Foreign Policy Focus #10 – Making Trump a Russia Hawk

On FPF #10, I discuss how the Neocons, Democrats, and Mainstream Media are pushing Trump into becoming a hawk on Russia. I break down the fake news stories about Trump/Russia relations, the made up Russian hacking scandal, and how the Russia-gate narrative is just media clickbait. I update listeners on Trump’s expanding war in Yemen, the Mosul invasion, chaos in Syria, and Trump’s first drone strike in Pakistan. 



NATO and Russian officials have high level talks. [Link]

Russia-gate pushing Trump tp be more hawkish on Russia. [Link]

Officials say that Trump is no longer looking to make deals with Russia. [Link]

Trump plans to expand counterterrorism war in Yemen. [Link]

Civilians injured by US strikes in Yemen. [Link]

Media lies about US intervention in Yemen. [Link]

What will happen in Mosul as ISIS is defeated. [Link]

The Mosul invasion is creating 10,000 displaced people each day. [Link]

Fighting between Iraqi Kurdish groups. [Link]

Civilians killed in ISIS war. [Link]

Syrian plane shot down by rebels. [Link]

Kurds claim road between Deir Ezzor and Raqqa. [Link]

Syrian plane crashes in Russia. [Link]

Trump’s first drone strike in Pakistan. [Link]


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