Iraq Fyle


  • The State Department has approved nearly $300 million in weapon sales to the Peshmerga. [Link]


  • Erdogan tells the Iraqi Kurds to lower the Kurdish flag over Kirkuk or Turkey will end some diplomatic ties with the Iraqi Kurds. [Link]
  • Shi’ite militias are growing quickly in Iraq. [Link]


  • A suicide bomber uses an oil truck as a weapon at a checkpoint in Baghdad. The bomber killed at least 17 and was likely a member of ISIS. [Link]


  • A car bomb in a Shi’ite neighborhood in Baghdad kills 23 people. A group is yet to claim responsibility for the attack, but it was most likely ISIS. [Link]


  • There is a growing conflict between Kurdish factions in Iraq and Syria. [Link]


  • Two suicide bombers carried out attacks against a wedding in Tikrit killing at least 30. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack, but it was most likely ISIS. [Link]


  • Some fighting has started between two Iraqi Kurdish factions. The fighting started when members of the Peshmerga entered territory held by the PKK. The fighting was ended with a 24 hour ceasefire. [Link]


  • Iraqi Kurds are hoping to gain independence from Baghdad. The Kurds have taken a significant amount of territory from ISIS, and they plan to use the territory in an exchange with Baghdad for independence. [Link]


  • Turkey targeted Kurds in Northern Iraq with airstrikes. Turkey claims that 34 members of the PKK were killed in the airstrikes. [Link]


  • Protests in Baghdad’s green zone leave five dead. Two police officers and three protesters were killed. [Link]


  • Iraq’s Prime Minister says Iraq will not impose a ban on US citizens. [Link]


  • The Iraqi Parliment has passed a resolution banning Americans from Iraq. There is currently no ban in effect and there is no indication to how the ban would apply to US soldiers and contractors working in Iraq. [Link]


  • A report from Iraq Body Count estimates that 16,000 civilians were killed in Iraq in 2016. This is significantly higher than the UN estimate of 7,000. [Link]


  • The Iraqi Prime Minister again calls for Turkey to withdraw Turkish troops from Iraq. The troops have been in Iraq since 2015. [Link]


  • Suicide bombings in Baghdad and Sadr City leaves 25 Iraqis dead. [Link]


  • Over 52,000 people were killed in Iraq in 2016. This includes more than 9,000 civilians. [Link]


  • Turkish airstrikes kill 19 Kurdish fighters in Iraq. The Kurdish fighters were members of the PKK that Turkey labels as a terrorist organization. [Link]


  • Secretary of Defense Ash Carter says the US must remain in Iraq after ISIS is defeated. [Link]


  • Nearly 4,000 were killed in Iraq in November. 1,533 of those killed were civilians. [Link]


  • The Iraqi Parliment passed a bill to make the Shia militias part of the Iraqi Army. These militias have been accused of extrajudicial killings and torture of civilians. Iraqi Sunni’s are very concerned about the passage of this bill. [Link]


  • 100 people are killed by an ISIS truck bomb in an Iraqi city South of Baghdad. The ISIS bomb targeted Shi’ite pilgrims celebrating a religious event. [Link]


  • The Iraqi Prime Minister announced that the Kurds would have to give back all territory they took from ISIS. This is setting up a conflict between the Kurds and the Iraqi government. The Kurds have taken several cities and villages from ISIS. The Kurds are currently working to build a border surrounding the territory they took from ISIS. [Link]


  • Human Rights Watch reports finding that Iraqi Kurdish forces destroyed homes of Arabs in at least 21 villages and towns. [Link]


  • Iraq’s Prime Minister says that the country is ready for war with Turkey. [Link]


  • About 250 Arab families are being forced out of Kirkuk by Kurdish forces. They are told to go to a refugee camp or return to the town they came from. [Link]


  • Turkey deploys tanks to its border with Iraq. [Link] The Iraqi government threatens to respond with force if Turkey moves into Ezidi Sinjar, Iraq. [Link]


  • Kurdish security forces are throwing Arab families out of Kirkuk. [Link]


  • Up to 20 civilians were killed at a funeral in Iraq. Russia accused the US coalition of the attack, the US has denied having any airstrikes hit the area on the day of the funeral. [Link]


  • US Service member killed by a road side bomb in Iraq. He was involved in the operation to retake Mosul. [Link]


  • The Iraqi government has threatened to attack Turkish troops in Iraq. Turkey moved troop into the Northern areas of Iraq months ago in an effort to fight ISIS. The Iraq government says Iraqi troops can attack Turkish troops if they come into contact in Mosul. [Link]


  • The US Coalition fighting in Iraq accidentally killed 21 Sunni militant fighters aligned with the Iraqi government.  The Sunni militants were fighting ISIS in a town outside of Mosul. [Link]


  • Iraq plans to use the new 9/11 bill to sue the US for the 2003 invasion on Iraq. They will seek justice for innocent Iraqis killed and property destroyed. [Link]


  • 2,381 people were killed in Iraq in September. 438 of those deaths were civilians. [Link]


  • The US sends another 615 troops to Iraq in preparation for the battle for Mosul. This troop increase would have exceeded the cap for US troops allowed in Iraq. The total number of troops will be near 7,000. [Link]


  • ISIS launches a mustard gas attack against US and Iraqi troops preparing to invade Mosul. No one was injured in the attack and officials say the weapon was poorly made. [Link]


  • Obama moves an additional 400 US troops into Iraq. The troops will likely be used in the offensive to liberate Mosul. [Link]


  • Iraq is forcing families of suspected ISIS fighters from their homes in Iraqi cities liberated from ISIS. This program is being run by one part of the Iraqi government and denounced by another. The families are often forced back into ISIS held areas, as they have nowhere else to go. [Link]


  • A high raking ISIS commander was killed recently by a US drone. We now know his replacement is Gulmurod Khalimov. Khalimov was trained by the US and even came to the US on several occasions for special counterterrorism training. Khalimov will command ISIS forces in Iraq. [Link]


  • Over 4,200 people were killed in the war in Iraq in August. That is up from 2,600 in July. Nearly 700 of those who were killed were civilians. [Link]


  • Iraq’s Kurds look to expand the borders of Kurdish territory through the liberation of towns from ISIS. This creates conflict with Sunnis and Shiites who once lived in the new Kurdish territories. This may create problems for the upcoming battle for Mosul. [Link]


  • Iraq requests the Saudi ambassador to Iraq leave the country. The Saudi ambassador has blamed the Iraqi government of creating tensions with the country’s Sunni minority. The Saudi embassy in Iraq reopened in December after being closed for 25 years. [Link]


  • Iran is operating 6 military camps in Northern Iraq. Iran has about 1,500 military personnel stationed in the region. The Iranian government is planning to open more camps in Iraq. [Link]


  • The US has given away nearly 1.5 million in Iraq and Afghanistan. The US only knows where about half of those guns are now. [Link]


  • To combat ISIS in Iraq, the US has allied with Shi’ite militias to regain key Iraqi cities. The militias are torturing, executing, and beheading civilians from the cities they are liberating. A new article shows that reports put out by the US and UN underestimate how many people the militias are killing. [Link]


  • Army General fears that Obama is rushing his offensive on Mosul, Iraq. Mosul is one of ISIS’s last strongholds in Iraq. Defeating ISIS in Iraq could help the democrats to be more appealing in the November election. [Link]


  • Obama continues to increase US troop levels in Iraq to combat ISIS. This has upset many Iraqi who want US troops to leave. An Shi’ite cleric has suggested that Shi’ite need to start targeting US troops as well. Read Here.


  • President Obama will send more troops to Iraq. Read Here.


  • Obama sends another 560 group troops to Iraq. Read Here.