France Fyle


  • Two women were stabbed to death by a man at a train station in France. The Islamic State is claiming responsibility for the attack. French soldiers shot the attacker to death. [Link]


  • France’s President said, “the Iran deal is not enough.” [Link]


  • France’s armed forces minister resigns because of the president’s proposed cuts to defense spending. [Link]


  • A man in Paris was killed after ramming his car filled with explosives into a police vehicle. [Link]


  • Macron wins the French Presidency. [Link]


  • The French election will be a runoff between LePen and Macron. [Link]


  • French President, Hollande, will not seek reelection in next year’s election. Hollande currently has a 90% disapproval rating. [Link]


  • Belgium police misplaced a USB drive that belonged to one of the suicide bombers from the Paris Attack. The drive was lost for nearly two years before police recently found it. [Link]


  • The French and German governments see encryption as a threat. They hope to obtain “back doors” into apps that send encrypted messages. They plan to do this through the EU. [Link]


  • Two terrorist break into a French church and behead the priest. One of the terrorist was on a watch list, was caught traveling to Syria with a false ID twice, and his parents repeatedly warned authorities of there sons allegiance to ISIS. [Link]


  • France is sending an aircraft carrier to assist in the fight against ISIS. ISIS has claimed responsibility for recent terror attacks in France. French intervention could backfire. ISIS is becoming increasingly less state-like and more of a tradational terror group. In those cases, air power will likely lead to more blowback.


  • France is asking all patriotic citizens to enlist in the armed services. Is France looking for war in after the terror attacks? Read Here.


  • French President Hollande is paying his barber $132,000.00 each year. France’s debt to GDP is 92% as the country struggles with debt. Read Here.