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  • Mattis claims that Assad has more chemical weapons. [Link]


  • Experts warn that the US missile defense system does not work as well as the Pentagon claims. [Link]


  • The US is moving ground troops back into Somalia for the first time in 24 years. [Link]


  • More than 50 Members of Congress sign a letter demanding Trump seek Congressional authorization before any further escalation of the war in Yemen. [Link]


  • Under Trump, the US is becoming more interventionist. The US killed over 1,000 civilians in March. [Link]
  • The US will provide $8 million in military aid to the Central African Republic. [Link]


  • Tillerson will not meet with Putin on his trip to Russia. [Link]


  • A US Navy strike group is moving towards North Korea as a show of force. [Link]


  • After statements last week about shifting US policy in Syria from Assad most go, Nikki Haley now says that Assad is a priority and the US wants to charge him with war crimes. [Link]


  • Trump has given the military power to conduct offensive counterterrorism strikes against al-Shabaab in Somalia. Previously, the US was only about to conduct strikes in defense of Somalian government troops. [Link]
  • Nikky Haley and Rex Tillerson both made statements yesterday suggesting that US policy has shifted away from an “Assad must go” position. [Link]
  • The Pentagon is responding to criticisms of the airstrike in Mosul that left up to 240 civilians dead. The Pentagon is blaming the attack on ISIS. The Pentagon claims that ISIS put the civilians in the building, then fired from the building to bait the US into the attack. [Link]


  • Trump informed Congress that he plans to sell 19 F-16s to Bahrain. The sale had been halted by Obama over human rights concerns. [Link]


  • US officials say there has not been a loosening of the rules that allow airstrikes to have civilian casualties. Civilian casualties by US airstrikes have increased in Syria and Iraq recently. [Link] Foreign Policy Fyle
  • The Senate voted 97-2 to approve  Montenegro’s membership into NATO. [Link]


  • The US is boycotting nuclear disarmament talks taking place at the UN. [Link]


  • The US is investigating multiple airstrikes in Iraq and Syria. Those airstrikes killed a total of nearly 300 civilians. Of course, it is likely the US has killed more civilians in the last few weeks than the 300 deaths that are being investigated. [Link]
  • The commander of US forces in Afghanistan is requesting 5,000 more troops. [Link]


  • The Senate is working to pass a bipartisan bill that will increase sanctions on Iran. [Link]


  • Tillerson says US troops will remain in Iraq after ISIS is defeated. [Link]
  • Congress is looking to place sanctions on Assad and countries that assist Assad. [Link]
  • The US vows to defeat ISIS in Afghanistan in 2017. [Link]


  • Tillerson asks the Senate to confirm Montenegro as a NATO member country. [Link]


  • NATO will be sending an additional 1,200 troops to Poland. 900 of those troops are expected to be US troops. [Link]


  • The US has 200,000 troops deployed outside of the US. [Link]
  • Trump continues to expand special operation troops deployment. Trump has deployed special operations troops to Central Africa. [Link]


  • Tillerson says that a preemptive strike against North Korea is not off the table and that North Korea would have to unilaterally disarm before any negotiations with the US began. [Link]


  • Doug Bandow makes a case for not allowing Montenegro into NATO. [Link]
  • Nikki Haley says the US will not engage in talks with North Korea. Haley wants China and Russia to talk to North Korea about North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs. [Link] Tillerson said the diplomacy with North Korea has failed and that the US needs a new approach. [Link]


  • Rand Paul has introduced the Stop Arming Terrorists Act in the Senate. Rep, Tulsi Gabbard has introduced a similar bill in the House. If signed into law, this bill would prevent the US from arming Syrian rebel group who give their weapons to al-Qaeda/ISIS or are controlled by al-Qaeda/ISIS. [Link]


  • This article describes why adding more troops to the Middle East is a futile effort in Trump’s goal to make America great again. [Link]
  • The US government has asked Cambodia to repay a $662 million war debt. During the Vietnam War, the US killed 500,000 Cambodians in bombing raids. [Link]


  • The US Army is looking at sites in Europe to construct a new base. [Link]
  • The US is moving 2,500 troops to Kuwait to prepare for deployment in Iraq or Syria. [Link]


  • Nikki Haley demands that we get Iran out of Syria. Iran is in Syria assisting Assad fight ISIS and Syrian rebels in the civil war. [Link]
  • The US rejects China’s proposed deal between the US and North Korea. [Link]


  • A B-52 bomber squadron will be deployed to the Middle East. [Link]


  • The US is starting to deploy a new missile defense system in South Korea. The US government says the missile defense system is being put in place as a measure against North Korea, but the placement of the missile defense system will increase tensions with China. [Link]


  • Tulsi Gabbard is again calling for the US government to stop arming terrorists in Syria. [Link]
  • The Pentagon is increasing special operations forces deployments across the Middle East and North Africa. Many of the deployments are in Yemen, where the White House looks to use them against AQAP. [Link]
  • Russian and NATO officials hold high-level talks. These are the first high-level talks between NATO and Russia since 2014. [Link]


  • The US foreign policy in the Middle East created the refugee crisis. [Link]
  • The Deputy National Security Advisor is looking for offensive military options to deal with North Korea. [Link]


  • The US has begun massive joint military exercises with South Korea. The government claims the purpose of the military drills is to prepare a defense if North Korea attacks. Tensions between the US and North Korea are already heightened after a North Korean ballistic missile test. These drills typically result in heightened tensions and threats of violence from the North Korea leader. [Link]


  • Russia and China veto a UN resolution to impose sanctions on Assad for allegedly using chemical weapons. The resolution was drafted by France and the UK. US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley supported the resolution and condemned Russia for vetoing it. [Link]


  • Gareth Porter writes this article on intelligence agencies pushing Trump to a more hawkish foreign policy on Russia. [Link]


  • The Pentagon is giving the White House recommendations for Somalia including increased aid for the Somali army, US special forces to be fighting closer to the front line, and looser restrictions on airstrikes. [Link]


  • Niki Haley is pushing new sanctions against Syria because of her belief that Syria is using chemical weapons. Haley released a statement condemning Russia for threatening to veto her proposed new UN sanctions. [Link]


  • This article explains how America’s foreign policy lead to Trump’s travel ban. [Link]


  • All major French political parties were targeted to be infiltrated by the CIA leading up to the 2012 French Presidential elections. [Link]


  • Senator Graham says 2017 will be “a year of kicking Russia in the ass.” Graham is supporting several anti-Russia pieces legislation. [Link]
  • 1,000 US troops in Poland will be positioned only 85 miles from the Russian border. [Link]
  • The Senate is looking to pass new sanctions against Iran for testing a medium-range ballistic missile. The sanctions have bipartisan support. [Link]


  • Rex Tillerson commits the US nuclear arsenal to defend Japan and South Korea. This policy was put in place under Obama. [Link]
  • Secretary of Defense Mattis says the US will not collaborate with Russia in Syria. [Link]
  • Secretary of Defense Mattis says the US and NATO allies are preparing to escalate the fight against ISIS in Iraq and Syria. [Link]
  • US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley says that the US is committed to a two-state solution for Israel. [Link]


  • US and Russian military leaders will meet today. This will be the first meeting between US and Russian military leaders since 2014. Rex Tillerson will also be meeting with his Russian counterpart today. [Link]
  • US troops and ground vehicles arrive in Bulgaria to show Russia that the US plans to defend Eastern European countries. [Link]
  • James Mattis tells NATO members they need to increase defense spending by the end of the year or risk the curtailing of US defense support. [Link]


  • 500 US troops and tanks arrive in Romania to bolster the countries defenses and prove our commitment to the NATO ally. [Link]


  • The US places sanctions on Venezuela’s Vice President for drug trafficking. This will prevent US citizens and businesses from transacting with the vice president. [Link]


  • US troops and tanks arrive in Estonia. The troops and tanks are a part of the NATO buildup to combat Russian aggression. Estonia shares a border with Russia. [Link]


  • The US has alliances with over 50 other countries that will require the US to go to war in defense of those countries. [Link]


  • The US military underreports the number of airstrikes it conducts by the thousands. [Link]
  • The US has agreed to a $8.5 billion deal with Lockheed Martian to buy 90 F-35As. The cost is about $7 million less per plane than the US’s previous deal to buy F-35s. [Link]


  • The US Treasury Department relaxed sanctions against Russia. US companies will now be able to make some cybersecurity transactions with Russia. [Link]
  • At the UN, Nikki Haley said that Russia needs to return the Crimea to Ukraine and sanctions on Russia will not be lifted until this happens. [Link]
  • Government numbers of civilians killed by US airstrikes in Iraq and Syria continue to much too low. The US claims to have killed 9 civilians between October 25 and December 9. The Pentagon admits the US killed at least 15 civilians in November. A watchdog group says the US killed about 84 civilians in that time. [Link]


  • National Security Advisor, Mike Flynn, said the US is putting Iran on notice because of Iran’s ballistic missile test. Flynn claims the test is a breach of a UN resolution and threatens the US in the Middle East. [Link] In a statement that seems to contradict Flynn, the Pentagon’s spokesman said the US’s position on Iran is unchanged. [Link]


  • A resolution has been introduced in the House that will allow the president to start a preemptive war against Iran to keep them from getting nuclear weapons. [Link]


  • Air Wars reports that over 450 Iraqi and Syrian civilians have been killed by the US coalition’s airstrikes since October 17th. [Link]


  • The Defense Department has trained some high-ranking foreign military leaders at its top defense schools. At least 17 of these men went on to be convicted or accused of human rights violations or serious crimes. These crimes have included extrajudicial killings and torture. [Link]


  • For the first time since WWII, US Marines have been deployed to Norway. There are 300 marines who have been deployed for a scheduled six months. [Link]


  • On a leaked tape, John Kerry admits the US watched ISIS grow and thought the US could manage ISIS. The US was hoping ISIS would be a problem for Assad. [Link]


  • 3,500 US troops have now reached Poland where they will be deployed. This is the first ever continuous deployment to the region by US troops. [Link]


  • A US Navy Destroyer fired three warning shots at 4 Iranian boats in the Strait of Hormuz. [Link]
  • The US added more sanctions on Russia. Five more Russian officials were added to the blacklist that prevents them from doing business with Americans and freezes any assets they have in America. [Link]
  • 4,000 US troops arrive in Europe. The troops are part of the NATO build up to combat Russian aggression. [Link]


  • The Pentagon plans to conduct more war games in Europe to deter Russian aggression. [Link]
  • Senator Ted Cruz and Texas Governor Greg Abbott will meet with Taiwan’s President as she passes through the US. [Link]


  • The alleged target of a drone strike that killed a 16-year-old American in 2011 is still alive. The US State Department is offering a $5 million reward for his killing or capture. [Link]


  • The US dropped 26,171 bombs in 2016. Most of the bombs were dropped on Iraq and Syria. [Link]
  • US Special Forces were deployed to 138 countries in 2016. Over half of Special Operations forces were sent to the Greater Middle East. [Link]
  • The US now has Special Operations Forces stationed on the Russian border. The US reports that the troops are in Lithuania for a training mission and to deter Russian aggression. [Link]


  • Rep. Dana Rohrabacher has announced he will lead a Congressional delegation to Russia sometime in February. [Link]


  • This article examines how Obama has been far easier on Israel than past presidents. [Link]


  • Obama has unilaterally put new sanctions on Russia for “hacking” the US election. Obama ejected 35 Russian diplomats who have been labeled as spies for Russia. Obama put sanctions on four top members of the Russian G.R.U. Obama also put sanctions on three Russian companies. [Link]


  • The US was the seller for half of all the world’s weapons sales in 2015. [Link]


  • Russia says that nearly all lines of communication between the US and Russia have been frozen. The US denies these claims and reports there are several diplomatic channels between the US and Russia. [Link]


  • China is looking to place conditions on the return of the US Navy’s underwater drone that was seized by China last week. China is setting the conditions that the US scale down its surveillance of the South China Sea and expanding the code for unexpected encounters between the two countries to deal with unmanned underwater drone encounters. [Link]


  • China says it will return the UN Navy underwater drone it took international waters. [Link]


  • President Obama vows to retaliate against Russia for “meddling in the US election.” [Link]


  • Representative Tulsi Gabbard says the CIA has been giving weapons to Turkey, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. Those countries then give the weapons to al-Qaeda and ISIS. She believes both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are aware of this. [Link]


  • Rep Tulsi Gabbard introduced a bill that would prevent the US government from arming, training, supplying or providing intelligence to terrorists groups or countries that provide support to terrorist groups. This would prevent the US from selling weapons to Saudi Arabia. [Link]
  • The US approves $7 billion in weapon sales to Saudi Arabi, UAE, Qatar, and Morocco. [Link]


  • Obama has abused the AUMF 2001 to justify many of his wars. He used the law to act against the will of Congress by attacking ISIS in 2014. [Link]


  • The NDAA for 2017 passes the House. This bill will authorize $611 billion in defense spending. [Link]
  • The Treasury Department imposes new sanctions on North Korea through executive orders. The sanctions are in response to North Korea’s nuclear tests in September. [Link]
  • President Obama will sign the Iran sanctions bill that passed through Congress. This will extend the sanction on Iran for another 10 years. [Link]


  • Both houses of Congress have now passed a bill that will renew sanctions on Iran for another 10 years. [Link]


  • Obama agrees to a deal with the EU to lock in sanctions against Russia. The sanctions agreement will make it more difficult for Trump to normalize relations with Russia. [Link]


  • During Obama Presidency, he approved $278 billion in weapons sales. This is more than double the amount of weapon sales Bush approved during his presidency. Saudi Arabia received the most weapons, $115 billion. [Link]


  • Defense Secretary Carter says the US must start spending money on nuclear weapons now. [Link]


  • US senior intelligence officials report that the US has hacked into Russia’s electric grid, telecommunications networks, and the Kremlin’s command systems. The hack would allow the US to conduct a cyber attack against Russia. [Link]


  • An influential Washington think tank, Center for American Progress, produces papers to sway America to support policy favorable to The United Arad Emirates. The UAE has donated to Center for American Progress and a former UAE diplomat works for the think tank. [Link]


  • Philippines President, Duterte, walks back his statements about separation from the US. [Link]


  • Philippines President, Duterte, says he will separate from the US and direct the countries diplomacy towards China. [Link]


  • US Air Force top officer says that the US will be involved in overseas war for the next 15 or 20 years. [Link]
  • US and South Korea military officials agree to step up efforts to combat the “grave” threat from North Korea. [Link]


  • The US Navy’s new lighter and faster war ships keep running into mechanical problems. [Link]


  • The CIA is seeking Russian cyber attacks to target. [Link]


  • US drops two faux nuclear bombs in the Nevada desert. Those bombs did not have the nuclear warhead on them. [Link]


  • The Justice Department moves to dismiss charges against Marc Turi, a weapons dealer. Turi was charged with selling weapons to Libyan fighters, who turned out to be jihadists. Turi claimed that both Hillary Clinton and President Obama knew that the weapons were going to Libyan terrorists, as they wanted the weapons to assist in regime change in Libya. The charges were likely dropped to prevent this information from coming out at trial. [Link]


  • Two men who were tortured by the CIA at the secret prison known as the Salt Pit have talked about their treatment there. [Link]
  • The Council on Foreign Relations estimates that the US dropped over 23,000 bombs in 2015. They admit that estimate is likely on the lower end. [Link]


  • The US government paid over $500 million to a British firm to produce fake Al-Qaeda and propaganda videos. [Link]


  • The US Navy’s newest aircraft carrier is already 2 years behind schedule, and is expected not to be completed by the most recent target of November. The carrier is also expected to surpass its $12.9 billion budget cap. A review of why the project is taking so long is being delayed. [Link]


  • US threatens Russia that the US will suspend engagement with Russia in the Syrian conflict. The US will cut off engagement with Russia for Russia’s role in the heavy bombing of Aleppo. [Link]


  • Congressman Lieu and Senator Markey introduce a bill in both Houses of Congress to prevent the President from using a nuclear weapon without the US first being attacked or a Declaration of War being declared by Congress. [Link]


  • The US government is using propaganda to gain public support for intervention in Syria. The US has used social media paid promotions to push its narrative of Syria. The US government has used other methods to hide stories out of Syria it does not want to reach the public. [Link]
  • The Syrian rebel group, Army of Conquest, has two Syrian towns under siege. The Army of Conquest has used snipers and car bombs to terrorize the citizens of the towns. The snipers have even targeted children, especially young males. The Army of Conquest is supported by US allies Turkey and Saudi Arabia. Some fear a massacre of the two towns are possible if an agreement with the Syrian government falls apart. [Link]


  • John Kerry makes it clear that US policy is to keep the Syrian Government from bombing Al-Nusra Front, an Al-Qaeda affiliate in Syria. [Link]
  • Senators John McCain and Bob Corker voted against the bipartisan bill to block an arms sale to Saudi Arabia. There reasoning was that The Strait of Hormuz is critical to US interests and Yemen would be threatened if Yemen fell the the Houthis. However, the Senators misread their maps as Yemen is 100 of miles away from the Strait of Hormuz. The Senators likely mistook Yemen for Oman. [Link]


  • The US will spend $711 Billion on defense. The next 13 highest spending countries combined only spend $695 Billion. [Link]


  • A report by the UK Parliament rips apart the intervention in Libya. The NATO intervention was pushed by Hillary Clinton.  The report shows how the impending massacre of Benghazi was propaganda. The effects of the intervention in Libya have been an increase in jihadist terrorists in Libya and foreign leaders less likely to negotiate with The West moving forward. [Link]


  • The US Government is responsible for the stalemate in Syria. The CIA Director recently indicated that the US is only giving the “moderate” rebels enough weapons to maintain. The US Government is concerned that overthrowing the Syrian Government create more problems, so the goal is to drag on the war till Syrian President Assad steps down.


  • Inspector General report finds that the US mission in Afghanistan was undermined by corruption. The report finds that US aid given to Afghanistan was responsible for the corruption. The US often gave more in annual aid than Afghanistan’s entire GDP. [Link]
  • The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan will cost the US over $12 trillion dollars. [Link]


  • US and Israel agree to a record aid deal. The US will send Israel $38 Billion over the next 10 years. Israel agreed to not persuit another aid deal during this deal, unless Israel is at war. [Link]
  • NATO expansion into Ukraine and Georgia are fueling a new cold war with Russia. In the early 1990s, Western Leaders not to expand NATO into ex Soviet States. NATO has already broke those promises, but Ukraine and Georgia are on Russia’s border. This will lead to more conflict with Russia. [Link]


  • Over the Labor Day weekend the US dropped bombs in 6 different countries. Obama countinues to launch airstrikes against ISIS in Iraq and Syria. More recently, Obama started a new war in Libya to target ISIS and being the UN supported Libyan Unity Government. In Afghanistan, the US continues to target The Taliban.  In the failed state of Somalia, the US targets the terror group Al-Shabaab. In Yemen, the US launches drone attacks against Al-Qaeda and ISIS. [Link]
  • The US reaches a 7 day cease fire deal with Russia in Syria. The deal covers all allies of the US and Russia. Only terrorist group can be targeted during the cease fire, but the list of terror organizations will not be released. This deal will hopefully allow aid to reach the starving people of Aleppo. [Link]


  • Under Obama, the US has vastly expanded the size and use of our most elite force, ex Green Berets. This has allowed Obama carry out missions around the world with little media coverage. It has led to our most elite forces fighting with groups who are known to violate human rights. [Link]


  • Congressman Justin Amash writes an op ed asking for a debate on weapon sales to Saudi Arabia. Congressman Amash point to the possible war crimes committed by Saudi Arabia and that 83% of the Yemeni population is in need of assistance for survival. [Link]


  • 80 million unexploded bombs remain in Laos. The bombs are reminits of the US air war over Laos during the Vietnam War. 20,000 people have been killed or injured by these weapons since the end of the war. 40% of those victims are children, who play with the unexploded bombs, mistaking them for toys. [Link]. Obama pledges another $90 million in aid to help victims and remove unexploded bombs. [Link]
  • The US will spend at least $85 billion to update its ICBM nuclear program. This is a 39% increase in price from the last estimate. It is also considered a low end cost estimate. [Link]


  • Kurds view US support of Turkey as a betrayal. The Kurds are looking to establish an autonomous region in what is currently Northeast Syria. Turkey views the Kurds as terrorists and has stated they will not allow a separate Kurdish region. [Link]


  • The US will loosen rules to allow more civilian casualties in war against ISIS. The authority to approve killings that risk civilian lives has been moved from US Central Command, down to the lower ranking commander of the war, Army Lt. Gen McFarland. According to sources within the Defence Department say that there are now several targeting areas where more than 10 civilian casualties are acceptable. [Link]


  • Turkey refuses to have a cease fire with Kurdish forces in Syria. Turkey claims Syrian Kurds to be terrorist and refuses to negotiate with them to fight the common enemy, ISIS. The US is backing the Kurdish group that Turkey labels as terrorists. [Link]


  • On August 1st Obama announced a 30 day war in Libya, today he has announced he will extend the war for another 30 days. Obama has made both of these moves without approval from Congress. Obama has not announced goals for the war or announced at what point the US would see the mission as over. This leads many to expect the war will indefinitely continue into the future. [Link]
  • The 18 month war in Yemen has left at least 10,000 dead. However, so many have fled their homes after they were destroyed it is impossible to know the real number at this point. A Saudi Arabia and US supported blockade of Yemen has made if difficult for journalist and international aid groups to enter Yemen. This makes discovering the true number of lives lost very difficult. [Link]


  • Gareth Porter reports it maybe impossible for the Syrian Civil War to end without attempted cleansing of the losing faction. It is likely that the loser, Sunni or Shiite/Alawite, will suffer mass casualties at the hands of the winner. Obama and the US government are largely responsible for the situation in Syria by giving the green light for US allies, Turkey/Saudi Arabia/Qatar, to arm Al-Qaeda linked rebel groups. [Link]
  • 64 members of congress stand up to Obama and Saudi Arabia. They request that Obama review Saudi war crimes, including bombing a hospital and school, before going through with the weapons sale. Obama approved the weapons sale to Saudi Arabia earlier this month. [Link]
  • Hillary Clinton is supported by the military arms industry by a 5-1 margin over Trump. Part of the support results from Clinton already having established connections to the military industrial complex. Hillary also more predictably favors military intervention. Hillary was the main advocate for the Libyan war that has lead to ISIS and Al-Qaeda establishing territory  in the country. [Link]


  • Turkey continues to make gains and take towns in Northern Syria. Turkey’s airstrikes seem to be mostly targeting the US-Backed Kurdish positions. Turkey claims to have killed 25 Kurds and international aid groups report Tukey killed 20 civilians. The US-Backed Kurdish fighters have been the only US ally to really have success in Syria against ISIS. The US is in a difficult position between its Kurdish allies and NATO ally, Turkey. [Link]


  • Turkish President Erdogan pledges to fight ISIS and US-Backed Syrian Kurds with the “same determination.” The leader has been using his army in Syria for nearly a week, with support from US airpower. The US has given the Syrian Kurds weapons and air support throughout the US’s involvement in the Syrian Civil War. [Link]
  • The US government continues to conscript dolphins and sea lions into military service. The US military straps cameras to the animals and trains them to swim into other counties waters, which are off limits to the US military. The missions are dangerous. The article also looks at how animals fare during war, it is not good. [Link]
  • US and Russia were unable to reach a peace deal on Syria. [Link]
  • An unexploded US produced cluster bomb exploded in Yemen with 5 unsuspecting children near by. The children were dismembered and killed by the explosion. Warning Graphic Images. [Link]


  • US is now providing the Turkish army with close air support in Syria. The Turkish army is trying to take the town of Jarablus from ISIS, before the city falls to the Kurds. Vice President Biden, who was in Turkey, made it clear to the Kurds that they must remain East of the Euphrates River to continue to receive US support. Syrian President, Assad, condemns Turkey’s army crossing into Syria. [Link]
  • The Turkish army is now attacking US-Backed Kurdish forces in Syria. The Turkish army has killed at least one Kurdish soldier and the Kurdish army has destroyed one Turkish tank. [Link]


  • Al-Qaeda affiliate operating in Syria changes its name and starts receiving US weapons. Al-Nusra changed its name to Al-Sham last month. Al-Qaeda leadership suggested weeks before the name change weeks before it happened. [Link]
  • ISIS leader Al-Baghdadi spent time in a US prison during the Iraq war. For 8 months, Al-Baghdadi was imprisoned in America’s Abu Ghraib prison. Abu Ghraib is known for its prolific torturing and nickname “jihadist university.” [Link]


  • The US has given away nearly 1.5 million in Iraq and Afghanistan. The US only knows where about half of those guns are now. [Link]


  • To combat ISIS in Iraq, the US has allied with Shi’ite militias to regain key Iraqi cities. The militias are torturing, executing, and beheading civilians from the cities they are liberating. A new article shows that reports put out by the US and UN underestimate how many people the militias are killing. [Link]
  • US solider is killed in Afghanistan by an IED. He was in a “training” role at the time he was killed. [Link]


  • Marcy Wheeler reports that a recent Reuters headline, that I also posted, was extremely misleading. After Saudi Arabia bombed a school and a hospital, Reuters reported that the US pulled staff from Saudi Arabia. The article presented the information as the pulling of staff was the US response to the school and hospital bombings, however, the staff was removed 2 months ago. This means the US has taken no action against the Saudis after they bombed a hospital and school. [Link]


  • The UN and US are unable to stand up against Saudi Arabia’s war crimes in Yemen. The UN is afraid of losing Syrian funding. The US supports the Saudi war in Yemen because it helps the Saudi’s to feel better about the Iran nuclear deal. This means, the US is assisting in committing war crimes to help Saudi Arabia feel better. [Link]
  • The US has pulled some of its staff from Saudi Arabia. That staff has been assisting Saudi Arabia in bombing Yemen. While the administration has refused to condemn the bombing of a hospital and school, removing some staff is the first time Obama has shown displeasure with the Saudi in their war on Yemen. The US continues to refuel Saudi war planes and has some staff in Saudi Arabia to assist with planning. [Link]
  • Syrian war plans nearly hit US troops while bombing Kurds. [Link]. When Syrian war planes returned to the area they and were chased off by US war plans. The US is now warning Syria not to bomb the Kurds. [Link]


  • The US is moving its nukes from Turkey to Romania. Romania continues to deny that the nukes are coming to the US base in Romania. Moving the nukes so close to the Russian border is likely to upset the Russians. [Link]


  • The US has 30,000 mercenaries stationed in Afghanistan. Nearly 20,000 are not Americans. [Link]


  • The bombs that are being used to destroy Yemen were made in the US and being flow to the targets by Boeing F-15s. The US sold Saudi these weapons in a$60 Billion deal negotiated by Hillary Clinton and approved by President Obama. Now the US wants to sell the Saudis even more weapons. [Link]
  • Yemen is the poorest country in the Middle East and Saudi Arabia continues to bomb key infrastructure targets. One reason America may be unwilling to stand up the the Saudis, could be American companies profit when Yemeni hospitals explode. Boeing and TexTron Systems have already made millions off the $60 Billion deal Hillary Clinton negotiated. The US Government also collects a 7% fee for brokering the deal. That money appears to disappear from the books. [Link]
  • America continues using mercenaries around the world. In 2014, The Pentagon spent $285 Billion on private contractors. Mercenaries now outnumber US troops 3 to 1 in warzones. In Afghanistan, only 1/3 mercenaries are American. Using mercenaries has the political advantage of giving the appearance of lower troop numbers and less troops casualties. [Link]



  • US intelligence analysts are reporting that Military Central Command “distorted, suppressed, or substantially altered analytic products” to give the public a more positive image of the war against ISIS. Nearly half of intelligence officials say they face evidence being suppressed or distorted in the past year. The America people are being lied into continuing the war against ISIS. [Link]


  • Joe Biden urges Ukraine’s President to use restraint when dealing with Russia. In the past, US has supported the actions of the Ukrainian Government nearly 100%. The statement given by Biden could show a shift in US policy. [Link]
  • Bipartisan coalitions are forming in both houses of congress, to block the new $1.15 Billion in weapon sales to Saudi Arabia. The Obama Administration recently approved the weapon sale to Saudi Arabia. Congressmen raise concerns about Saudi Arabia murdering children and committing war crimes, such as, the 40 school children that were murdered in Yemen yesterday. The Obama Administration has approved nearly $80 Billion in weapon sales to Saudi Arabia already. [Link]


  • Scott Horton talks about US foreign policy and give some background on alliance in the Muslim World. Scott explains how we got to where we are today and what we’re doing wrong now. [Link]


  • ISIS captures US Special Forces weapons in Afghanistan. The weapons were abandoned after US fighters came under fire from militants. [Link]
  • The Saudi’s have committed numerous war crimes in Yemen, including targeting civilians and killing over 500 children. The White House has approved a deal that would sell Saudi Arabia another $1.15 Billion in military weapons. The Saudi’s also have a record of supporting jihadism and are the most oppressive country to women on the planet. Senator Rand Paul is heroically standing up the the White House and the Saudis by trying to stop the weapon sale. [Link]


  • The US continues to increase its support for Saudi Arabia in the war against Yemen. Jason Ditz explains,  “US-sold bombs dropped by US-sold planes refueled by the US Air Force have been at the center of some of the most glaring war crimes in Yemen so far.” The US has increased the number of air-refueling to support the Saudi bombers by 60% in the past 6 months. [Link]
  •  On Sunday, one of those Saudi bombers killed 9 civilians. [Link]. Yemeni journalist, Nassar Arrabyee, reports that 30 Yemeni civilians, including women and children, were killed by Saudi airstrikes. [Link] Warning graphic images. 


  • After 15 years of failures, America’s Pentagon Leaders have no plans to change Americans stardgiety in offensive wars. They now look to change Africa with the same plan they used to change The Middle east. [Link]


  • After Obama changed the rules of engagement in Afghanistan, US airstrikes in the country have hit new highs for the past three years. The Taliban continues to gain ground and it appears the airstrikes are having no positive effects. With airwar, there is always the risk of blowing up innocent people and creating more terrorist than existed before. [Link]
  • Thousands flee as US backed rebels approach their home city. In Manbji, Syria civilians are fleeing prior to Kurdish forces taking the city. The are running for US coalition airstrikes that continue to kill civilians. [Link]
  • Last week, The Nusra Front changed it name and renounced its allegiance to Al-Qaeda. Many believe this is to help the US pressure Russia into not attacking the terror group. This week, Nusra killed 28 civilians, proving they are just as murderous as ever. [Link]
  • Kerry demands that Syrian President Assad stop all offensive military operations Syria. Kerry also insists Russia stop helping Assad. Kerry does not mention the US backed offensive that is currently taking the city of Manbji. [Link]
  • In an interview on The Scott Horton Show, journalist, Patrick Cockburn reports that the average Turkman believes that the US is behind the coup. [Link]
  • Obama starts a new war in Libya. The President is claiming that he has the authority to start this war under the Authorization of Use of Military Force 2001. The AUMF 2001 was the congressional act that allowed the US to target The Taliban and Al-Qaeda. It is very unclear how Obama can stretch the meaning of the 2001 AUMF to such lengths, but the media is unwilling to pressure him on this. [Link]


  • With China asserting its claim in the South China Sea, Obama is asserting US world dominance by moving B-1 bombers into Guam. [Link]
  • Syria can be added to the list with Yemen and Lybia as states that failed under President Obama. The CIA Chief does not think it’s likely Syria will ever be one again. [Link]


  • As NATO continues to build troops and expand closer to Russia, Russia is responding by putting more troops on their borders. [Link]


  • Army General fears that Obama is rushing his offensive on Mosul, Iraq. Mosul is one of ISIS’s last strongholds in Iraq. Defeating ISIS in Iraq could help the democrats to be more appealing in the November election. [Link]
  • UN reports that the situation in Afghanistan is getting worse not better. So far in 2016, over 1,600 civilians have been killed. Nearly 400 of those killed were children. Since 2014, the trend in Afghanistan has been more civilian deaths, with 2016 on pace to set a record. The US has now been waging for 15 years. [Link]


  • US intervention in Afghanistan is paving the way for ISIS. ISIS continues to make gains in country, even after US troop increases. [Link]
  • The US newest and most high tech aircraft carrier is already 2 years behind scheduled. The project is also $2.9 billion over budget. The aircraft carrier cannot preform basic functions, like launch and receive an aircraft and mount a defense. [Link]
  • In Sweden a new aircraft killer missile has been developed. It is far superior to any missile the Americans use.  American just spent $1.5 trillion on developing the new F-35. The new missile will not be ready for the F-35 till at least 2020. [Link]


  • US-Backed Syrian Rebels behead a 12 year old boy. The group Harakat Nour al-Din al-Zinki cut the head off of the boy because he was Palestinian. The US Government continues to believe that it can pick the “good guys” in Syria, but this is impossible. We need to stop giving weapons to people who behead children. [Link]


  • After the US murdered 200 civilians in Stria, US-Backed Rebels are now asking for the US to end airstrikes in Syria. [Link]


  • Sectary of State Kerry announced that the US and Russia are planning steps to coordinate in Syria. This would be a big step for US and Russian relations. This should also decrease the risk of US and Russian conflict in Syria. Read Here.


  • Former US Defense Officials plan to testify to Congress to advocate for putting nuclear warheads on cruise missiles. This would no doubt heighten global tensions, as all cruise missiles fired by the US would have to be treated as possible nuclear strikes. Read Here.


  • US Military changes rules of engagement in Afghanistan to allow for a new war in the country to begin. This occurred without a declaration of war. Read Here.
  • The White House wants to increase coordination with Russia in Syria. Kerry will head to Russia this week to try to plan a method for the US and Russia to work together to defeat the terrorists in Syria. The Pentagon is pushing back because Russia is more interested in bombing allies of Al Qaeda than overthrowing Assad. Read Here.


  • NATO commits to spend more US blood and coin in Afghanistan. After 15 years of US intervention in the country, US politicians are telling us its too late to leave now. Ron Paul says that we need to stop because we are headed for a cliff. Read Here.


  • US made cluster bombs continue to hit civilian targets in Yemen. The US continues to protect Saudi on the global stage and assist them in this war.  The Saudi War started in March of 2015. Al Qaeda and ISIS have used the war as an opportunity to gain territory in Yemen. Read Here.
  • NATO continues its massive troop buildup in East Europe, but the Russian threat is lacking. Mismanagement and bureaucracy destroyed the Russian Navy. While the US media continues to push the “Russian Aggression” propaganda, the state of the Russian Navy show how little the US should feel threatened. Read Here.
  • The House votes to keep women from having to register for the draft. Read Here.
  • There is a growing push to double the size of the US naval fleet. It is unclear on why the US would need to double the size of its fleet, since the Russian Navy is sinking at harbor. The companies who stand to make the largest profit donate millions of dollars to democratic and republicans candidates. They also spend over 10 million dollars  each election cycle on lobbying efforts. Read Here.


  • With Americans turning more and more against the war in the Middle East, America is working to create its new enemy. NATO continues to build up troop levels on the Russian border. Read Here.


  • The US is paying contractors to give the appearance of lower troop levels. Contractors are more expensive than using US troops, so this money is coming out of the US tax payers pocket. The US is currently spending 100 million dollars on contractors to fix US planes. Read Here.


  • 1,400 US mayors condemn Obama’s increased spending on nuclear weapons. Having so many nuclear weapons will either destroy the world when we use them or destroy the economy maintaining them. Obama recently agreed to spend another trillion dollars on nuclear weapons. Read Here.
  • Obama will not remove troops from Afghanistan and fails to come though on another of his campaign promises. Read Here.


  • The US government tell us that it is a good sign that suicide attacks by ISIS are a good sign. Over the weekend, 250 people were killed by these attacks. Read Here.
  • Interventions in the Middle East and Africa has led to a record number of people becoming displaced. Many of these people are doing whatever they can to leave the war torn region. Some are getting in debt to smugglers and being sold for their organs. Read Here.


  • US supported Syrian rebels are committing war crimes in Syria. While John McCain insists he can meet with and vet these groups, time and time again we see that the militants we arm are more dangerous than the dictator in charge. Read Here.
  •  Al-Nusra, an Al-Qaeda link terror group fighting in Syria, has captured a leader of a US supported group fighting in Syria. The US has been complaining about Russia bombing Al-Nusra for months. Read Here.


  • 13 years after the start of the Iraq war, over 6,000 people die in Iraq in June. Showing the complete failure of attempted US regime change. Read Here.