Foreign Policy Focus #6 – Obama/Bush/Clinton/Bush Caused the Travel Ban

On FPF #6, I talk about the US foreign policy under our previous four presidents and how they created the environment for Trump’s travel ban. I also give updates on Israel, Iraq, Syria, US ships in the South China Sea, fake terrorists created by the FBI, and Germany’s military buildup. 


Articles Discussed

Pentagon vague on US casualties [Link]

Iraqi forces take Mosul Airport [Link]

Civilians flee homes as Mosul fighting begins [Link]

ISIS digs tunnels under West Mosul [Link]

ISIS moves back into cities that have been liberated [Link]

Turkey liberates al-Bab [Link]

Syrian peace talks start [Link]

Israeli soldier sentenced to 18 months in prison [Link]

Isreal to build settlement road [Link]

General wants more troops in Syria [Link]

FBI entraps Muslim man [Link]

US moves carrier group into the South China Sea [Link]

Germany expands military [Link]

Foreign policy leads to Trump’s Travel ban [Link]






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