Germany Fyle


  • Moon of Alabama gives results and insights into German election results. [Link]


  • German media reports that 55 refugees who fought with al-Qaeda linked Syrian rebels groups have entered Germany. [Link]


  • Germany announced plans to increase the size of its military and to send tanks to Lithuania. [Link]


  • Germany is sending 450 troops and 30 tanks to Lithuania. Germany says the move is to deter Russian aggression. [Link]


  • The German central bank is repatriating gold from the NY FED faster than planned. [Link]


  • German police have released the man who was arrested and accused of being the terrorist who crashed a truck into a Christmas market in Berlin. That man was a 23-year-old refugee from Pakistan. Police say the driver of the truck is still at large. [Link]


  • German Chancellor Angela Merkel announces a plan to deport 100,000 migrants in the next year. The announcement comes as her political party is struggling in polls with elections approaching. [Link]


  • Germany bans the Islamic group The True Religion. The German government raided 190 sites believed to be tied to the group. [Link]


  • 300,000 Germans protest against the European Union signing trade agreements with the US and Canada. Protesters said they felt the trade deal undermined German sovereignty. [Link]


  • Low interest rates and possible banking fees have prompted more and more Germans to take their money out of banks. Home safe sales are soaring are people buy them to hide money at home. This also occurred in Japan where interest rates are negative. [Link]


  • The French and German governments see encryption as a threat. They hope to obtain “back doors” into apps that send encrypted messages. They plan to do this through the EU. [Link]


  • Germany is now considering conscription in case of terror attack or national disaster. The German government is also pushing all citizens to keep 10 days of food stored in their homes. [Link]


  • German leader Merkel now says that the terror problem is not her fault and Germany has always had jihadists. Last month, Merkel admitted that jihadists were abusing her refugee program to enter into Germany. [Link]


  • German leader Angela Merkel has allowed an unlimited number of refugees into Germany, but does not even allow German citizens limited access to self-defences. In Germany, request for permits to carry non-lethal small arms, blank pistols and flare guns, are at all time highs. Fights are occurring in stores over pepper spray. This is in responce increase in terror attacks and sexual assault style crimes follow the start of the refugee program in Germany. [Link]


  • German leader Angel Merkel says that Germany will continues its open door policy for refugees. Several of the terror attacks in Europe have come from terrorist who enter Europe through the refugee program. Merkel said, “we are at war with ISIS,” but she gave indication that she will push to end the Western interventions that create so many terrorists and refugees. [Link]


  • Two terror attacks in Germany yesterday. A man wielding a machete killed one pregnant woman. Another terror attack occurred when a man blew himself up in Germany. 12 people were injured and only the terrorist died. [Link] [Link]


  • German Chancellor Angela Merkel admits that terrorists have entered Europe through the refugee program. Merkel points out that terror organizations are exploiting the program to smuggle their members in. Read Here.


  • The President of The Deutsche Bank is requesting a 150 billion Euro bail out of European Banks. European Bank have taken on many bad loans and are now paying the price. With the bailout, the banks are trying to pass the price of those bad loans on to average European citizens. Read Here.


  • German arms sales to the Sunni Gulf Arab States has sharply increased in the past year. Some German Politicians see this as an issue, as Germany has identified some of these states as ISIS supporters. Read Here.