Foreign Policy Focus #3 – 4 Weeks of Trump

In the third FPF episode, I cover the Trump’s talk with Bibi, Russia and US relations, Syria, ISIS, Yemen, and North Korea. 

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Articles Discussed

  • Mike Mulvaney confirmed to head Office of Budget and Management [Link]
  • US will defend Japan and South Korea [Link]
  • US and Russian officials meet [Link]
  • US will not work with Russia in Syria [Link]
  • Trump is wrong about Crimea [Link]
  • US troops arrive in Bulgaria [Link]
  • US demands allies spend more of defense [Link]
  • Trump okay with a one state solution [Link]
  • Haley says US committed to 2 state solution [Link]
  • ISIS terror attack in Pakistan [Link]
  • ISIS terror attack in Iraq [Link]
  • US used depleted uranium rounds in Syria [Link]
  • Syrian rebel group continue to fight [Link]
  • Possible Turkey and Kurd clash in Syria [Link]
  • Raid in Yemen kills Hadi ally [Link]
  • Saudi bombing of Yemeni funeral [Link]

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