Free Market Fyle


  • Uber uses a program known as grayball to help its drivers to avoid picking up law enforcement agents who look to ticket the drivers for using Uber in cities where the app is illegal. The program is also helpful for Uber driver to avoid picking up people who may wish to do them harm. [Link]


  • Lowes allows a vet to bring his service dog to work with him. The service dog allows the vet to deal with medical issues stemming from his service. [Link]


  • Jason Stapleton interviews Jeff Carroll on his fight with government to provide Americans with affordable housing. [Link]


  • Ron Paul explains how it is government and not free markets that create monopolies. [Link]


  • Uber’s new self-driving truck just delivered its first shipment, 50,000 cans of Budweiser. [Link]


  • New York passes a law that effectively bans Airbnb. The law prevents apartment owners from advertising their apartments for anything reason other than permanent residency. Violators face fines up to $7,000 per violation. [Link]


  • US dairy farmers dump 43 million gallons of excess milk so far in 2016. This has resulted in US food prices dropping. [Link]


  • World’s first commercial drone deliveries are occurring in Rwanda. The company is delivering blood to remote villages to cut down death during child birth. [Link]


  • Two rulings from the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals rules that taxi companies do not have a right to a monopoly. Taxi companies in Chicago were suing the city for allowing Uber to operate in the city. In Milwaukee, a cab company was suing the city for lifting the hard cap on taxi medallions. [Link]


  • Walmart is planning to cut 7,000 accounting jobs. Walmart will move to an automated system. [Link]


  • Public pension plans are in trouble. The Obama Economy has only grown at roughly 2%, not giving pension plans the ability to make the 7%-8% in annual return they need to meet projections. This means pension plans in the US are severely underfunded. Some project that pension plans are over $5 trillion underfunded.


  • Dallas police and Fire Pension is nearing collapse. Over valued real-estate gave the impression of a healthy fund, but the reality is the pension is almost out of money. [Link]


  • Harley Davidson stocks drop after US Government files charges against Harley. Harley is accused of installing devices on its motorcycles to cheat emissions tests. [Link]
  • A new study finds that increasing the minimum wage to $15/hour would cost Americans about 7 million jobs. [Link]


  • Insurers are expected to lose $2 Billion on Obamacare plans this year. This is causing many insures to pull out of the Obamacare market. [Link]


  • As Obamacare continues to fail, it is leaving many consumers with few to no choices on the Obamacare exchanges. In one county in AZ, there is set to be no insures on the exchange next year. In many other states it looks like consumers will only have one plan to choose from. [Link]


  • A woman is served an arrest warrant for selling tamales. She is also being fined $700. [Link]