Foreign Policy Focus #13 – Trump’s Confused Foreign Policy

On FPF #13, I discuss several stories regarding Trump’s foreign policy. Trump is looking to loosen restrictions on the Terror War, is planning to use Gitmo more, is hoping to collect on debt from Cambodia, and he does not know what the plan for Raqqa is. I also give updates on Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, and the South China Sea. 


Show Notes

Trump  looks to loosen counterterrorism rules [Link]

US asks Cambodia to repay debt [Link]

The Syrian Civil War is making life worse for Syrian children [Link]

Al-Qaeda linked group claims responsibility for Damascus terror attack [Link]

30% of West Mosul under Iraqi government control [Link]

100,000 displaced from their homes in West Mosul [Link]

11 civilians killed by US-Coalition in West Mosul [Link]

The Taliban kill eight Afghan Police [Link]

US war in Yemen is aiding al-Qaeda [Link]

Japan deploys warship to South China Sea [Link]

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