How Not to Make American Great Again

I came across this on popular Democratic Party FaceBook group. I wanted to give some analysis on how destructive these policies will be. Im traveling today, so no todays news.

left1) This was posted by someone who thinks that making unions stronger means passing more laws to give them leverage against business owners. This will only increase the monopoly the unions have over the negotiations between workers and their employers. Like all monopolies, Unions will provide crappier services for more cost as their legally-backed monopoly grows. To give real strength to Unions you must repeal all laws that give them special privileges and pass right to work. Union bosses and democratic party politicians dislike right to work laws because more of the workers union due has to go to providing services to the workers, leaving less money for them to line their pockets with. When the worker has a choice on joining the union or freely negotiating with the employer, it give the union competition, and causes the unions to actually support workers rights and not just funnel money from workers paycheck to their pockets and the pockets of those on the political left. This is why unions see membership increase in states after RTW passes.

2) Increasing the minimum wage will result in less jobs for low skilled workers. Many will be deprived of the chance to gain skills and important experience in the work force, as they will not be able to compete with automation. Many fastfood chains are looking to cut their workforce and automate. You can look to Puerto Rico as an example. They have been subject to US law of 7.25 an hour, but because the value of a dollar is so much more in Puerto Rico it’s like a 15$ min wage on the mainland. The Puerto Rico economy is trouble and the government may soon default.

3) I agree with this point, welfare needs to end. All welfare is a wealth redistribution, robbing some to give to others. Taking money from some people it and giving it to other is not a action a government should take. In fact, the purpose of government is to prevent this from occurring.
4) How!? You cannot force companies to move their plants back to America. The only thing we could do is create the economic incentives that would lead business to see it as a smart finical decision to move jobs in America. Someone on the left would typically suggest that we penalize companies that leave and increase tariffs. We have seen that protectionism does not work. Just look at the results of Smoot Hawley in the great depression. To actually bring more companies to America we should decrease regulations, eliminate the minimum wage, and reduce taxes. These policies create positive economic incentives for companies to bring more production back to the US.

5) Penalizing companies will only encourage corporate inversions that move companies over seas, taking many jobs and capital with them. Eliminating any penalties that already exist will encourage companies to move capital back into the US an invest, creating more jobs. Money flows to where it is most welcome. Government penalties will starve the economy of capital.

6) See 1

7) Good luck with that. So long as politicians get to distribute trillions of dollars people will bribe politicians to get that money. The solution is to get government out of regulation business and handing out money. If there is no economic windfall from bribing a politician, then people will stop bribing them. Trying to regulate this will not work and infringe on the 1st amendment. For an example look at the Clinton Foundation that is nothing more than a Clinton slush fund filled with money gotten by political favors.

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