2016, ISIS was able to carry out over 1,400 terror attacks and kill over 7,000. ISIS was able to do this while losing territory. [Link] I


  • Patrick Cockburn writes on the extensive damage and lives lost in the battle for Mosul. [Link]
  • ISIS has set fire to oil wells near Tel Afar. [Link]
  • The US killed at least 100 civilians in Raqqa in two days. At least 19 of the dead are children. [Link]


  • 50,000 civilians are trapped in ISIS held Tel Afar. [Link]


  • US special operations forces will train the Lebanese Army to fight alongside Hezbollah against ISIS. The US is also providing the Lebanese Army with 32 armored vehicles. [Link]
  • US coalition airstrikes in Raqqa killed 59 civilians in three days. 21 children were among the dead. [Link]


  • The Iraqi Army, Shia militias, and the US coalition are beginning the invasion of Tel Afar, Iraq. US airstrikes have started to hit the city and, thousands of civilians are fleeing. [Link]


  • The Pentagon is making little to no effort to avoid civilians casualties in Raqqa. The Kurdish forces have made little progress in the past few weeks. The US Kurdish forces hold about 45% of the city. [Link]


  • The Iraqi Shi’ite Popular Mobilization Forces will participate in the battle for Tel Afar. The Popular Mobilization Forces were not involved in the battle for Mosul. [Link]
  • Two US soldiers have been killed in Iraq. ISIS is claiming to have killed the US troops east of Tel Afar. [Link]
  • The Syrian government continues to take territory from ISIS in central Syria. [Link]


  • The US coalition has killed 100s of civilians since starting a mission with SDF forces to retake Raqqa. At times, the US is killing multiple civilians to take out one ISIS fighter. [Link]
  • The UN says ISIS remains and capable and dangerous organization despite territorial losses. [Link]


  • The US carried out 4,300 airstrikes against ISIS in July. This is down from the June all time high of 4,850 airstrikes. [Link]


  • The UN estimates 25,000 people remain in ISIS held Raqqa. [Link]


  • In 24 hours, US airstrikes have killed 29 civilians in Raqqa. [Link]


  • On Saturday, US airstrikes killed 43 civilians in Raqqa. A US airstrike also damaged the Raqqa hospital last week. [Link]
  • The Syrian Arab Army has recaptured the last town in the Homs Province controlled by ISIS. This will allow the Syrian government to attack ISIS held Deir Ezzor. [Link]


  • Trump’s increased military intervention against ISIS has resulted in more civilians deaths. [Link]
  • Iraqi officials say 4,000 ISIS fighters and 3,000 supporters of ISIS remain in Iraqi. The officials also estimate there are 7,000 ISIS fighters and 5,000 supporters in Syria. [Link]


  • Iraqi army troops trained by the US committed war crimes in Mosul. [Link]
  • The US backed forces report to control half of Raqqa. [Link]
  • Fighting in Raqqa displaced 200,000 people since April 1st. [Link]
  • Robert Fisk writes an article on the Syrian Army’s fight against ISIS. [Link]
  • This article looks at the US coalitions impact on Syrian civilians. The coalition has bombed Syrian schools, hospitals, funeral, and fleeing civilians.  [Link]
  • The Syrian Arab Army is taking territory from ISIS in central Syria. The army is moving closer to the city of Deir Ezzor. [Link]


  • Iraqi soldiers admit to killing women and children in the final days of the assault on Mosul. [Link]
  • US coalition airstrikes killed at least 18 civilians in Raqqa in two days. [Link]


  • In Mosul, ISIS had access to dangerous materials but never used them. [Link]


  • General Mattis believes ISIS leader al-Baghdadi is still alive. [Link]
  • Patrick Cockburn writes on the main stream medias lack of coverage of the destruction of Mosul. [Link]
  • Morgues in Mosul are struggling to keep up with the number of dead bodies. [Link]


  • Patrick Cockburn reports up to 40,000 civilians were killed in the battle for Mosul. Cockburn’s article also details the problem of ISIS fighters being released after someone pays a bribe to Iraqi security forces. [Link]


  • Satellite photos show the destruction of Mosul. [Link]
  • The Pentagon spokesman said the SDF forces are taking heavy casualties in the fight for Raqqa. SDF forces are progressing slowly against the Islamic State fighters. [Link]


  • The US war against ISIS is killing 12 civilians a day. [Link]


  • The Pentagon expects ISIS to become an insurgency as it loses territory. [Link]
  • Several videos show Iraqi forces beating and killing detainees in Mosul. [Link]


  • Two Americans fighting ISIS in Syria have been killed near Raqqa. [Link]
  • Fighting in Mosul continues after victory over ISIS has been declared. Amnesty Internation reports that 5,800 civilians may have been killed by the US coalition in West Mosul. [Link]
  • The US confirmed that Special Forces are in the city of Raqqa. The US said the Special Forces are in non-combat roles and are calling in airstrikes. [Link


  • The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says the ISIS leader Baghdadi is dead. [Link] US Lt. Gen. Townsend said the US sees no sign that Baghdadi is alive. [Link]
  • Amnesty Internation says all sides of the war in Mosul committed war crimes. [Link]
  • Fighting in Mosul continues. The Iraqi Prime Minister declared victory over ISIS in Mosul. [Link]


  • An adviser to the governor of Nineveh province said that Mosul is completely destroyed. [Link]


  • Iraqi Prime Minister Abadi arrives in Mosul to declare victory over ISIS. There are still small pockets of ISIS fighters near the Tigris River in West Mosul. [Link]
  • Civilians in Raqqa are struggling to get water because of fighting in the city. The temperature can reach 114 degrees in the city. [Link]


  • Patrick Cockburn reports on the destruction inside of Mosul. [Link]
  • ISIS Fighters in Mosul launched a counterattack against the Iraqi army. In the counterattack, ISIS was able to take back 80 yards of Mosul from the Iraqi army and kill five Iraqi soldiers. [Link]
  • The US-led coalition fighting ISIS admits to killing 119 civilians in May. [Link]


  • The UN estimates 15,000-20,000 civilians remain in ISIS-held areas of Mosul. [Link]


  • Tensions are increasing between civilians and the Iraqi army in Mosul. An Iraqi Lt. Gen. said that all remaining civilians are related to ISIS fighters. [Link]
  • About 300 ISIS fighters remain in West Mosul. [Link]


  • The US is increasing its role in operations to defeat ISIS in Mosul. [Link]
  • The US hopes to remain in Iraq long after ISIS is defeated. [Link]
  • US troops outside of Raqqa are using advanced artillery. [Link]
  • US-backed forces have breached the wall surrounding the Old City of Raqqa. [Link]


  • Over 80% of West Mosul has been destroyed since operations to retake Mosul started. [Link]


  • The Iraqi army and coalition forces have taken the ruins of the al-Nuri Mosque from ISIS. The US says that victory in Mosul is days away. [Link]
  • The US-backed forces have completed surrounded ISIS in Raqqa. About 100,000 civilians remain inside IS held Raqqa. [Link]


  • The US killed at least 57 in an airstrike on an ISIS prison. 15 of these killed were jihadists. The rest of the dead were civilians. [Link]


  • An ISIS sleeper cell attacked in a liberated area of Mosul. The attacking ISIS fighter burned houses and caused 100s to flee. 15 ISIS fighters and several civilians were killed. [Link]


  • Civilians continue to flee ISIS-held Mosul. 100,000 civilian remain in the 1.2 sq. miles held by ISIS. [Link]
  • Iranian militias enter Deir Ezzor and are making progress against ISIS. [Link]


  • Russia’s Foreign Minister says that Russia believes the ISIS leader has been killed. Several reports in the past claimed the ISIS leader had been killed but turned out not to be true. [Link]


  • Wednesday night, the Grand al-Nuri Mosque in Mosul was destroyed by an explosion. ISIS is being held responsible for the explosion. ISIS claims a US weapon blew up the Mosque. [Link]
  • Iraqi security forces estimate that there are 500 ISIS fighters remaining in Mosul. [Link]
  • Civilians living in Mosul are facing terrible situations. ISIS is carrying out mass executions. Civilians caught fleeing are killed. Civilians who successfully leave the city risk ISIS killing their family members who did not escape. Many civilians do not have food or water. [Link]
  • Airwars now says at least 4,118 civilians have been killed by coalition airstrikes in the fight against ISIS. [Link]
  • SDF forces are moving in on the South side of Raqqa. The SDF is trying to surround the city. [Link]


  • Two journalists were killed by an explosion in Mosul. [Link]


  • General Dunford gives some details of the US annihilation tactics being used against ISIS. The new policy calls for ISIS to be pushed into a single location to be attacked. [Link]


  • One report claims 100,000 civilians remain in ISIS-held areas of Mosul. [Link] The UN says that about 150,000 people remain in ISIS-held Mosul. [Link]


  • At least 300 civilians have been killed by US airstrikes in Raqqa since March. [Link]
  • YPG fighters claim they now control area North, East, and West of Raqqa. [Link]
  • Assad-allied forces have reached the Raqqa Provence are now fighting ISIS there. [Link]


  • A UN war crimes investigator says there is a “staggering amount of civilian deaths” being caused by a US-supported invasion of Raqqa. [Link]
  • ISIS drones are targeting US special forces on advise and assist missions in Raqqa. [Link]


  • Iraqi forces claim they have taken a district from ISIS in Mosul. IS now controls two districts in Mosul. [Link]


  • Iraqi forces were able to repel an attack by ISIS on an area South of Mosul. An unknown number of civilians were killed in the fighting. [Link]
  • Bodies being dumped in government-controlled areas of Iraq suggest that Iraqi allied militias are carrying out extra-judicial killings. [Link


  • Around 180.000 civilians remain in the 1.5 square miles still held by ISIS in Mosul. [Link]
  • Videos show the US using white phosphorous in Mosul and Raqqa. The use of white phosphorous in populated areas is a war crime. [Link]
  • US-backed SDF forces have seized a second district from the Islamic State in Raqqa. [Link]


  • Patrick Cockburn argues that ISIS losing Mosul and Raqqa will not end the organization’s ability to carry out attacks. [Link]


  • SDF forces have established a foot-hold in Raqqa. SDF forces are starting to push into the East and West of the city. [Link]


  • A video has surfaced revealing Iraqi government war crimes in Mosul. The video shows the Iraqi government using white phosphorous in the city of Mosul. While white phosphorous is legal to use, it is a war crime to use it in an urban area. [Link]
  • 100,000 children remain in the IS-held areas of Mosul. [Link]
  • Splits are starting to emerge within the US coalition to fight ISIS. [Link]
  • 60% of the civilians killed in the US war against ISIS occurred under Trump’s command. [Link]
  • YPG forces announce the official beginning of the battle to retake Raqqa. [Link]


  • Iraqi PMFs seize nine villages from ISIS near the Iraq/Syria border. [Link]


  • The Syrian government continues to take ground from ISIS in the Aleppo province. [Link]


  • Journalists embedded within Mosul say they have passed dozens of dead bodies on the streets of Mosul. Some speculate that these people were killed by IS are they were escaping from the IS-held part of the city. [Link]
  • PMF forces took the town on Baaj from IS. Baaj lies on the Iraqi side of the Syria/Iraq border. [Link]
  • The Syrian army seized territory from ISIS near the road that connects Damascus to  Aleppo. The Syrian government also captured 22 villages in the Aleppo province from ISIS.  [Link]
  • SDF forces seized a key dam from ISIS fighters near Raqqa. [Link]
  • US airstrikes killed 43 people who were in an apartment complex in Raqqa. [Link]


  • On Tuesday, at least 200 civilians have been killed by airstrikes in Mosul. The airstrikes were carried out by the US-coalition and the Iraqi government. [Link]
  • The Iraqi government is banning civilians from wearing burqas. This is being labeled as a temporary move. ISIS fighters have used burqas to ambush Iraqi troops. [Link]


  • ISIS suicide bombers killed 31 people in Baghdad in a series of attacks. [Link]
  • ISIS fighters in Mosul are reinforcing areas around the Grand Mosque in preparation for a battle. [Link]
  • The US is dropping more bombs in Syria every month. The increase in attacks is leading to more civilians deaths. [Link]


  • General Mattis said the strategy used to fight ISIS in Iraq and Syria has changed to annihilation tactics. [Link]
  • The Iraqi government is dropping leaflets over Mosul warning civilians to flee. The Iraqi government initially told civilians to shelter in the city. The Iraqi military plans to operate a scorched earth campaign once the civilians are gone. [Link]
  • The US-led coalition is dropping leaflets over Raqqa. The leaflets warn civilians to flee or risk dying in the city. [Link]


  • US backed Shi’ite militias in Iraq are nearing the border with Syria. If the militias chase ISIS over the border, they could fight ISIS in Syria and support Assad. [Link]
  • The US-led coalition killed 20 civilians fleeing ISIS-held Raqqa. [Link]


  • A video shows Iraqi special forces torturing and killing suspected members of ISIS. [Link]
  • The US now admits to killing over 100 people in the March 17th attack in Mosul that killed up to 278 civilians. Before this admission, the Pentagon only admitted to killing 14 civilians in the attack. [Link]


  • NATO has agreed to join the anti-ISIS coalition. [Link]


  • Fighting in Mosul continues to progress slowly. Many civilians are still trapped in the ISIS-held areas of the city. [Link]


  • US Special Forces will receive 350 kamikaze drones to use in the fight against ISIS. [Link]


  • Top NATO officers are recommending that NATO formally enters the coalition to fight ISIS. [Link]


  • The US killed 38 civilians in a Syrian town near the Iraq border. The US has killed 87 civilians in airstrikes in the past five days. [Link]


  • In the fight for West Mosul, the Iraqi army has not made progress in weeks along the Southern battle lines. The Iraqi army has started a new operation in the North West of Mosul. [Link]
  • SDF forces are now fighting ISIS about 4 kilometers from the city of Raqqa. [Link]


  • During the war against ISIS, 17 Canadian bombs have missed their target. In at least two of these cases, civilians were killed. [Link]
  • SDF forces made a deal with ISIS fighters to allow ISIS fighters to leave the city of Tabqa. [Link]


  • Iraqi government forces continue to make small gains in Mosul. [Link]
  • The Trump Administration announced it will arm Kurdish forces as necessary to defeat ISIS in Raqqa. The US expects that the Kurdish fighters will return the weapons after ISIS is defeated. [Link]


  • ISIS has infiltrated a refugee camp on the border between Syria and Jordan. [Link]


  • ISIS fighters attacked a Peshmerga base near Kirkuk. The attack was repelled with the assistance of US air support. Two Peshmerga troops were killed in the attack. [Link]
  • Iraqi government troops are fighting ISIS on a new front in Mosul. The Iraqi troops are making little progress against ISIS in the heavily populated city. [Link]


  • At least 68 civilians have been killed by the Iraqi army bombing a school that was being used by displaced people in Mosul. At least 47 of the dead are women and children. [Link]
  • In the past week, ISIS lost ground to US-backed SDF forces and to the Assad government. [Link]


  • The Pentagon claims they are only responsible for 14 civilians deaths from an attack in Mosul on March 17th that killed over 200 civilians. [Link]
  • ISIS carried out an attack on an SDF position that left 46 dead. The attack involved a few ISIS fighters who detonated suicide vests after firing all their ammo. The attack targeted civilians who were in an SDF camp after fleeing ISIS-held territory. [Link]


  • A US service member has died from wounds caused by an explosive. The service member was a part of the US operation in Mosul. [Link]
  • US-backed SDF claims to have made a big gain against ISIS in Tabqa. The mission to take Tabqa is part of the operation to take Raqqa from ISIS. [Link]
  • The Pentagon releases a report that claims the US has only killed 350 civilians in its war against ISIS that started in August 2014. International watchdog groups estimate the number to be thousands more. [Link]


  • ISIS fighters in the Old City of Mosul dressed as Iraqi government forces and announced to civilians that they had driven ISIS from the area. 15 civilians who showed support for the Iraqi military were killed by the ISIS fighters. [Link]


  • ISIS Fighters disguised as Iraqi military kill at least ten members of the Iraqi military. [Link]
  • The US killed a family of eight with an airstrike in Syria. The family was fleeing a town held by ISIS. [Link]


  • Civilian casualties continue to increase in the US war against ISIS. [Link]


  • ISIS used chemical weapons against Iraqi military forces last week. [Link]


  • The civilians living in ISIS-held Mosul face a humanitarian catastrophe. Many civilians are only eating flour boiled in wheat grain water. [Link]


  • An airstrike in Eastern Syria kills at least 23 people including 13-20 civilians. The US coalition likely carried out the strike against an ISIS target. [Link]


  • Civilian casualties caused by the US war against ISIS is increasing. The US likely killed over 477 in March. [Link]


  • The US-coalition to retake Mosul has not made any meaningful progress in the past four weeks. [Link]


  • The US has no plans for what will happen in Mosul after ISIS is defeated. [Link]
  • ISIS shoots down an Iraqi army helicopter over Mosul. The two soldiers operating the helicopter were killed. [Link]
  • Patrick Cockburn that people in the Old City of Mosul are starving to death. People in Mosul say that civilians in the Old City have not received food aid in three weeks. The article also outlines how the US targets tarps covering homes and cars with drone strikes. [Link]
  • US-backed Kurdish forces are working to take the town of Tabqa from ISIS. [Link]


  • The number of dead from the US airstrike in Mosul has now increased to 278. People are still digging bodies out of the rubble and the number of dead could reach 300. [Link]
  • ISIS carried out an attack in Tikrit that killed 31. [Link]


  • The UN reports that over 300,000 people have been displaced Mosul since fighting started in October. [Link]
  • The US military now says they do not know where the ISIS leader Baghdadi is at. Officials had believed that Baghdadi was trapped in Mosul. [Link


  • Civilians have started to flee the ISIS capital of Raqqa. Civilians are looking to get out before the invasion of the city and because of fear the Tabaqa Dam breaking. [Link]
  • US officials report that four people were killed by US airstrikes in Iraq and Syria in February of 2017. International watchdog groups put the number several times higher. [Link]


  • The US-led coalition against ISIS has suffered 5,000 casualties in the battle for Mosul. [Link]
  • Syrian rebels have been able to seize areas in Southern Syria as ISIS retreats. [Link]


  • The US is dropping 500 bombs on Mosul each week. [Link]
  • US Generals warn that more civilians will die in Mosul. [Link]
  • The Syrian government took a small town from ISIS near Aleppo. The town was important to ISIS strength in the region. [Link]


  • US soldiers in Mosul have started to wear black uniforms to look more like Iraqi counterterrorism forces. [Link]
  • Between 200 and 300 additional US soldiers are moving into Mosul to aid in the fight against ISIS. [Link]
  • Kurdish forces are working to seize the town of Tabqa from ISIS. The town is near the Tabqa dam, that ISIS warns is near failure. [Link]


  • The US is sending more troops to Mosul to aid in the fight against ISIS. [Link]
  • Kurdish forces seize an important airbase outside of Raqqa. ISIS was in control of the airbase. [Link]


  • The US admits it carried out an airstrike on March 17th that killed up to 240 civilians in Mosul. The first estimates for the number killed in this strike were 130 dead. [Link]
  • The US is launching an investigation into the airstrike that killed up to 240 Iraqi civilians. [Link]
  • The Iraqi army is pausing its invasion of West Mosul because of the high number of civilian casualties. [Link]


  • The article details that crisis that awaits the children of Mosul as they fill the beds of emergency hospitals. [Link]
  • US airstrikes have killed over 230 civilians in a single neighborhood in Mosul. One strike alone destroyed a large building full of civilians killing 130. [Link]
  • The UN believes there are still over 400,000 civilians trapped in West Mosul. [Link]


  • US forces had a part in an operation to retake a Syrian dam from ISIS. While the Pentagon admits the US troops were involved in the mission, the Pentagon insists the US troops are only advising in Syria. [Link]


  • ISIS in Western Mosul is forcing young men to pick up arms and fight for them. [Link]
  • The US carried out 7,000 airstrikes against ISIS in January and February. Many of those airstrikes are on large population centers like Mosul and Raqqa. [Link]


  • Reports of civilians being killed by US coalition airstrikes in Syria and Iraq are increasing. [Link]


  • A YPG commander says the operation to liberate Raqqa will begin in early April. [Link]


  • The operation to liberate West Mosul from ISIS is pushing the limits on how many displaced people the refugee camps around the city can take in. [Link]


  • An Iraqi Sunni politician said that 3,500 civilians have died since the invasion of West Mosul started. [Link]


  • An Iraqi general says that 30% of West Mosul has been captured by the Iraqi army. [Link]
  • Nearly 100,000 people of West Mosul have fled their homes. Most of those displaced are heading for refugee camps. [Link]
  • The Iraqi government confirms that a US coalition airstrike killed 11 civilians in West Mosul. [Link]


  • The top US military commander for the Middle East says a larger US force will be needed in Syria and the force will need to stay longer. The US forces will be used to occupy the city of Raqqa after ISIS is defeated in the city. [Link]


  • Turish, Russian, and US top military officials will meet today to discuss the developing situation in Iraq and Syria. [Link]


  • About 10,000 people are fleeing their homes each day in West Mosul as fighting in the city continues. [Link]
  • The US military admits to killing 21 civilians with airstrikes in Iraq and Syria between November and January. By US official reporting, this brings the number of civilians killed by the US in its campaign against ISIS in Iraq and Syrian to 220. As typical of US government reporting, these numbers are drastically lower that numbers reported by international monitoring groups. Airwars reports that the US coalition has killed 2,463 civilians in their war against ISIS. [Link]
  • Airstrikes in targeting an ISIS-held Syrian village kill 11 civilians. Russia is the most likely country to be bombing in the area. [Link]
  • US-backed Kurdish forces have taken the last road connecting Raqqa and Deir Ezzor. Taking this road has cut off the land routes out of the ISIS capital of Raqqa. [Link]


  • Patrick Cockburn explains what may happen as ISIS loses Mosul. [Link]


  • The Iraqi government reports capturing a district in West Mosul and the number of displaced civilians is now 30,000. Seven displaced civilians are reported to have chemical injuries from ISIS chemical weapons. [Link]


  • Airstrikes on a Mosul mosque kill civilians and ISIS fighters. The country behind the airstrike has not been revealed. [Link]
  • Syrian government forces have recaptured Palmyra from ISIS. ISIS withdrew from the city but left mines throughout the city. [Link]


  • The Syrian army has entered Palmyra and could shortly be in control of the city. ISIS and the Syria government have traded control of Palmyra a few times since the Syria civil war started. [Link]


  • The Iraqi military has captured the last major road linking Mosul to Syria. This cuts off the main path for ISIS to escape Mosul. [Link]


  • Iraqi forces are nearing the first of five bridges that cross from East to West Mosul. All five of the bridges have been destroyed by US airstrikes. Iraqi forces have taken several casualties in fighting so far. However, exact numbers are not known because they Iraqi government no longer releases that information. [Link]
  • The Pentagon’s plan on how to defeat ISIS was delivered to the White House today. The plan was not revealed the public, but talking points from the plan suggest more US troops in Syria and increased airstrikes against ISIS worldwide. [Link]


  • The Iraqi army’s invasion of West Mosul has slowed as the troops move from fighting in the countryside to an urban setting. This is similar to what happened in East Mosul. [Link] ISIS War Fyle
  • Nearly 4,000 civilians from West Mosul have already fled their homes and are now living in refugee camps. The Iraqi army reports that there have been 50 civilians casualties from civilians trying to flee their homes and stepping on ISIS made landmines. [Link]


  • ISIS is using car bombs to attack Iraqi troops in West Mosul. ISIS has already used nearly 1,000 car bombs and has a car bomb factory in the city. [Link]


  • Iraqi jets hit ISIS targets in Syria. The attack is the first time that Iraqi jets hit targets in Syria. The Iraqi prime minister said the attack was payback for ISIS bombing in Baghdad last week. [Link]
  • An ISIS suicide car bombing in al-Bab has killed at least 73 people. The bomber targeted Turkish-backed Syria rebels. [Link]


  • Iraqi forces have captured the Mosul airport from ISIS. [Link]
  • Turkish troops and rebels backed by the Turkish government liberate al-Bab from ISIS. After months of fighting, Turkey now reports they control the city. Some ISIS fighters may remain in the city as bombing have been reported after the city was liberated. [Link]


  • Civilians are fleeing their homes in the outskirts of West Mosul as battles begin in the area. [Link]
  • ISIS has constructed an elaborate tunnel network under West Mosul that will make fighting ISIS in the city very difficult. [Link]
  • ISIS is working to reestablish itself in cities that the Iraqi military has already liberated. ISIS is bribing and blackmailing local officials to free their fighters from jail. [Link]
  • The Pentagon admits that “some number” of US troops were wounded fighting in Mosul in the past six to eight weeks. [Link]


  • ISIS is using homemade drones to carry bombs from West to East Mosul. Most of the bombs are targeting the civilian population. ISIS could use ten or more of these drones each day. [Link]
  • Kurdish fighters have taken ISIS territory in the Deir Ezzor and Raqqa Provinces. This is the first time the Kurdish fighters have entered these provinces and is part of their plan to surround the ISIS capital of Raqqa. [Link]


  • Iraqi forces are starting to move into the outskirts of Western Mosul from the South. Iraqi forces are receiving support from US air strikes and US military advisors that are positioned close to the front lines. [Link]
  • A Turkish air strike in al-Bab killed 11 members of a family when their home was struck. [Link]


  • The Iraqi government dropped leaflets over Western Mosul letting civilians know that the offensive against ISIS is about to begin. Its estimated that there are about 650,000 civilians in Western Mosul. [Link]
  • The US has increased the number of sorties it’s flying over Mosul each day to 30-50. The US has already bombed all the bridges that connect East and West Mosul, making it nearly impossible for civilians to flee Western Mosul. [Link]
  • Three Iraqi children were killed when one child accidently stepped on a roadside bomb left there by ISIS. [Link]


  • Turkey continues to fight against ISIS in al-Bab. The Turkish government reports taking most of the city, while a humanitarian group claims that ISIS still controls 90% of the city. The group also reports that Turkey has killed 45 civilians in the past 48 hours. This brings the total for the two-month offensive to 430 civilians killed. [Link]


  • An ISIS suicide bombing at a shrine in Pakistan kills at least 75 and the death toll is expected to increase. Some reports put the death toll over 100. In response to the bombing, Pakistan has announced it will close the border with Afghanistan. [Link]
  • A car bomb in Baghdad kills at least 55 people. ISIS is responsible for the attack that targeted a Shi’ite area. [Link]
  • A Syrian rebel group that supports ISIS has executed up to 200 prisoners who were fighters in other rebel groups. Most of those executed were fighters for the less extremist Free Syrian Army.  Around 40 of those executed were fighters for al-Qaeda-linked groups. [Link]


  • At least 15 Iraqis were killed in a suicide truck bombing in a Baghdad Shia majority suburb. It appears ISIS carried out the attack. [Link]
  • Both Syrian Kurds and the Turkish government have plans to liberate Raqqa from ISIS. The Kurds say they will attack Turkish troops who come too close to Raqqa. [Link]
  • In 2015, the US used thousands of depleted uranium rounds to destroy ISIS fuel tankers. These rounds have not been used since 2003 in Iraq. The rounds have not been used due to the fear that they cause birth defects and cancer. The military had said in the past that they would not use these rounds to fight against ISIS. [Link]


  • Turkish strikes on al-Bab have killed 60 civilians in the past 6 days. Turkey has been fighting ISIS for control of the city for over a month. [Link]


  • Turkish president Erdogan says that Turkish troops have entered the city of al-Bab. After retaking the city from ISIS, Turkey plans to work to retake Raqqa from ISIS. [Link]


  • A Russian airstrike kills three Turkish soldiers fighting ISIS outside of al-Bab. The strike seems to be a mistake and Putin has expressed condolences for the Turkish soldiers killed. [Link]


  • Donald Trump and Erdogan agree to work together to defeat ISIS in al-Bab and Raqqa. [Link]
  • Canada is providing weapons to Iraqi Kurdish fighters. The weapons are intended for the fighters to use against ISIS. [Link]


  • Iraqi warplanes are conducting airstrikes against ISIS in Mosul and Tel Afar. [Link]
  • Syrian forces are making gains against the Islamic State across the country. [Link]


  • Kurdish forces being the third phase in retaking Raqqa from ISIS. Part of this phase will be cutting off Raqqa from the main highway that connects to ISIS territory in Iraq. [Link]


  • Russian bombers hit targets near Deir al-Zor on Monday. The bombers were targeting ISIS. [Link]
  • The US is sending armored vehicles to the Syrian Kurdish fighters to fight ISIS. [Link]


  • Iraqi forces report finding mustard gas in an ISIS lab in Mosul. Several surface-to-surface rockets were also found in the lab. [Link]


  • A Turkish airstrike kills 10 civilians in Norther Syria. Turkey is fighting to take al-Bab from ISIS. [Link]


  • Eastern Mosul is not controlled by the Iraqi government. The government is concerned about ISIS suicide bombers in Eastern Mosul. ISIS fighters will shave their beards to blend in with the population of Mosul then carry our an attack. [Link]


  • On Trump’s first weekend, the US conducted 31 airstrikes against ISIS in Iraq and Syria on Saturday. [Link] On Sunday, the US ordered 42 airstrikes. [Link]
  • Iraqi forces reported they had retaken the entire Eastern half of Mosul. [Link] Later statements from the Iraqi military suggest there are still some parts of Eastern Mosul they do not completely control. [Link]


  • The US has spent $11 billion in its war against ISIS in Iraq and Syria. [Link]


  • ISIS is destroying ancient monuments in Palmyra. ISIS retook the city from the Syrian government in December. [Link]
  • ISIS forces are attacking a key Syrian government military airport in the Homs Providence. 12 Syrian government fighter and 18 ISIS militants were killed in the fighting. [Link]


  • Russia and Turkey conducted joint air attacks against ISIS in the Syrian city of al-Bab. [Link]
  • The US-led coalition against ISIS dropped over 30,000 bombs in Iraq and Syria in 2016. The US is responsible for the vast majority of those bombings. [Link]


  • The US is supporting Turkish operations in Syria with airstrikes against the city of al-Bab. Turkey has been fighting for over a month to take the city from ISIS. [Link]


  • ISIS continues its assault on Deir Ezzor. The fighting has left 80 dead including 14 civilians. Kurdish sources are reporting that Syria government forces are losing territory to ISIS. [Link]
  • Nearly 150,000 citizens of Mosul have left their homes since Iraqi forces started fighting to retake the city a few months ago. [Link]


  • Syrian troops are losing the city of Deir Ezzor to ISIS. ISIS made significant advances to retake the city in recent days. [Link]


  • ISIS is launching an offensive in an attempt to take the Syria government-controlled areas of Deir al-Zour. Deir al-Zour connects Raqqa to ISIS territory in Iraq. Over 30 have been killed in fighting so far. [Link]
  • Iraqi forces continue to make progress against ISIS forces in East Mosul. Iraqi forces are currently fighting to take Mosul University from ISIS. [Link]
  • Up to 30 people were killed when a US coalition missile or Iraqi missile hit civilians in Mosul. [Link]
  • In Iraq, ISIS burned a family of 5 alive for trying to escape ISIS rule. [Link] I


  • ISIS is using small commercial drones to drop small bombs on Iraqi forces in Mosul. [Link]


  • US Special Operations Forces carried out a mission in Syrian that killed some members of the ISIS leadership. [Link]


  • Iraqi forces have reached the Northed edge of the Western half of Mosul. The troops are facing heavy resistance from ISIS. ISIS is using a strategy of allowing Iraqi troops to take a small area than attacking them from all sides. [Link]


  • Iraqi forces are now within a few hundred yards of the Tigris River in Mosul. The river divides East and West Mosul. [Link]


  • A terror attack on a Syrian border town kills at least 43 people. Civilians in the area claim that ISIS used a fuel tanker to cause an explosion. [Link]


  • Iraqi forces launch a new offensive to retake 3 towns from ISIS in Western Iraq. [Link]
  • Turkey rejected US air support to help in its offensive to retake al-Bab from ISIS. Russia recently gave Turkey air support in al-Bab. [Link]


  • An Iraqi general says that Iraqi forces have taken 65%-70% of Eastern Mosul from ISIS. He expects the Eastern half of the city to be liberated in the coming days. [Link]
  • The US announced that it has doubled the number of advisors embedded with the Iraqi forces working to retake Mosul. There are now 450 American advisors embedded with the Iraqi troops. [Link]


  • Russia provided Turkish forces with air support as they are fighting to retake al-Bab from ISIS. This shows how Turkish and Russian relations have improved in Syria. [Link]
  • ISIS targeted a market and hospital with car bombs in Baghdad killing 35 people. ISIS has hit Baghdad with several terror attacks in the past week. [Link]


  • An Iraqi Commander says that Iraqi forces now control more than half of East Mosul. [Link]
  • At least 29 have been killed in multiple ISIS terror attacks on Baghdad. [Link]


  • Heavy fighting starts against in Mosul as Iraqi forces end their two-week pause. Iraqi special forces report making progress on two fronts. [Link]
  • The Pentagon admits they may have killed civilians when they bombed a hospital parking lot in Iraq. The Pentagon reports they were targeting a van with ISIS fighters. [Link]


  • An airstrike disables the last bridge between East and West Mosul. [Link]


  • The Commander of US-led forces in Iraq says the offensive to retake Mosul has been paused to give time to rest. He also predicts that it will take another 2 years to defeat ISIS in Iraq and Syria. [Link]
  • Lt. Col James says the operations to retake Mosul will restart in a few days. [Link]
  • Turkey reports that ISIS killed Syrian civilians with homemade bombs as they attempted to flee the city of al-Bab. [Link]


  • Car bombs in Mosul kill 23 people. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack. [Link]
  • Turkish drones kill 29 civilians in Syria. This occurred after ISIS attacked Turkish troops and seized two Turkish tanks. [Link]


  • Kurdish forces have taken 5 villages North of  Raqqa from ISIS. This is part of the operation to surround Raqqa and liberate the city from ISIS. [Link]
  • Iraqi troops are making almost no progress in Mosul. [Link]


  • Reports surface of Iraqi militias killing prisoners suspected of being members of ISIS. The group accused of killing prisoners is made up of Sunni tribal fighters and Popular Mobilization Forces. [Link]


  • A US drone strike kills a family of nine in Mosul. At least 40 civilians were killed in fighting around Mosul on Monday. [Link]


  • ISIS has been able to take the city of Palmyra from the Syrian government. Syria and Russia launched several airstrikes as ISIS conducted its offensive against the city, but ISIS was able to force the Syrian troops away from the city. [Link]
  • The Iraq military reports that Iraqi forces have made some limited progress in the operation to retake Mosul. Iraqi special forces are the only troops that have been able to enter the city so far. [Link]


  • After setbacks this week, Iraq deploys reinforcements to Mosul. Iraqi forces were pushed back by an ISIS counterattack. [Link]
  • Lat night, ISIS attempted to recapture Palmyra. 64 airstrikes from Syria and Russia drove ISIS out of Palmyra. [Link]


  • The US intentionally bombs a Mosul hospital that was being used as a command center by ISIS fighters. [Link]


  • The US claims that the US-coalition to combat ISIS in Iraq and Syria has killed 50,000 ISIS militants. [Link]


  • While the operation to take Mosul from ISIS is moving slowly, civilians continue to suffer. 82,000 people have been displaced in Mosul since fighting began in the region in October. Children inside Mosul are getting sick from drinking unsanitary water. 21 people were killed when a bus bomb exploded at a market. [Link]
  • Iraqi warplanes kill at least 55 civilians when they bombed a market in the ISIS-held Anbar Providence. [Link]


  • ISIS is moving its forces into East Mosul to counter the offensive from Iraqi force. The Iraqi force seems unprepared for this counteroffensive measure, and it will likely slow the Mosul liberation. [Link]


  • Oil fires are slowing the anti-ISIS coalition’s liberation of Mosul. ISIS set 19 oil wells on fire, and only 3 fires have been extinguished. [Link]


  • The Danish will withdraw their warplanes from the coalition fighting ISIS. [Link]


  • A pipeline carry water to Mosul was destroyed. This will leave about 650,000 residents of Mosul without water. [Link]


  • Iraqi forces have liberated about 25% of Mosul from ISIS. [Link]


  • The leader of the Islamic State cell that attacked Kirkuk said he lead the cell for money and not religious reasons. [Link]
  • Iraqi Officials report the invasion of Tel Afar will begin immediately. ISIS currently controls the town and a group of Sunni and Shi’ite militias will attempt to liberate the city. Taking the city could prevent ISIS from being able to resupply Iraq from Syria. [Link]
  • A British watchdog group says US airstrikes in Mosul have killed at least 84 civilians. [Link]


  • The US has blown up a bridge that crosses the Tigris River in Mosul. The US has now blown up 3 of the 5 bridges that cross the river in Mosul. The move was aimed at limiting the movements of ISIS fighters. US officials warn this may also trap civilians looking to flee ISIS in the city. [Link]


  • The Islamic State has used chemical weapons at least 52 times in Iraq and Syria since 2014. [Link]
  • The Iraqi army captured six villages around Mosul from ISIS. [Link]
  • A US airstrike near the ISIS capital Raqqa kills at least ten civilians. [Link]


  • Reports of war crimes continue to surface from both sides of the war in Iraq. ISIS is forcing civilians out of their homes and using them as human shields. Iraqi government-backed militias are accused of recruiting child soldiers. [Link]
  • The US coalition to retake Raqqa is falling apart. Many Kurdish fighters are leaving the Raqqa assault to contest Turkey in Afrin. Arab militants are also leaving the coalition because they feel the US is favoring Kurdish fighters. [Link]


  • Shia militias take the Tel Afar airport from ISIS. This cuts a key ISIS supply line between Iraq and Syria. The militias are now advancing on the city of Tel Afar, Iraq. [Link]
  • The Iraqi army continues to make slow progress towards liberating Mosul. The Iraqi army recently took a neighborhood from ISIS that is about 5 miles from the center of the city. Iraqi forces’ progress is slowed by ISIS suicide bombers and snipers. [Link]


  • A car bomb in Fallajuha, Iraq kills at least 30. ISIS is claiming responsibility for the attack that occurred during a Sunni wedding. [Link]
  • Trying to determine who is a civilian and who is fighting for ISIS is slowing progress to retake Mosul. [Link]


  • The Kurds will not give up ant territory they gained while fighting ISIS. [Link]


  • ISIS and the Iraqi forces are being accused of war crimes during the Mosul offensive. ISIS executed 21 more civilians. Iraqi troops are charged with executing a prisoner and mutilating the bodies of dead ISIS fighters. [Link]


  • The Iraqi Kurdish forces involved in the Mosul operations have stopped their advances and said that their invasion goals are all accomplished. Kurdish forces are now working to build a new border for that is Iraqi Kurdistan. [Link]


  • ISIS has executed at least 60 people in Mosul over the past week. ISIS accused those killed of committing treason against the terror group. [Link]
  • Human Rights Watch is accusing ISIS of using chemical weapons in Iraq. [Link]


  • The US Cental Command now admits that 119 civilians have been killed in US operations in Iraq and Syria since 2014. This new number is double the initial report, but still well below estimates from humanitarian organizations. [Link]


  • US-backed Iraqi Kurdish forces seize the town of Bashiqa, Iraq. The town is located to the East of Mosul and was previously held by ISIS. Iraqi forces took the town of Hamam al-Alil, located South of Mosul, from ISIS. [Link]
  • The US is using Apache Helicopters to attack ISIS in the Mosul offensive. [Link]
  • Reports are starting to come in of Iraqi forces torturing and killing civilians in towns liberated from ISIS. This has occurred when other Iraqi cities were liberated from ISIS control. Iraqi forces often suspect the victims to be members of ISIS. [Link]


  • Civilians are fleeing the towns outside of Raqqa as Kurdish forces advance. [Link]


  • Kurdish fighters find a mass grave of about 100 bodies outside of an Iraqi town held by ISIS. [Link]


  • A coalition of US-backed forces being the operations to retake Raqqa from ISIS. [Link]
  • The slow progress to liberate Mosul continues. Iraqi troops get closer to Mosul airport. [Link]


  • The Mosul offensive continues to make small steps to liberate the city from ISIS. Towns around Mosul and some Mosul neighborhoods have been liberated. [Link]


  • Civilians were fleeing ISIS when a bomb exploded killing 12. The bomb was believed to be detonated by ISIS.   [Link]


  • Defense Sectary Carter has stated that the offensive against the ISIS capital, Raqqa is only weeks away. US commanders are now contradicting Sectary Carter, saying the offensive can be as far as 6 months away. [Link]


  • US commanders are concerned that using airstrikes in the operations to retake Mosul will result in heavy civilian casualties. ISIS has moved civilians into areas of Mosul with a heavy ISIS presents to try to keep the US from using too much airpower. [Link]
  • The ISIS leader makes his first public statement in over a year. He tells ISIS fighters to not retreat from Mosul. [Link]
  • Patrick Cockburn explains that after ISIS is expelled from Mosul, war could break out between Turkey and Iraq. [Link]


  • 8 civilians are killed by two US airstrikes in the operations to retake Mosul. [Link]


  • More than 300 ISIS child soldiers have been killed in operations to retake Mosul. [Link]


  • Shi’ite militias have launched an offensive to seal off Western Mosul. This would prevent ISIS fighters from fleeing Mosul to Syria. [Link]
  • US airstrikes kill 4 Iraqi troops in a town outside of Mosul. The town had been cleared of ISIS fighters over a week ago, so questions as to why the town was bombed are now being asked. [Link]


  • A US general reports that up to 900 ISIS fighters have been killed so far in the Mosul offensive. [Link]


  • In the past week, ISIS has executed 70 civilians and between 20-50 police in Mosul. [Link] ISIS Fyle
  • After ISIS is expelled from areas, the IEDs they planted are left behind. In one Syrian town, IEDs killed at least 69 civilians, including 19 children. [Link]


  • ISIS has set several oil fires across the areas around Mosul. The fires are preventing a greater use of airpower for the US coalition. It is also hurting many Iraqi citizens who are forced to breathe in the smoke. [Link]


  • ISIS sets fire to a sulfur plant outside of Mosul. The fire has slowed the Mosul operation and killed 9. [Link]
  • Villages outside of Mosul were liberated from ISIS. After Iraqi troops left the liberated villages, ISIS fighter returned and executed hundreds. [Link]
  • EU officials warn of a potential influx of ISIS fighters into Europe as ISIS is defeated in Mosul. [Link]


  • ISIS continues its assault on Kirkuk, Iraq. Officials are reporting that at least 80 have been killed so far. [Link]


  • ISIS suicide bombers kill 16 in Kirkuk, Iraq. The Kurdish held city is under attack from IS fighters leaving Mosul. [Link]


  • According to Turkeys Prime Minister, Turkish planes will participate in the bombing of Mosul. [Link]


  • US troops are embedded with Iraqi troops near the front lines in operations to retake Mosul. [Link]
  • Turkish President Erdogan refers to an old agreement that says Mosul is apart of Turkey. This was a justification for why Turkey plans to be involved in the battle to retake Mosul. [Link]


  • The Iraqi Prime Minister has announced the Iraqi and Kurdish forces are now beginning operations to retake Mosul. [Link]


  • ISIS executes 58 in Mosul. Those killed were accused by ISIS of attempting an revolt against ISIS. [Link]


  • Leaked Hillary Clinton emails show she was aware that Saudi Arabia and Qutar were providing support to ISIS. [Link]


  • ISIS retakes territory in Iraq along the Tigris River. ISIS was expelled from this area weeks ago. [Link]


  • An ISIS bomb near the Turkey/Syria border kills 25. Most of the dead are Syrian rebels. [Link]
  • The Iraqi government has threatened to attack Turkish troops in Iraq. Turkey moved troop into the Northern areas of Iraq months ago in an effort to fight ISIS. The Iraq government says Iraqi troops can attack Turkish troops if they come into contact in Mosul. [Link]


  • The battle for Mosul is expected to being within the next month. Turkey has given the start date of October 19th. [Link]
  • ISIS has likely built an extensive tunnel network under the city of Mosul. This could create several problems for the many groups that plan to be involved in the liberation of the city. [Link]


  • France beings bombing the Iraq city of Mosul. Mosul has been under ISIS control since 2014. France is going to hit Mosul with an airstrike about every 3 minutes. [Link]


  • ISIS executes 75 prisoners in Mosul. Most of those killed were reported to be young men imprisoned by ISIS. [Link]


  • The upcoming battle of Mosul will be extremely complex. Americans, Sunni, Shi’ite, and Kurdish forces will all be fighting to retake the city. All of these group have different agendas for what they would like to happen. There is also about 1 million civilians left in Mosul. Questions remain of where they will go after Mosul is liberated and how the liberators will treat the civilians is another unknown. [Link]
  • To defend Mosul, ISIS has dug moats, filled them with oil, and set them on fire. The smoke can be hazardous to troops on the ground and obstruct the view from planes. [Link]


  • A US drone is shot down by ISIS near the Syria and Iraq border. [Link]


  • ISIS launches a mustard gas attack against US and Iraqi troops preparing to invade Mosul. No one was injured in the attack and officials say the weapon was poorly made. [Link]


  • After a US airstrike on a Syrian Government position, ISIS was able to take the hill overlooking an Syrian airbase. The airstrike killed between 62 and 90 soldiers (different sources are reporting different number). [Link]


  • US airstrikes in Syria hit a Syrian Government Army position killing 62 and wounding 100 more. The Syrian Government forces were fighting ISIS at the time the US bombs killed the troops. This attack occurred during the ceasefire in Syria. The White House has admitted to the mistake and expressed regrets for the attack to Syria. This could lead to ISIS taking the city the Syrian forces were defending. [Link]


  • After being cut off from the Syrian border with Turkey, ISIS launches 6 attacks across Syria. The attacks happened in key areas all around Syria and left a total of 53 dead. [Link]
  • A high raking ISIS commander was killed recently by a US drone. We now know his replacement is Gulmurod Khalimov. Khalimov was trained by the US and even came to the US on several occasions for special counterterrorism training. Khalimov will command ISIS forces in Iraq. [Link]


  • ISIS has been driven from the Turkey/Syria border. In the early days of ISIS, ISIS was able to ship oil from Syria to Turkey to sell. ISIS oil sales in Turkey ended a few months ago, but this should help to separate ISIS with its backers within Turkey. [Link]


  • The US will loosen rules to allow more civilian casualties in war against ISIS. The authority to approve killings that risk civilian lives has been moved from US Central Command, down to the lower ranking commander of the war, Army Lt. Gen McFarland. According to sources within the Defence Department say that there are now several targeting areas where more than 10 civilian casualties are acceptable. [Link]


  • ISIS leader Al-Baghdadi spent time in a US prison during the Iraq war. For 8 months, Al-Baghdadi was imprisoned in America’s Abu Ghraib prison. Abu Ghraib is known for its prolific torturing and nickname “jihadist university.” [Link]


  • Russia is using an Iranian air base to bomb ISIS. For the past two day, Russian planes have taken off from Hamaden Air Base in Iran and struck ISIS targets in Syria. [Link]


  • ISIS oil revenues have dried up. ISIS is now lost about 90% of its oil revenue. [Link]


  • In Syria, the terror group al-Nusra Front is cutting its offical ties with Al-Qaeda. Nusra has been acting on behalf of Al-Qaeda in Syria throughout the Syrian Civil War. Nusra has embedded itself with several group the US provides arms and training to. The official break of allegiance was suggested months ago by the leader of Al-Qaeda. The Al-Qaeda leader believed that the name change could help Nusra get more support from the US and avoid some Russian air strikes. [Link]
  • If Hillary Clinton becomes President, then we know some new details on what her Syria policy will be. It appears that Hillary will make Syria President Assad a target over ISIS/Al-Qaeda. This will no doubt create a larger power vacuum than the one that allowed ISIS to gain so much ground in the first place. It will also create a huge problem with Russia, who joined the fight to assist the Syria Government. Assad is ISIS/Al-Qaeda’s number one enemy in Syria. [Link]


  • Army General fears that Obama is rushing his offensive on Mosul, Iraq. Mosul is one of ISIS’s last strongholds in Iraq. Defeating ISIS in Iraq could help the democrats to be more appealing in the November election. [Link]


  • France is sending an aircraft carrier to assist in the fight against ISIS. ISIS has claimed responsibility for recent terror attacks in France. French intervention could backfire. ISIS is becoming increasingly less state-like and more of a tradational terror group. In those cases, air power will likely lead to more blowback. [Link]


  • US-Backed Syrian Rebels behead a 12 year old boy. The group Harakat Nour al-Din al-Zinki cut the head off of the boy because he was Palestinian. The US Government continues to believe that it can pick the “good guys” in Syria, but this is impossible. We need to stop giving weapons to people who behead children. [Link]


  • After the US murdered 200 civilians in Stria, US-Backed Rebels are now asking for the US to end airstrikes in Syria. [Link]


  • The US has dropped its 50,000th bomb in the ISIS war. The bombs cost $50,000 each, bring the cost to US taxpayers to 2.5 Billion Dollars. This does not include the costs of the pilots, planes, fuel…The war seems to be counterproductive, as ISIS attacks on Western Nations has gone up since air strikes began. Read Here.
  • US airstrikes in Syria have killed about 100 people in recent bombings. The US is backing Syria Rebels with air power. A US bomb struck civilians in the desert there were believed to be ISIS. 11 children are dead. Read Here.
  • Sectary of State Kerry announced that the US and Russia are planning steps to coordinate in Syria. This would be a big step for US and Russian relations. This should also decrease the risk of US and Russian conflict in Syria. Read Here.


  • ISIS shoots down a Syria Jet. It is unclear how ISIS was able to bring down the jet. ISIS has used TOW Missiles, given to moderate rebels by the US, to bring down two Russian helicopters. It should be of some concern that terrorist have the weapons to bring down a plane. Read Here.


  • With losses in Fallujah and Syria it may appear ISIS is becoming weaker, but they are just transitioning to an Al Qaeda styled terror group. ISIS is willing to give up territory to allow their hate to spread world wide.  Read here.


  • NATO member Turkey now plans to ally with Russia in fighting ISIS. The US has been extremely critical of Russia’s role in the Syrian Civil War. Read Here.

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