Foreign Policy Focus #5 – Close Gitmo to Reduce Terrorism

On FPF #5 I explain how closing the Guantanamo Bay detention center will reduce terrorism. I also cover the restart of the Iraqi invasion of Mosul, news stories from around Syria, famine in South Sudan, refugees killed in Libya, Yemenis returning home, a new ceasefire in Ukraine, North Korea reaching out for talks, and Trump’s appointment of McMaster. 

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Articles Discussed

Former Gitmo Detainee became an ISIS suicide bomber [Link]

ISIS uses drones [Link]

Turkey attacks Kurds in Iraq [Link]

Turkey kills civilians in al-Bab [Link]

CIA stops sending Syrian rebels weapons [Link]

US bombs Syrian civilians  [Link]

Syrian Kurds advance on Raqqa  [Link]

Yemeni civilians return home [Link]

Famine in South Sudan [Link]

Refugees die in Libya [Link]

Ceasefire in Ukraine [Link]

North Korea wants to talk [Link]

Trump appoints McMaster [Link]

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