Pakistan/India Fyle


  • The US carried out several drone strikes in Pakistan targeting the Pakistani Taliban. [Link]
  • India claims Pakistan is using US weapons to attack Indian forces. [Link]


  • Pakistan’s foreign minister says the US is not behaving as an ally and Pakistan no longer views the US as an ally. [Link]
  • Fighting between Pakistan and India in 2017 left 138 Pakistani soldiers and 28 Indian soldiers dead. [Link]


  • Trump will cut nearly all security aid to Pakistan. [Link]


  • A look at geopolitics between Russia and India. [Link]
  • Al-Qaeda calls for attacks on India cities. [Link]


  • Protests have started in Pakistan. The Pakistani military attempted to use force to end the protests leaving 250 injured. The Pakistani military announced they would not use force to end protests. [Link]
  • Pakistan’s Law Minister has resigned. Protest leaders are now calling for an end to protests. [Link]


  • Iran will allow India to use a port in southern Iran. The access to the port will give India a trade route to central Asia and Afghanistan. [Link]
  • A Pakistani employee of the Pakistan consulate in Afghanistan was killed by two gunmen in Afghanistan. [Link]


  • A high ranking member of a Tehreek-e-Taliban, who was behind a terror attack that killed over 100 people, has been killed. [Link]


  • US drone strikes killed 31 people in Pakistan. The US has not identified the victims but labeled them all as terrorists. The Pakistani Taliban say 18 members of their organization were killed in the attack. [Link]


  • A suicide bomber killed 20 people at a Shi’ite shrine in Pakistan. [Link]
  • A gunman killed five Hazaras living in Pakistan as refugees from Afghanistan. [Link]


  • India says Pakistan is ‘Terrorstan’ and said Pakistan exports terrorists to other countries. [Link]


  • A look at Southern Asian tensions from an Indian perspective. [Link]


  • An Indian Army chief says the country must be prepared to fight a war against both Pakistan and China. [Link]


  • A senior India journalist and activist was shot dead outside of her home. [Link]


  • Pakistan’s population has increased 57% over the past two decades. Pakistan’s population is now 207,000,000. [Link]


  • An oxygen shortage at an Indian hospital has left 60 infants dead in five days. [Link]


  • Shahid Kahqan Abbasi is the new Prime Minister of Pakistan. [Link]


  • The Pakistani Prime Minister left office after the supreme court ruled against him on corruption charges. [Link]
  • A former Pakistan dictator reported he considered nuking India in 2002. [Link]


  • The leader of a large rebel group in Kashmir has been appointed to be a leader of an al-Qaeda group. The group opposes Indian control of the region. [Link]


  • A member of the Pakistan Taliban carried out a suicide bombing in Pakistan killing 26. [Link]


  • At least 85 people were killed in suicide bombings in Pakistan on Friday. [Link]
  • 153 people were killed when an oil truck exploded in Pakistan. [Link]


  • In Pakistan, a man has been sentenced to death for posting blasphemy about Mohammad on Facebook. [Link]


  • The Indian Central Reserve Police Force apprehended 130 members of a Maoist insurgency. The Maoists attacked and killed 25 members of the CRPF nearly a month ago. [Link]


  • The UN condemns the widespread use of torture by the Pakistani police, the intelligence community, and military. [Link]
  • Two civilians in Kashmir were killed by fighting between the Pakistani and Indian military. [Link]


  • A suicide bomber in Pakistan killed 25 people in an attack on a member of the Pakistani Senate. The Senator was traveling in a convoy and survived the attack. The Islamic State group in Pakistan is claiming responsibility. [Link]


  • India attacks a Pakistani position near the Pakistan/India border. Seven Pakistani soldiers were killed in the attack. India says the attack is a response to Pakistan mutilating the bodies of two Indian soldiers. [Link]


  • A US drone strike has killed seven people in Pakistan. One of the dead is claimed to be the commander of the Pakistani Taliban. [Link]


  • The Trump Administration carries out its first airstrike in Pakistan. Two men on a motorcycle were killed by a US drone. [Link]


  • A bombing in Pakistan kills at least ten people. This attack continues a trend in bombing across Pakistan in the past few weeks. No group has claimed responsibility for this bombing. [Link]


  • The Pakistan government claims they have killed over 100 terrorists in response to the terrorist attack on a shrine. [Link]


  • An ISIS suicide bombing at a shrine in Pakistan kills at least 75 and the death toll is expected to increase. Some reports put the death toll over 100. In response to the bombing, Pakistan has announced it will close the border with Afghanistan. [Link]


  • At least 20 people were killed in a market explosion in Pakistan. The Pakistani Taliban are claiming responsibility for the attack. [Link]


  • The Pakistani Defense Minister tweets a nuclear threat to Israel after reading a fake news story. [Link]


  • A report from Human Rights Watch shows that 600 people died while in police custody in India from 2010-2015. [Link]


  • Militants attack Indian military bases in the Kashmir region. 7 Indian soldiers died in the attacks. India blames Pakistan for the attacks. [Link]


  • The Islamic State is taking responsibility for an attack in Pakistan that left 4 Pakistani security force members dead. [Link]


  • Pakistan shoots down an Indian drone that crossed over the Line of Control in Kashmir. Fighting between India and Pakistan has left four people dead in recent days on the Pakistani side of the Line of Control. [Link]


  • Indian shelling in the Kashmir region leaves 7 Pakistani soldiers dead. Pakistan reports they responded to the Indian shelling, but the Indian government has not reported any casualties. [Link]


  • An explosion in Pakistan kills at least 52. The Islamic State is claiming responsibility. [Link]


  • Pakistan recalls 4 diplomats from India and threatens to expel 5 Indian diplomats from Pakistan. [Link]


  • At least 19 people were left dead after another skirmish between Pakistan and India over the contested region of Kashmir.  [Link]


  • In Pakistan, 5-6 gunmen attack a police academy killing 59 trainees. [Link]


  • A terror attack in Pakistan train kills 6 and leaves 19 wounded. [Link]


  • Militants from Kashmir cross into India and attack Indian troops. India responds by going into Kashmir and getting into a skirmish with Pakistani troops. 1 Indian troop died in the skirmish. [Link]


  • 2 Pakistani troops are killed by the Indian military in the contested region of Kashmir. This attack is apart of an escalation in tension between the two countries, both armed with nuclear weapons. [Link]


  • China is asking India to back off. The Indian Government recently moved 100 tanks onto its border with China. China and India have ongoing border disputes. These disputes have been ongoing and the countries are continuing to work through an arbitration process. The Indians report that the tanks were a response to Chinese troop increases from 60,000 to 80,000 troops. This move irked Chinese investors, who are now pulling out of India. [Link]