Foreign Policy Focus #7

On FPF #7, I explain what Americans do not understand about our foreign policy. I go into detail about a father’s reaction to learning his son has been killed overseas and how people in other countries feel the same way when their family members are killed.  I also give news updates on the Mosul invasion, the Iraqi Kurd’s plans for independence, Nikki Haley’s new sanctions proposal, ISIS actions in Syria, Famine in Yemen, Iran following the nuke deal, the Pentagon’s push for more war in Somalia, and Trump blocking the North Korean delegation from coming to the US. 


Articles Discussed

Scott Horton on US interventionism in Somalia [Link]

Pentagon report on Somalia [Link]

Update on Mosul invasion [Link] [Link] [Link]

Iraq bombs targets in Syria [Link]

Kurds push for independence [Link]

ISIS bombing in al-Bab [Link]

Haley pushes for sanctions [Link]

ISIS expands in Afghanistan [Link]

Iran is following the nuke deal [Link]

North Korean delegation denied VISAs [Link]

Famine in Yemen [Link]

Father refused to meet with Trump [Link]




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