Foreign Policy Focus #9 – The US Created the Refugee Crisis

On FPF 9#, I discuss the refugee crisis and how the US created it. I also discuss the Sessions scandal, US defense spending, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, and North Korea


Show Notes

Sessions recused himself from overseeing the FBI investigation into Russia’s alleged interference in the election. [Link]

The US foreign policy in the Middle East created the refugee crisis. [Link]

Pushing Trump to a more hawkish policy on Russia  [Link]

McGovern and Binney on the Russian hacking claims [Link]

Trump’s 12 aircraft carrier Navy. [Link]

Trump plans to upgrade US tanks as a part of his military build up. [Link]

Trump plans to cut the State Department budget by 37%. [Link]

Lockheed awarded two contracts. [Link]

Airstrikes on a Mosul mosque killed civilians and ISIS fighters. [Link]

Syrian government forces have recaptured Palmyra from ISIS. [Link]

Turkish forces and rebels allied to Turkey are attacking Syrian Kurdish forces outside of the city of Manbij. [Link]

Russian and Syrian bombs land near US forces in Syria. [Link]

The Syrian government is making a deal with the Kurds.  [Link]

Women and children are victims of rape in Libya. [Link]

The Taliban attack two government targets in Afghanistan’s capital Kabul. [Link]

The US hit several al-Qaeda targets with 20 missiles across south-central Yemen. [Link]

Saudi Arabia is delaying humanitarian aid ships from reaching Yemen. [Link]

The Deputy National Security Advisor is looking for offensive military options to deal with North Korea. [Link]

The US has begun massive joint military exercises with South Korea. [Link]

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